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8 Tricks To Be Instantly More Energized And Spontaneous

Updated on May 30, 2015

Why Be More Spontaneous?

Being spontaneous means letting the energy drive YOU not the other way around.
I have to tell you the truth folks, I'm starting to think that willpower in general is over-hyped.

Sure it can get you places but even the strongest willpower in the world will only get you so far and even if you make it, it will have serious consequences on your health long-term because of the stress.

Willpower is absolutely necessary, I'm not bashing on willpower but the more energy you have, the greater the ability to move WITHOUT effort and the LESS you will have to rely on willpower.
In my opinion, willpower should be predominant in survival situations, in extreme situations where you have to force through a tough obstacle where your energy might be drained but life is the most extreme obstacle, better said, it's a marathon and I'm not sure that willpower can sustain you that long. It might work in an actual marathon but not in the ultimate race that is life.

1) Water

  • Drink 2 glasses of water every two or three hours
  • Before every meal drink your water 5 minutes before eating
  • Drink in total 2 liters per day of purified water

Drinking 2 glasses of water every two to three hours will give you sustained energy unlike coffee.
You can’t count on thirst to tell you when to drink, most people are dehydrated without knowing it. When you are thirsty it’s already too late. You should be drinking a minimum of 2 liters of water a day.

Green Tea

  • A cup of green tea in the morning with your breakfast
  • Don’t drink after 5pm for good sleep

Chockfull of antioxidants and a little caffeine, sip on green tea to boost your energy levels, without the negative effects of its rival – the double shot expresso!

Green tea is great it gives you a nice boost in energy, it increases your insulin sensitivity so you will absorb food better thus getting more of the nutrients you need to function etc….
You’ll just feel great throughout the day and your energy levels won’t plummet.

The B vitamins in green tea can make you happier and lift your spirits, leaving you uplifted and energized.

Contrast therapy

Contrast therapy has many benefits a few of them are increased blood circulation, stronger immune system, raised energy levels.

After a contrast therapy session you feel so calm, full of energy, relaxed and sharp mentally all at the same time, it's amazing.

  • 2 minutes hot shower, 30 seconds cold shower
  • Alternate 3 times between hot and cold
  • Always finish with cold shower

4) Sunlight

  • 10-20 minutes in the morning almost naked

Spending 10-20 minutes in direct sunlight every day is the perfect way to boost your vitamin D and serotonin supply. It can help regulate your circadian rhythm as well. Your physical health and your mental well-being will thank you.

Eating 6 times a day

Eating 6 times a day will stabilize your energy levels. You won't experience the dreaded crashes of the day. Your hormone levels won't crash because you will be eating regularly. By avoiding foods that spike your insulin levels like pasta, bread, junk food, white rice won't lose your energy.

What you need is to replace simple carbs with healthy fats that give you stable energy instead of simple carbs that absorb quickly.

So lets put an example here:

  • 7h: breakfast
  • 10h: snack
  • 13h: lunch
  • 16h: snack
  • 19h: dinner
  • 22h: snack

Main Meal Suggestion

  • Protein: fish, meat, chicken, eggs
  • Fat: olive oil, avocado, nuts
  • Fiber, minerals and vitamins: spinach, broccoli, salad,

Snack suggestions: avocados, nuts, cheese, tuna

A high fat, high protein, low carb diet will maintain your hormone levels steady and give you a sustained supply of energy.

Caloric Breakfast

It's important to start the day with a big breakfast because that will get you off to a good start for the day. Your body needs the nutrients after several hours without food. A big meal will fire your metabolism for the day and give you a feeling of abundance and joy.

A few ideas:

  • Protein waffles

  • Eggs, spinach, bacon

  • Eggs, pancakes and bacon

Other breakfast ideas

Eating a big breakfast will accelerate your metabolism and give you energy. If you eat your breakfast just after HIIT cardio all of the nutrients will go to the muscles and won’t be stored as fat.
A caloric breakfast sets the tone for the day. “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”.

HIIT Cardio

Apart from being less time consuming, HIIT cardio is said to burn up to 9 times more fat than steady cardio. It will also maintain your energy levels high throughout the day which is why I think this type of cardio great to do in the morning before a big meal. You can't have a depressing day if you start off with HIIT cardio.

  • Jump rope or sprint for 1 minute (max intensity),
  • rest 15 seconds
  • Repeat 5 times


Jump Rope

High intensity interval training. That’s what it stands for. It is a type of cardio that is very short and more effective than steady cardio.

HIIT is so intense, your body will come alive with raging hormones ready to kick butt for the day.

Here some good sources for some HIIT cardio workouts

Osho's Meditation

Osho's meditation is a great way to empty your mind and be more in the moment. It's a special kind of meditation that will help you build up your energy and destroy old ingrained patterns that trap us into the past.

You will feel liberated after this meditation.

  1. Breath through the nose focusing on the exhale
  2. Let go of everything and be crazy
  3. grounding
  4. tranquility
  5. dancing with music

Start with 2 minutes for every phase and try to build up to 10 minutes as you get better.

The first step is to breath through the nose forcefully by just concentrating on the exhale, just exhale strongly through the nose.

The second step is to go nuts basically and let all your rage and energy out. Don’t follow a pattern of movement really just be wild.

The third step you jump with hands raised above your head and every time you land you let a “hoh” sound out of your mouth.

The fourth step don’t move a muscle, be completely still

The fifth step dance expressively and spontaneously without controlling anything just moving as you feel is right.

Here’s a video about it (meditation is at the end):

Daily Plan

(Waking up) 8am
Drink 2 glasses of water
Drink 2 glasses of water
Drink 2 glasses of water
drink 2 glasses of water
drink 2 glasses of water
drink 2 glasses of water
10 min in the sunlight in shorts
Snack:cheese, tuna, banana
main meal: meat, salad, avocado
Snack: avocado, nuts, almonds
Main meal: fish, spinach, broccoli
Snack: Greek yogurt, orange, dark chocolate
15min hiit cardio
Cup of green tea
hydrotherapy (30 sec cold, 2min hot/ alternate 5 times
Eggs, pancakes, bacon

Important Points

I know what some of you are going to say. This is too much I don't have time etc...I study at college and I managed to do it. Do this for at least a week to see how it goes, give yourself that challenge and see how good you feel.

When your energy stabilizes you can choose which of the 7 tricks to use. You don't have to do all of them forever but if you follow this plan everyday for a week I guarantee you that you will feel a new person.

After a while the effects become permanent and you will notice that your energy levels and spontaneity remain high without too much assistance or help.


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