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How to Treat Cold and Common Flu for Free Faster and Quicker

Updated on July 11, 2011

Home remedy for cold flu

Common cold or flu is sometime irritating more so if are going to work, as with the change in weather it is very easy for one to catch a flu, cold weather are notable known for increase in common flue and running noses.

Running noses due to common flu is always the most embarrassing situation when you are interacting with people. Children too are prone to common flu because they are the most exposed as a result of their playing environment and getting into contact with other children’s

When you or your children have a cold flu, the following remedy eliminate your cold flu

1.       When you have a flu or your child has cold flu, it is very important to have plenty of rest, when you rest your body activity will greatly reduce hence allowing your immune system to concentrate on fighting the flu. Always relax and avoid heavy jobs that might cause other damaged to your body. Resting will speed up the treatment process when one has a flu

2.       The best remedy of cold flu is to drink plenty of water and fluids, the best water is energized water or natural water from places like spring, the water from these places will naturally heal your cold flu. Since our body has got about 75% water, one normally loose a lot of water during cold flu infections. To replace this water, it is recommended for one to drink about 12 glasses of a water every day, As our body loose water due to cold flu infections it is very important to replace the lost water to avoid dehydration of the body

3.       When infected with cold flu, it is recommended to take vegetable and fruits rich in vitamin C, vitamin C will greatly help in reducing factors brought about by cold flu such as running nose and sore throat. The fruits will help provide fluids and calories needed by the body to help boost our immune system

4.       A lot of soup is recommended, not all soup but the most effect soup is the chicken soup, it will greatly help fight cold flu

5.       The other way to eliminate cold flu is to use garlic; garlic is known to stimulate our immune system. Whenever serving a diet always include garlic

6.       When you have a cold flu infections, make sure that you eat a well balanced diet, with no balanced diet, your body will not cope up with the cold flu

To avoid cold flu also dress properly when the surrounding whether has changed, during cold weather ensure that you wear a heavy jacket or pullover to help keep you warm, as during cold weather there is a lot of cold flu and running noses. Cold flu sometime can be very disturbing and prevent you from going to work or doing other chores but remember to do the above remedy for cold flu


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    • oderog profile image

      oderog 8 years ago from Nairobi

      Thanks, gjcody for having going through the article

    • gjcody profile image

      gjcody 8 years ago

      Oderog ...Good information ...I agree with your remedies ....most important is rest!!

      My best to your health!