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7 Reasons To Go Juicing

Updated on January 24, 2020


Juicing is becoming popular because most people are self-motivated in becoming healthier and juicing is among the latest health trends. This involves using a machine or equipment to turn raw fruits and vegetables into a liquid. Some people may wonder why juicing has become so popular in the last few years, since we can buy ready-made fruit and vegetable juices at the store.But,the nutrients in the store-bought juices, are not anywhere near the quantity or quality of those found in fresh homemade juices made from whole and sometimes organic fruits and vegetables. Juicing also allows the preservation of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes of the raw produce. The choice of juicing with a blender or juicer depends on the desired outcome. Blenders process the fiber and the nutrients together. Since juicers separate the fiber from the nutrients. When I began juicing. I found it tedious but now that I have made it a habit, I cannot do without it.

During the juicing process, certain safety guidelines should be observed which are:Continue reading below...

  • Cleanliness- Your hands should be clean before touching the vegetables and fruits, likewise the blender or juicer should be washed in hot, soapy water.
  • Washing-The vegetables and fruits should be washed before the extraction process. Where possible, buy organic vegetables and fruits as they are not exposed to pesticides.
  • Consumption-Always consume your juice the same day you have made it to lessen the possibility of food poisoning.

There are many health benefits of drinking freshly juiced fruits and vegetables; this is also a great way to add nutrients from the fruits or vegetables that you wouldn’t eat. Drinking live juices means your cells will be flooded with nutrients that are life giving as a result of the active enzymes

Juicing for health is very important due to the following benefits:

1. Detoxification

Juicing helps in detoxifying the body from the toxins that occur as a result of the environment. Your body’s digestion system is impaired following years of consuming junk foods and other types of chemicals. The homemade juices are made from vegetables and fruits, and so have nutrients which can fight toxins and chemicals that get into your body without your knowledge. You will be able to consume the right amount of vegetables and fiber. The nutrients found in the fruits and vegetables are like chlorophyll, a powerful detoxifier. Among its many functions are strengthening the body, cleansing of the liver, as well as purifying and rebuilding blood cells. It also lowers the risk of cancer, due to the antioxidants. Certain types of juices like beetroot juice cause an increase in the blood flow to the brain hence keeping off dementia.

2. Weight loss

Juicing curbs excess weight due to the few calories and no fat presence found in homemade juices. The intake of juice will keep your stomach feeling full, and this helps you control your eating habits. With a full stomach, you tend to cut out the unhealthy foods that cause obesity.

3. Extra energy

Daily servings of vegetable or fruit juice can leave you with lots of energy because the body will not need to break down any solid food leaving you with energy since the body is able to absorb the juice instantaneously.

4. Optimal digestion

The fiber and nutrients in the juice help the digestive system by allowing the immediate absorption of all the nutrients from produce. This gives the digestive system a break.

5. Your diet will have a variety

Boredom will be removed from your diet due to the large variety of vegetables that you may not enjoy eating when whole .This variety removes nutrient deficiency. Many people are not able to consume enough produce, so juicing is a quick, easy way to meet your fruit and vegetable quotient. There is no risk of overburdening the digestive system as a result of consuming in large quantities.

6. Reduces inflammation.

Inflammation occurs as a result of the ingestion of a diet that is full of acidic, high fat and processed foods. The antioxidants together with other nutrients in juice can help combat inflammation. The antioxidants help protect your body from deadly diseases that include diseases of the heart and diabetes. There is also the raising of the pH balance in our bodies, which in turn, help to protect us from conditions that are related to imbalances in acidity, including heart and kidney disease.

7. Relieves stress

Juice made from leafy green vegetables provides the body with high levels of magnesium. This is considered as a relaxation mineral that can help improve the quality of your sleep and keep off headaches. The nutrients in juice also include vitamin C which together with the magnesium helps your body to better combat the effects of the stress hormone cortisol.

In conclusion, if you are serious about a healthy, natural life then juicing is the way to go. It is one of the best ways to start the day.


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