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66 Way to energize and relax

Updated on February 14, 2013

66 Ways to energize and relax

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  1. Put your feet up

    Check out the world from a different angle. Choose a position in which you raise your feet to a level above your head.

    Just lying down with your feet higher than your head is a great reviver.

  2. Do some Yoga

    Another great reviver: sit down in the lotus position or a position you are comfortable with. Lift your arms to your sides and firmly press your middle fingers and thumbs together. Breath.

  3. Healthy and light
    Fast food, fried food, proteins and fat are heavy. Try adding vegetables and cutting back on meat in your evening meal. Try preparing your favorite veggies with garlic and onion and just eat a bit of salmon or a small piece of chicken with it.

  4. Get green

    Houseplants can lift your spirit and enhance the quality of your indoor air. Ivy or African violets are great natural air purifiers. Philodendrons and spider plants are good at removing toxins. You should at least have 1 plant per 100 square feet of living area.

  5. Ssssssalty

    Is great at clearing the air from the electronic pollution through all of our devices like TVs etc. Treat yourself to a Himalaya salt lamp or a few candle holders made from Himalaya salt. They need warmth to activate.

  6. Cucumber face mask

    Cut thin slices and put over your face. Leave for 10 minutes and chill.

  7. Quit Sugar

    Refined sugar are empty calories that rob the body of vitamins and minerals. While sugar gives you a temporary boost you fall down deep....and will crave for more. Be alert for one day of the amount of sugar you take in. Read the labels of your “convenient food” to find up to 3 different sorts of sugar in nearly every ready made meal.

  8. Help out your liver

    For one day … or for the rest of your life. Eat only natural food. Read every label carefully and only eat things you know.

  9. Loose some weight

    Switch to sea salt when ever you can. Not only are the amounts of salt we are eating crazy the refined salt also is toxin for our body. It has been robbed from minerals. The more we eat of it the more water the body needs to handle it. You will loose weight and feel lighter just by changing your source of salt.

  10. Stop the world

    A little nap can change your outlook for the rest of your day.

    It should not be longer than 15 minutes. A short nap will energize you while a longer nap might make you more tired. If you are at home stretch out on your bed, close your eyes and let the world go away.

  11. Walk away

    If you are feeling burned out, take a break, walk away for a moment, and refresh your brain cells with a diversion. Keep the faith. Even if it seems you can´t get past this current blockage – you will.

  12. Dance like a crazy person

    Put on your favorite rock song, turn it really loud for a few minutes. Let loose and just dance and jump around.

  13. Reduce your coffein intake

    Anything over the maximum of 4 (small!) cups of coffee has harmful effects. Especially a lot of office workers don´t enjoy their coffee anymore but refill their cup frequently over the course of the day. Try some alternatives like tea. Black tea, green tea have a reviving effect to and leave you without a turkey if you quit.

  14. Easy on your eyes

    Your eyes are one of the first places to show signs of exhaustion. Put a cucumber slice on your eyes for 10 minutes. A metal spoon kept in the cooler helps against swellings as well as black tea. Just soak a couple of black teabags and put them on your eyes for 10 minutes.

  15. Easy on your eyes 2

    Most of the objects we are watching are close. Step out or look out of the window and focus on a very far away point for a few minutes. Your eyes will love it.

  16. Physical

    Find a sporting activity you don´t hate. Working out just is not for everyone. But there is fun stuff from jumping on a trampoline to dancing or swimming everyone can enjoy. Try to do your favorite form of movement at least 3 times a week for 20 minutes. A general rule: you should be short of breeze once every day.

  17. Do a good deed for somebody

    There is nothing that lets us sleep as well as a good conscious. Doing good does us good. It´s the magic of getting back what you send out. If you have something positive to say, don´t hesitate. If you give just for the sake of giving, you´ll discover another level of personal gratification.

  18. Car DJ

    Do you have your favorite tunes in your car? Music makes so much of a difference and we can turn driving time into me-time.

