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7 Methods on How to Relax After a Strenuous Day

Updated on June 13, 2017
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George has achieved a Masters degree in communication skills and has taken up further studies in English literature.


Relaxation is an important part of your daily activities: Whenever we find time to relax we are finding a way to stabilise our minds and bodies form the strain of a busy day. This can prove to be an interesting, fun, educational and even sociable part of the day, before we go into a relaxation mode we need to choose which method suits our daily routine, on any chosen day!

Relaxing When Your Day Has Ended.

What a Way to Relax.
What a Way to Relax. | Source

1. Listening to Music.

  • The relaxing effect that music has on our minds and physical health, preferably; slow music, calming music or soft classical music has been known to slow the heart rate, lower the blood pressure, and relaxes the mind and physical body.
  • This soothing sensation created through listening to music, effects our emotions and allows us to gently relax. Music has been handed down through generations and has been used for thousands of years as a method towards relaxation. Scientific research throughout the years has found that listening to music helps reduce stress related pain, both chronic pain and postoperative pain.
  • You could start by listening to some of these styles of music, for instance; waterpipes played on CD, slow calming naturalistic music, with songbirds singing in the wild or just through listing to some slow classical music. This can all prove to be very relaxing after a strenuous day.

2. Watching DVDs.

  • Watching movies on DVD can prove to be very relaxing. This form of relaxation can take your mind off things that you have endure throughout the day. Most people like to relax in front of their television with a new DVD; one that they have never seen before, some others prefer to watch a DVD from there collection of DVDs; one that they have viewed several times.
  • Educational DVDs are always worth watching: If you have some interests or are learning something concerned with your educational studies, it is always an innovative idea to keep a look out for some DVDs that correspond with your learning path. Spend your relaxation time more wisely, through gaining an insight of what your studying.
  • Relaxation DVDs provide you with a view of nature, otherwise known as Scenic Relation DVDs. These come in DVD & Blue along with related melodies that are played throughout the entire incorporation of animals living in their natural habitat, landscapes in a summers evening, rivers flowing in the spring and many more.

3. Reading Books and Magazines.

  • Reading has always been recognised as form of relaxation, through setting down to read a good novel or even something that you feel you must look up, for a solution to a problem or to find the answer to a question, within that moment of our reading, research, or study we fall into a state of relaxation which helps us understand things that little bit clearer than before. This can also lift your worries by making you feel more stress free.
  • Today people can spend their time reading eBooks, in which that they love and adore. Using a simple internet connection, we can tune in and read some of the greatest literature ever written, for example: The Adventures of Huckleberry Fine by Mark Twain, published on the year 1884 or Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, published on the year 1838. This can become a relaxing hobby and still be your way of relaxing at the end of each day.
  • Reading magazines is also a recognised form of relaxation. Today we can shop for magazine in any subject we want, through the internet and at our local bookstore. The best thing about magazines is that they can introduce you to a whole new way of doing things or provide you with a full update on your chosen subject, this way of relaxing at the end of a tiresome day can prove to be beneficial towards further advancements on your desired subject, which can help you feel more relaxed with the environment around you.

4. Drinking Herbal Tea.

  • Herbal tree has always had the consistency towards relaxation purposes. There are many kinds of herbal tea in which we can chose from today, but there is a few that some of us might be familiar with for example: Camomile tea bags made from golden Chamomile flowers, known to make the end of your day, through calming and relaxing your mind and body.
  • Another good example is Chi tea that holds spices like cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. This combination of spices is known to create a warming, soothing sensation of wellbeing that makes you feel extremely relaxed through reducing your stress levels.
  • The benefits of drinking herbal tea are that it can enhance your emotional behaviour and at the same time improve your spiritual health. Also by drinking herbal tea to relax when your day is done can encourage a sound sleep.

5. Leaning Yoga and Meditation.

  • Through learning yoga, you can learn how to meditate properly. The word yoga is translated as union or to bind. Yoga can help breakdown the bonds of habitual patterns, which gives you more control of your emotions in a relaxed way.
  • The combination of both yoga and meditation constitutes the body, spirit, and mind. Although this practice has very little to do with the conventional understanding of fitness routines, it is more about relating to the sun and the universe.
  • Today there is a large community of people who practice yoga. You don’t have to go anywhere to join a yoga class, you can join online and practice within your own home. There are many yoga websites for you to choose from. You don’t need anything to start with when first taking up yoga classes. It only takes an interest, then you’ll be right at it within minutes. This is a perfect way to benefit from relaxation and is easy to learn.

Leaning Yoga at Home.

6. Doing Puzzles.

  • Completing puzzles in our spare time is a relaxing endeavour. Puzzles also help you to develop better problem-solving skills, boost your self-esteem and helps to keep your mind active and alert. There is a lot of puzzles we can choose from, for example: Cross words, sudoku and Jigsaw puzzles. These examples can prove to be an enormous amount of fun to complete if shared between family and friends.
  • Tackling more complex puzzles like: Chinese ring wire puzzles, magic cube puzzles, wooden puzzles, and jigsaw puzzles 1500 pieces can prove to be a challenge. Some of these puzzles are to improve your awareness and sharpness in your daily life, by helping you to make decisions quicker than the norm.
  • A lot of these puzzles can be purchased at your local bookstore or online. Even if you were to look around or put it on your shopping list you’d be surprized what you can find. To complete a puzzle that seemed impossible to begin with, is a great achievement for anyone! Puzzles are also a wonderful way to relax and are also proven to be educational.

Puzzles Challenge or Ability to Complete Tasks.

Wooden puzzles.
Wooden puzzles. | Source

7. Socialising.

  • Socialising is a relaxing way to spend your time with your friends and family. According to studies, socialising can boost your memory and intellectual performance. It has also been known to reduce systems of depression and to make you feel happier within your own environment.
  • It can be a lot of fun socialising: meeting new people, keeping up to date with what’s happening around you, there are many ways in that we can socialise with people, talking with friends over the phone, meeting up with your friends for a night out or spending some time with your family.
  • Socialising is a more healthier existence, whenever the day ends it could be time to see your family and friends, time to talk to someone about your past achievements or to enquire about your future expectations. No matter what way you decide to socialise overall, you’ll feel more contented with the week that lays ahead of you.


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