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Top 7 Ways Exercise and Tone Those Triceps of Yours

Updated on December 23, 2016

Having nice arms is something many of us strive for but the main point of your triceps is to extend and straighten your arm. As the name implies there is of course three muscles that make up the triceps.. I’ve already written an article on 7 different ways to work your biceps, so of course now I had to include Triceps. Just so happens I like 7 of them. Without further ado: 7 ways to work your Triceps. You can also click on the name below to be taken to the article that shows you how to perform the exercise mentioned.

Triceps Workouts

Dips – I like Dips but I find a lot of people I train really feel pressure in their wrists or in their shoulders while performing this exercise. Dips are also not the best for people with more weight on them. This is why I’ve voted it as number seven. However even though it is number 7 on the list it can still be used but just do it with care.

Kickbacks – See people all the time doing kickbacks. This is when you lean over and bring the weights back by extending and straightening out the arm behind you. The reason I don’t particularly like this one is, it’s very easy to cheat and use your body to assist and the range of motion limits the intensity of the workout.

Cable or Rope Pull downs – I love this exercise and enjoy how it feels. I find it best used to super-set or work the Triceps to fatigue after some of the other exercises. A good example is have already done 3 sets of some other exercises. The key with this exercise is to keep your elbows in and only use your triceps and not assist with your shoulders. Look down and make sure you feet are even spaced and you are not too far from the machine before you begin.

Overhead Cable extension - This method is good. However I give it a reduced score because it is after all still a machine. If you really want to work it this way, try instead of standing and pulling the cable over head. Try kneeling and keeping a straight back and pulling with just your tri’s this gets a little more core utilization.

Overhead Dumbbell Extension – This is my favorite and honestly one that I probably perform too often. I like the range of motion and enjoy how I look when doing the exercise with a nice size dumbbell. Perform this exercise with either one hand behind the neck and extend to lift the arm. Or you can go much heavier and use two hands and lift from behind you and up. Watch your elbows and angle while performing this exercise

Dumbbell Triceps Workout

Close Grip Bench Press - A nice workout from this. Start slow and work your way up. It is amazing how hard this was the first time I did performed it. I quickly became use to it and was really enjoying it due to the other muscles worked and the stabilization

Dumbbell or barbell skull crushers - This workout is amazing and really fires up the triceps muscles. Make sure you keep your arms elevated and don’t let the weight fall on your face. This is one exercise I love, but really prefer if there is either a spotter or safety rail.

Remember too that triceps get utilized the closer your hands come together such as in the triceps bench press or pushups. Just something to keep in mind if when working out and you’re wondering if you’re performing the exercise right. If your looking for me exercises and tips be sure to check out the other articles written below.


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