  19. Declutter

    A tidy soul needs a tidy space. You will feel SO much better if you go through your stuff and get rid of everything you do not need. A good rule is: you have not used it in one year – you probably don´t need it

  20. BREATH pure Air

    Get an air purifier (i.e. from the author) that incorporates different active and proactive techniques to clean up the air you breath. It is no secret that indoor air is more polluted than the air outside. Whether you have allergies, pets, kids or you are a smoker or just a person who wants to take control of his health – your body will love to breath clean air.

  21. DRINK clean water

    As important as the air you breath is the liquid you take in. Give your body clean, pure water and feel more energized. Your body NEEDS clean water to get rid of all of the toxins we take in and juvenate. Contact me if you are interested in a State of the Art unit.

  22. Push it

    Reflexology is a gentle pressure technique that is used on the hands and feet to relieve problematic symptoms in other parts of the body. It is based on the ancient idea that there are specific reflexes in the hands and feet that relate to all organs. You can either pay an expert (like me (-: ) or learn to do it yourself.

  23. Indulge

    Many fun “guilty” foods actually have health benefits. Did you know that cacao in former times has been sold in pharmacies? Dark chocolate (dark!) is rich in antioxidants, and the fat in it does not adversely affect cholesterol levels. Flavonoids in dark chocolate reduce the risk of coronary artery blockages, too.
    Red wine has some of the same properties as dark chocolate. Hot sauce can boost your metabolism and help keep your cholesterol in check.

  24. Make the right decisions love fast food. A few changes can make a big difference. It does not have to be McDonalds. Why not for a Junior Deluxe with value fries at Wendys? Calorie wise that does not harm you and beside bread and sauce you are eating at least food. They also offer baked potatoes. Leave the “buttery spread” away and your good.
    What often makes fast food so unhealthy, besides the terrible sugary bread, is the size of the portion as well as the drink.
    Just think about it: our portion sizes are 3 times bigger than 100 years ago. That said.....100 years ago people had tough jobs and were in need of much more calories than we are today.

  25. A treat is a treat

    Stop drinking sodas UNLESS you treat yourself and actively enjoy the taste of it. Drink teas and water to nourish your body. Fruit juices are good for you (those without “natural and artificial flavors) in moderation.

  26. Reread

    If a book moved you once, it can probably do it again. Think back to those lifechangers that gave you great insight, new ways of perceiving the world, great stories. Read them again. May I suggest as a standard literature for anyone and everyone: The little Prince?

  27. Get grounded

    Without being to philosophical. From time to time clean up your values and make sure that they are still in the right relation. What is really important in life?

  28. Positive thinking

    Clean up the commands you give to your subconsciousness as you clean up your house or appartment. Clean up your thinking. Thoughts like “I hope I will not get sick” actually can make you sick. The body just hears “sick”. Think “I hope I stay healthy” instead. It´s just a bit of training and reprogramming your mind.

  29. Mental health day

    Call in sick. The world can probably get along without you for one day. If you are a full-time mom arrange for some friends to take care of your kids for one day.

    Think of all the great things you could do....sleep late, take a long stroll, listen to some music, read a good book – or just stare at the wall if that makes you happy. For one day let somebody else take care of all of the annoying little tasks. Make sure you don´t do anything you´re supposed to on that day.

  30. Hunt it

    Think of all of the things you´ve wondered about. What was there first, the chicken or the egg? Why is the sky blue? Hunting for knowledge for its own sake is fun and stimulating.

  31. Take a class for Oriental Dance

    The author happens to be an instructor for Oriental Dance (Belly Dance) for one reason: Belly dance is the best thing you can do for your body AND soul. It is appropriate for any age, any weight – no matter in which stage of your life you are. Every woman is beautiful. Embrace it.

  32. Be bold, do not ever stop taking risks

    Try painting one wall in your home in a shocking new color. So what if you hate it? You repaint it.

  33. Start over again

    Let go of negative experience from the past. It is the past. Just start all over again. Be innocent like a kid that never has been hurt.

