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7 Ways to Fight Fatigue at Work

Updated on September 4, 2014

A task it would be to find a single human being who hasn't experienced a degree of fatigue at his workplace. Whether it be writing up reports at the office or dishing out meals at a restaurant: fatigue gets us all.

Here are seven easy ways to fight fatigue and maximise productivity without any cost, hassle, and all the while remain at your workplace!


1.Take an Eye Break

Every 15 minutes or so, allow your eyes to roam around the room, changing the focus away from the computer screen. If possible, look out the window as far as the view allows you. Relax you eyes and give yourself a little smile. By smiling you will relax your facial muscles, which will give you a feeling of rest when you will return to your computer work.

2. Smile again!

They say that it takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown, so unless you are watching comedies at work, you are more likely to frown while working, so just by smiling you are allowing half of your facial muscles to relax which also creates a feel good factor that contributes to your productivity at work.


3. Trust your senses!

In this instance, your sense of smell. The smell of lemon and eucalyptus is known to increase productivity and reduce tiredness and sleepiness caused by over tension.

If you breath in the smell of lavender, you are more likely to make 20% less mistakes while typing; the smell jasmine reduces fatigue related mistakes 30 %, but the most beneficial of all is a smell of lemon-it reduces mistakes 50%.

4.Treat yourself with a head massage

Self-massage, that is. This is one of the DIY’s that I bet you will love and might even become addicted to because of the instant invigorating effect it will have on you!

So, grasp your hair close to your scalp and squeeze several times, clenching and releasing your fists. Still grasping your hair by the roots, move your fists backwards and forwards so that your scalp slides across your scull. Repeat this all over your head.


5. Reach high!

Stretch your arms above your head, and interlock your fingers. Keeping your feet on the floor, lean back in your chair and stretch upward as high as you can. Feel just how much your back and shoulder muscles engage in the process! Keep this stretch for a full 15 seconds, then gently release your hands.

6. Balance and rebalance your posture!

From time to time make yourself aware of your posture and check if you sitting as comfortably as you can. Just by slightly changing position of your body, straightening your spine or lowering your shoulders, you can relieve the tension in your body that builds up during the day.

7. Splash yourself silly!

A good way to energise yourself instantly is to splash water on your face for a couple of minutes; teach yourself to enjoy it and you will always have this simple “me time” in the middle of your working day! Another way of “waking yourself up” is to let water run on your wrists for a couple of minutes. Try to consciously relax yourself as much as you can. It might become a sort of ‘water meditation’ for you as it has for me! Another simple way to energise yourself is to press a wet paper tissue against your temple or the nook of your neck.

I hope you will find the above useful and from now on will never struggle at work with that “enemy of the people” called Miss Sluggishness!


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