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7 Things Successful People Do First Thing in the Morning

Updated on March 4, 2016

If you are like most people, you struggle to get out of bed in the morning and hardly get time to eat breakfast, while there is a whole spectrum of people accomplishing a lot in that time between waking up and getting out of their house for work. If you are like most people, you carry the shadow of your feelings - of distraction and anxiety about what the day holds – with you through the day, which limits your ability to be a successful leader.

For all the successful people, they do things day after day, month after month, year after year that when you look at those things, then you may have to wonder how disciplined they really are.

7 Things Successful People Do First Thing in the Morning
7 Things Successful People Do First Thing in the Morning | Source

Here are some of the things that successful people do at the beginning of the day in order to set them up for a great day.

1. They wake up early

Many successful professionals, political figures and entrepreneurs, from Square CEO Jack Dorsey, the U.K.’s former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to the CEO of Apple Tim Cook, believe in an early start to the day. They know that time is a precious commodity. And if theirs is eaten up easily by a lazy routine, the morning hours are under their control. That is the reason why many of them rise before the sun, at 4 or 5 a.m., squeezing out as much time as they can to do with to lead their day towards super-productivity and efficiency.

2. They meditate in the silence of the dawn

As suggested in the Huffington Post, meditation helps lower stress levels, make the mind much more centered and calmer, improve cognitive functioning, which develops creative thinking and even improves your physical health. Most of people face enormous stress and pace of high-pressure roles. Just by taking few minutes to meditate each morning, many corporate leaders find that they can set their mind and body up for efficient and positive success during the rest of the day.

3. They make time to exercise

If you do not find time for your health, then you will have to find time for disease. The top morning activity of the rich and powerful is exercise, being it lifting weights at home or going to the gym. When you look at any of the successful people, none of them seem look diseased, or/and fat, or/and in vain. Equally important, a pre-breakfast workout can help reduce stress later in the day, counteract the effects of high-fat diet, and improve sleep.

CEO of Tesla Elon Musk works 14 hours every day. If you don’t have a bodily stamina, you can’t work 14 hours every for years. “These are incredibly busy people”, said Vanderkam, a time-management expert, "If they make time to exercise, it must be actually important."

4. They eat a very nutritious breakfast

4.	They eat a very nutritious breakfast
4. They eat a very nutritious breakfast | Source

Scientists and successful professionals alike have lauded the benefits of a good breakfast for many decades. Choose healthy and nutritious breakfasts which provide you energy needed to jump-start a new day after fasting for six to ten hours overnight. You should feel content and energetic after a breakfast. Do not eat too much, which can leave you overfull and dull after the meal.

5. They visualize their day

“If you fail to plan”, stated Benjamin Franklin, “you are planning to fail”. Visualizing success will put you in a positive state of mind. And successful people are actually notorious list-makers and planners. They visualize their day to be efficient, positive and smooth. just spend a few minutes in the morning mapping out which projects needed to be complete and other activities during the rest of the day. Prioritize those most important and get them done early when your willpower is still high in the day. Think about your goals in life, and visualize how this day fits into them, as well as what it will be like to get there.

6. They read newspapers

Whether it is sitting in the corner and checking the blogs and Twitter news from the phones, or reading some newspapers, most of the successful people have a pre-breakfast ritual for updating the latest headlines and gaining new knowledge. Some others listen to sports radio and watch the news while hitting the stationary bike at the gym. These are all good way to keep abreast with everything happening in the outside world.

7. Say no to emails

Any one agrees that emails are an integral part of life. But successful people do keep their inboxes organized and shiny, which means they won’t need the attention right in their morning. An hence, they can invest the time on themselves by reading books and paper, or learning something news instead.


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