  34. Get a pet

    Unless you have a job where you cannot go home at nights or you don´t have anyone to take care of your pet when you´re not home: get free psychotherapy. Get a pet. People with pets statistically are more happy and even more healthy.

  35. Touch it

    You probably rarely touch your face. If you did, you´d find the tension hat lies hidden deep within your facial muscles. Reintroduce yourself to your face with a facial massage. Begin by gently rubbing your whole face with your fingertips using small circular motions.

  36. Think big do small

    Ok you are smoking. Or not into sports. You love those french fries? Not doing everything “right” should not hinder you to do yourself good in other areas. Start with something small and easy and go from there.

  37. Group energy

    Joining a dance class (again...the author recommends Oriental Dance as the way to go) or joining a book club is a great way to meet new people. Going to movies and museums are great acitivies to do with other people. Don´t say “I don´t have time”. We all have time. Did you watch American Idol or similar cr..... things? You did have time just you decided to spend it in a way you do not benefit from.

  38. Cure minor and major diseases with natural cell salts
    We eat medicine like it were candy. It is not.
    What the chemical companies are keeping from us – or at least they are trying to – is the ancient wisdom of herbology, cell salts and other natural remedies that work miracles. May I point once more to myself as an expert regarding cell salts as well as an alternative practitioner? Write, text or call for free ebook, or consultancy.

  39. See your world with new eyes

    We tend to oversee nice things we see every day. Sometimes we let greed take over or get influenced by marketing of sales companies. For one day: look around yourself actively. I once read a book “Oh wie schön ist Panama” from Janosch. It is a kids book and so true. Two pets are bored at home and decide to leave. To make a long story short: they end up at their own house believing they were in Panama. Most of us are blessed. Still blessed. No matter the economic situation and if we can afford that house or not. Look actively around you. Cherish the nice flowers you walk by. When have you last enjoyed the trees, the houses, the beauty of the area you pass every day on your way to work?

  40. Indulge

    Honey facials are a healthy, natural way to perk up your face. Honey won´t clog your pores, and it´s a natural antiseptic that can kill acne-causing bacteria. Combine ½ cup of hot water with 10 tablespoons quick oats. Stir and let stand for 5 minutes. Put ½ of an unpeeled, cored apple, 2 tablespoons of (organic if possible) yoghurt, 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 egg in a blender and mix for half a minute. Add oatmeal mixture and blend for another 20 seconds. Apply mask evenly to face and if you like neck and decoltée and let sit for about 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

  41. While you are at the honey...

    Put some lemon juice and honey on your lips. Uuuh you will enjoy how smooth they get.

  42. Sleep it out

    Trouble getting a good nights sleep for the every day sorrow bugging you? Find a ceremony. Get a small puppet whom you tell your sorrows and put it away (and your sorrows with it) before you go to sleep; write your thoughts and sorrows into a diary that you close before you go to bed.

    Train your brain to let go of everything that bugs it before you go to sleep.

  43. Candles

    The magic of candles and fire. Not much more cosy than a few candles. So good for your soul. Yes, “convenience food and stuff” americans – I am actually talking about real candles.

  44. Fresh food

    In the supermarket is where you usually go for groceries and flowers, veer off the beaten path. Most towns and cities have farmers markets that sell local produce. It does not always have to be organic. Prices are lower, producs is fresher (it does not really make sense for the environment as well as your health to buy organic strawberrys that have been flown in from China where they grew beside a field of conventional strawberries) and you also help a local business.

  45. Aromatherapy

    Aromatherapy can work small miracles for you. Aromatherapy uses naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to promote the health of body, mind and spirit. Lavender eases insomnia and aches and pains. Cinnamon sanitizes and desinfects. Cedar wood even keeps moths away (or more accurate: if you have them in your house it takes the hunger away of the puppies who will die). Lemon energizes. Geranium is the right oil for a sensual night.

  46. Screw them

    While it is important to accept critic.....probably 90 % of the critics we are getting are not really supposed for us but reflecting whats going on in that other person. We tend to discover our own mistakes in other people first thing.

    You know that old saying, don´t you? It takes one to know one.

