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9 Reasons Why Doctors Won't Offer Suboxone - Alcoholism, Liver Disease, Mental Illness, Pregnancy...

Updated on June 19, 2013

Is Suboxone right for you? Will your doctor want to give you Suboxone (buprenorphine) or will she recommend Methadone or another form of treatment instead? Although most patients prefer treatment with take home doses of Suboxone, this less restrictive form of treatment is not advised for certain types of patients.

Suboxone has many advantages to other forms of opiate addiction treatment. The medication can be prescribed in take-home doses (saving patients from daily trips to a methadone clinic) the eventual detox off of Suboxone is less difficult than for methadone, and the success rates of the two drugs are similar. But Suboxone won’t work as well as methadone for some people, and doctors may be reluctant to prescribe the medication to some "at risk" types of people.

Here is a list of some of the reasons why Suboxone might not be right for you.

1. You have a very high level of opiate dependence.

People who have been using opiates heavily may find that Suboxone does not give them enough symptoms relief. People with heavy habits are often recommended to start on methadone instead.

Buprenorphine has a ceiling effect, and it can only work up to a certain level – after this ceiling, taking larger doses has little effect.

2. You are unable or unwilling to follow safety instructions

Because Suboxone is prescribed in take home doses, doctors must feel confident that you will understand the risks and benefits of the medication, and are able and willing to follow safety instructions on its use.

Some people, with lowered cognitive abilities, may not be appropriate candidates for the self administered treatment.

3. There is a concurrent mental health problem

Patients with psychiatric illness may not be suitable candidates for office based Suboxone therapy. Suicidal or homicidal ideations preclude a patient from take home opiate therapy. Additionally, since the interaction effects between buprenorphine and many psychiatric medication remains unknown (lithium, anti psychotics) doctors may be reluctant to recommend this form of treatment to patient also prescribed certain psychiatric medications

4. You are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant

At present, methadone is the recommended treatment for opiate addiction during pregnancy. Suboxone remains largely unstudied for use during pregnancy.

5. You are an alcoholic

Buprenorphine is a relatively safe opiate type medication, and the risks of a fatal overdose are lower than for other opiates. Buprenorphine is dangerous when taken with sedative hypnotics, such as alcohol. Combining alcohol and Suboxone is dangerous, and potentially lethal.

Additionally, alcohol abuse or alcoholism is thought to reduce the likelihood of full compliance on medication protocols, and reduce the likelihood of success for take hope opiate therapy. Alcoholic patients are not suitable candidates for Suboxone.

6. You use or abuse benzodiazepines or barbiturates

Buprenorphine has proven fatal when combined with benzodiazepines and barbiturates. Patients addicted to these medications are not suitable candidates for Suboxone therapy.

7. You have used Suboxone before without success

If you have participated in multiple rounds of take home Suboxone therapy, your doctor may conclude that this type of treatment is not well suited to your needs.

Conversely, a person that has attempted to quit opiates by detox many times, but who has always relapsed, is considered a very good candidate for opiate replacement therapy with Suboxone.

Obviously, is you had any form of allergic reaction to the medication; you are also not a good candidate for continued use.

8. You have a condition that does not allow office based treatment

People with certain physical health conditions may not be appropriate candidates.

9. You are not motivated to quit

Patients who do not express a real desire to stop using opiates are not thought to be suitable candidates for take home Suboxone therapy.

It's not for everyone

Suboxone is a fantastic new addition to the treatment arsenal against opiate dependence, but it is not the best choice for every person in every situation. Discuss honestly your needs honestly and openly with your doctor, and get the treatment that is most likely going to work for you.


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    • profile image

      Darla 8 months ago

      If methadone take home doses were revoked can you get locked up for not taking them back to clinic

    • profile image

      Kelly 4 years ago

      I was taking 20 10mg loratabs a day for 5 years , but abusing narcotics for over 10 years before I got put on subs. I have been on the subs for 5 years and my doc had me at 8mg 3 times a day for those 5 years! I cut MYSELF down after 2 years to 1 8mg a day. I just recently went to rehab to get off this miracle drug and after a month of WDs, I couldn't take it anymore and I relapsed back to the opiates. Now I'm back on the subs and will probably have to take them for the rest of my life! It's a great drug if taken short term, but long term, it's a nightmare! I feel like crap, everyday and am in a constant fog. I don't want to have to take this everyday, but it's to hard to quit now and I would much rather take one pill a day and feel bad sometimes, then go back to my active addiction. I just wish there was another alternative.

