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7 Foods You Should Be Eating for Healthier Skin

Updated on October 2, 2017

Are you ready to work your way to a healthier and more glowing skin? If you are, then we’ll help you!

The thing here is that we are not encouraging you to invest in expensive hand creams or lotions sold in beauty shops. We know and we have tried it already. The key to achieving a healthier skin is not sealed in an expensive, branded beauty bottle. It can be found in the foods that we eat.

Food is indeed the source of life. We need it. But just like how certain foods can affect our figure, others can improve our skin. So, it turns out that what we put on our plate can tell how healthy our skin is and how young we look.

With that in mind, we can safely assume that the fountain of youth is not hard to find. It is just on the items that we put in our grocery baskets! Hence, we’ve listed some of the ingredients you might want to consider adding to your grocery list. By eating right and with exercise as well, in no time, we can proudly say, “Here’s to a fantastic and gorgeous skin!”

1. Salmon

Aside from the fact that it is rich in omega-3, salmon is rich with dimethylaminoethanol or DMAE, which helps strengthen and protect the cell membranes. If the cells are protected, deterioration, which often results in premature aging, will not occur.

DMAE also prevents the production of arachidonic acid, a substance that triggers the formation of wrinkles. And there’s more. This nutrient works alongside various B vitamins to increase the levels of acetylcholine, which aids the functioning of the muscles and keeping them firm and toned.

2. Coconuts

We normally drink coconut water for hydration purposes, but did you know that it contains potassium that aids in the transportation of nutrients into our cells? And if our cells are well-nourished, it will reflect in our skin.

In addition to coconut water, the coconut tree has another product that helps moisturize the skin – virgin coconut oil. Packed with healthy fats, minerals, and vitamins E and K, it is no surprise why it is widely used in hair and skin care products!

3. Tomatoes

Yes, eating foods that are made of tomatoes like juices and sauces can help combat acne. Thanks to its Lycopene content, which lowers the production of acne-promoting hormones. Although there is no recommended amount of Lycopene to eat to get rid of those spots, experts suggest including any tomato-based ingredients in your diet at least thrice a week.

Lycopene can protect the skin against UV rays, too! When it is present in our body, the antioxidant status of the skin is improved. These antioxidants will then fight the free radicals that are formed by excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

4. Green Tea

Like tomatoes, green tea has the ability to reduce the production of hormones that promote acne. So, if you brew at least three cups of green tea in a day, chances are, you will reap the full perks for your skin.

Interestingly, this power drink contains antioxidants as well. That means drinking several cups of this can help keep the skin looking younger, fresher, and healthier!

5. Avocado

With all the exercise that you’ve been doing, for sure, your body is starting to look fit and fab. However, your face might be looking ahead of your age. Do not worry, though. There is a solution.

Instead of buying a plethora of anti-aging products and trying each one of them, go to the market and grab some avocados. This fruit is rich in fatty acids that can hydrate and protect the skin, as well as reduce the risk of premature aging.

6. Brazil Nuts

Is your skin prone to the formation of dark spots and circles? Well, it is not just because of lack of sleep or genetics. It might be caused by aging.

Over time, our skin loses collagen, causing it to become thin. If that happens, the veins around the eyes become more visible. Thankfully, a Brazil nut can spare you. A piece of this nut already has enough selenium that help improve the production of collagen.

Furthermore, this nut has minerals that help preserve the protein called elastin, which is responsible for keeping the skin tight and smooth. It also has vitamin E that keeps the skin moisturized at all times!

7. Yellow Peppers

When it comes to the formation of muscle and skin tissues, as well as the production of collagen, vitamin C plays a vital role. But instead of getting a piece of orange to have a dose of this vitamin, why not grab some yellow bell peppers?

In a study that involved 700 Japanese women, it was found that the more yellow veggies the subjects ate, the lesser they were at risk of having wrinkles.

Sure, genetics and lifestyle habits like smoking can affect your skin condition. However, that should not put an end to your quest for a beautiful and smooth complexion.

Of course, you can always rely on over-the-counter treatments or products to achieve a healthier skin. But take note that there are plenty of other foods that are long-credited for their properties that improve the skin.

Perhaps you might want to combine our top 4 foods in one healthy diet plan. And then, include regular exercise, some fresh air, and a good night’s sleep! Promise, your skin will thank you for that.


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