    It is important to understand the motivation of a person saying anything to you.

  47. Be a kid again

    Don´t take anything for granted the FDA, newspapers or anyone and anything tells you. Question it like a kid. Why? And understand the motivation of a company or person telling you things. That often leads you to the real meaning.

  48. Bust a habbit

    You cannot change the world in one day. But if you change something – even a seemingly small thing in your daily routine – it can have far-reaching effects. Pay attention to your habbits. You´ll probably discover unconscious ones. It can be an involuntary motion or habbit that leads you to hours on the sofa. See what other “mindless” things you are doing. Go for a change. A small change. And see what happens.

  49. It´s all about values

    Are you happy? Is anything making you unhappy? Are you reaching for the goals that really are your goals? In todays society we tend to be influenced a lot by what other people want us to be. Starting in highschool where we have to be part of the coolest clique, not stopping at “you have to get married and have 4 kids”. It´s your life. It´s about you. Find your own values. There are always people who like or dislike who you are. Your only choice is: Are you want YOU want to be?

  50. Detox

    ...not just your body. Some of the cleansers you use every day are way more harmful and toxic than the dirt you are trying to clean up. Get some natural cleaners. Get a steam cleaner. You can wash dishes with eucalyptus, freshen rugs with resemary, clean the oven with oranges and chase away ants with lemon juice. Call or text me, write to me for a personalized consultancy.
    Also available: ebook on the effective and easy way to detoxify your body with Oilpullings. Email at for your copy.

  51. Reach out

    Call a friend you know who may be going through a hard time. It´s hard to reach out when you feel icky, so make it easier for him and take the first step.

    If you can get your friend into new surroundings, it may help change his current perspective. In addition to helping a friend you learn new coping skills. You don´t have to wait for someone to call you. Call a friend. Ask for a prep talk. It´s ok to seek out support and give support.

  52. Its all about color

    Have you heard about the magic of colors? How purple makes you more receiptive for hypnosis, meditation and all sorts of occult things while red energizes you? There is no right way to dress anymore. Pretty much anything goes. So live it up. One way to do it is color.

    Try wearing colors you usually don´t wear. Ask friends which colors they think might fit you well.

    Do you like it? If not, keep trying on colors that are new to you until something works. Look in the library for a book to help you gain an understanding of how color can work for you.

  53. Comfort zone

    Family memories and past experiences can be a tremendous source of comfort and inspiration. Find drawings you made when you were a kid and display them. This is a place where you can go to seek solace when the need arises. Ground yourself by contemplating those moments and mementos that have contributed to the person you are today.

  54. Oily

    Get some high quality ayurvedic haar oil with Brahmi and massage your head with it 1 hour prior to taking a shower. Ask the author if you do not know where to find appropriate oil.

  55. The crown of wellness and detoxification

    When in your shower try the following: rub your whole body with a high quality sesame oil (organic, first pressing) will not need body lotion after this shower and your body will be really grateful as the sesame oil removes toxin as well as softens your skin.

  56. About time management

    There are so many things you have to do to stay healthy and happy that sometimes you hardly find the time to do it all. Floss, brush, exercise, sleep, meditate.....
    Try this: While you´re in the shower (washing out your hair oil and the oil you put on your body), focus on the tasks ahead and organize your day. Then, when you are dying your hair, let your head hand and you´ll get more volume. While brushing your teeth stretch out one leg as high as you can reach. Change. Then flex first one knee, then the other. Keep alternating knees and give your harmstrings a good wake-up stretch.

  57. Hobbies and friends

    Go to a hobby shop. Check it out. Stroll around until something is bound to catch your eye. Maybe it´s time to take up knitting, sewing, water coloring or flower arranging.

    Chances are there is also clubs for almost any craft you want to pursue. Most hobby shops have bulletin boards with postings for these clubs.

  58. Don´t delay

    It´s easy to procrastinate. Start today and make a list of all of those annoying little errands you´ve been meaning to do. Take a great pleasure to crossing it off the list.

    Actually the amount of energy used for procrastinating is bigger than the energy to get it done. And you will feel so much better.

  59. Center

    If you are upset about something, it might be time to stop for a moment. You need to center yourself. Breathe. Concentrate on your breath. Form a “straw”with your tongue and breath in through it. Breath deep into your stomach (not just your lungs). Next, rub your hands together until they are warm and place them on your belly, one on top of the other. Watch your breath respond. Doing this for 2 or 3 minutes can revitalize and relax you.

  60. We are what we think

    To reach a goal it helps a great deal to visualize it. That is easier said than done. Try to imagine and visualize a white wall at first. It is hard in the beginning. Then visualize yourself doing the things you want to do, being in the situation you want to be. It does not perform magic but it sends all of the right signals to your brain.

  61. Find a photo

    Go through your box of old photographs. Find one you really love. From a place where you were really really happy. Look at it when you feel down or think back to that moment and that person. It will bring some of the happiness you felt to you.

  62. Don´t dream it

    Even if you cannot realize it next weeks. Sit down and define your goal for the future. It might be a dream vacation, a change in your personal or business environment or it might be about changing yourself. The sky is the limit. You will never achieve goals you consider unreachable – concsious or subconscious. If you´re feeling more on the hostile side, you can still write the letter, but you´ll probably do best to rip up your first draft afterwards. Expressing yourself on paper is such a great way to let go of negative feelings. Then wait awhile until those feelings have subsided and consider a rewrite.

  63. Express yourself

    Pick up your pen and write a letter. Not a text or an email or a facebook post. A letter. There is at least one person – and more likely several people – who would be thrilled to get a letter from you.

  64. Laugh

    Laughing is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to relieve tension and improve your spirits. Laugh at yourself or find a humor website for your daily dose of laughter. We tend to take everything, especially ourselves, way to serious.

  65. We are what we eat

    In our busy lives we often forget to act as the Christians we are. Organic food is expensive, fast food is so handy. We must not eat from sick tortured creatures. It not christian and it is not healthy. Engage in animal rights. Or human rights. Or work on your right to eat healthy affordable food that does not contain toxins or genetically modified crops. Remember: we are what we eat.

  66. Meditate
    Buddhists, yogis and ayurvedic doctors have said for centuries that meditation improves health and well-being. Now scientists are trying to prove the benefits of meditation.


Other available ebooks and services:

  • Belly Dance Instruction (Weekly, privates and Workshops in the greater Lake County (IL) area

  • Ebooks: Belly Dance cymbal pattern; Oilpulling for Detoxification, Salts of Life

  • Health-/Diet Coaching (also possible via Telephone or Chat; certified Holistic Nutritionist/Dietitan)

Belly Dance Instruction

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    • orientaldance profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Fox Lake

      Thank you SO much healthylife......I never expected so positive feedback and am writing a hub on oil pulling right now for you guys.

    • healthylife2 profile image

      Healthy Life 

      6 years ago from Connecticut, USA

      Excellent job! This article is full of useful tips to relax. I have done some of them like give up caffeine and added more vegetables but I still need to give up sugar completely. I think I need to make sure I do at least one thing on your list every day. Voted up! Welcome to HubPages!

    • orientaldance profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Fox Lake

      Thank you so much for your kind comment. That motivates me to write some more stuff.

    • orientaldance profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Fox Lake

      Sugar is an addiction. You WILL feel it the first 2 days...... as every addiction once the stuff is out of your system you do not need it anymore. Just make sure you stay away from that artificial stuff.

    • Kimberly Vaughn profile image

      Kimberly Vaughn 

      6 years ago from Midwest

      Welcome to HubPages Oriental Dance! You have made a lot of great suggestions. I really need to give off sugar but I'm pretty sure my body runs on it. It would probably shut down in revolt!

    • DIYmommy profile image


      6 years ago

      This hub came at the perfect time. With a newborn son (who I love very much, but, is oh so demanding), I've been feeling very drained and exhausted lately. I can't wait to give some of these a try! Thank you for the great hub!


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