    • profile image

      janeh 5 years ago

      the issue is that it is to costly to people to see the dr,$500.00 or more and then the meds...and then back to dr so often...i can't get all of the money together to help my son,who is out of work due to a lot of medical issues..he can't get medicaid and those people get all the meds,food stamps,cash benefits etc.he is fighting for soc. sec. dis. now...this really sucks..

    • profile image

      deserae 5 years ago

      i was diagnosed with a severe herniated.disc in my lumber spine about 8mths ago of course my dr threw percs at me sent me on my way i wnt frm endos to perc 10s i was taken up to 6 of those a day.the pain was sooo bad i noticed very early i was becoming addicted to thm an didn't want tht here in philly where im.frm everyones either abusing drugs or selling thmand its disgusting walking around like a pillhead my friend told me to.try one of her 8mg of suboxen i took half in te am and half in the pm and it wrkd wonders i didn't.feel high or hyper energized wasn't anything but normal with no pain unfrt i TrTrcant go to a dr not even sure.if i wld qualify so fr the past 21/2 mths i buy thm frm the junkys who still use i get 8mg tablets and take half in the am an half at nite and honestly it wrks fr me but i can't keep buying thm cuz tht makes me no better thn the ones buying percs or zannies off the st so hopefully i can figure something out as far as all the other medical shit bout subs idk just knw if ur willing and able to stop u can and suboxen if used the rite way can help fr some

    • profile image

      Donniebb231 6 years ago

      Sammy knows the real deal. It saves lives and gives you your life back.

    • profile image

      sammyjosabado 6 years ago

      I have been using suboxoe for over a year and when i am having a good day i don't take it. I have NEVER have withdrawls from subs... even after taking the full amount perscribed for days then not taking any for days.. I would use heroin once just once after not using for awhile and start withdrawing hours later!! this drug is AWESOME and without it id still be strung out and prolly not have my kids or family with me... I have never had any side affects form subs except sobriety... God bless and thank you for this drug it saved mine and my husbands lives!

    • profile image

      Donniebb231 6 years ago

      To reefpass. Just your user name alone makes me believe you are not interested in anyone's well being at all. To say it's 100x more potent than morphine is ludicrous. People like you do not help anyone looking for some assurance about this medication. If done correctly there will be minimal withdrawal symptoms. I was on suboxone for 2 years and basically you have to decide you wanna come off. When that happens you dose down from 2mg a day for 2 weeks. 1mg a day for 2 weeks. 1/2mg for 2 weeks. 1/4 Mg a day for 2 weeks. Then you are done. Any symptom you get can be handled with 2 Tylenol. It's nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be. Reefpass just wants to mess with people because he has nothing better to do. Just want to come off it and let a good doctor give you a solid plan. Hope this helps someone.

    • profile image

      ann903 6 years ago

      I've been addicted to pain pills for 4 years now. Typically I would take 10-15 blues or greens a day. Spending 300 0r 400 a month. I'm sure my liver is in pretty bad shape. Subs, do work!! I tryed them for the first time 6 months ago. But, being the drug abuser that I am ; I quit to get high again. Im ready to get my life back. I'm a mom,wife, and daughter. I need to get my shit straight!!

    • profile image

      StreetHealth 6 years ago

      At needscriptattuscon,

      Here in NY subs are 10 a pop on the street. As a dealer i can send you via Mail about 30-90 a month for a wholesale price of 5 a pop.

    • profile image

      needscriptntucson 6 years ago

      i need help finding a sub doctor in tucson az got hooked on heroine went to codac for methadone doses did not do well on methadone made me lethargic and want to sleep all day tried a couple 8mg subs lasted a whole week bought a couple more same thing almost weened myself off but $15 a pop on street can't afford it plus can't find anymore if a doctor could prescribe one maybe two 30-40 pill scripts i know that would be all i need to kick this horrible heroine habit don't know where to go can someone help! thanks.

    • profile image

      grim 6 years ago

      so i think i just sat here and read all of these post's i guess everyone's situation is different but for me i was taking 6 to 10 blues a day easy for 3 years and tried to stop cold turkey and shit is that the worst thing i'v ever done i think i lasted three days and wanted to shoot myself mentally i wanted to be done with this addiction but being sick SUCKS so i got subs on the street i bought 4 only took halfs for 6 days and the last two days took quarters i will say for me i think sub's are AMAZING i tried methadone stay away from that i can't believe they use methadone as a treatment you still with drawl even when you taper down PEOPLE IF YOUR READY TO STOP LOOK INTO SUBS....i'm done it's been almost three weeks with taking nothing at all and i'm keep people on them for to long in my opinion it should be a 30 day treatment max...

    • profile image

      amazing 6 years ago

      subs do the exact same thing for everyone. the reason for different opinions all come from that persons mindset. For people who say sub is amazing, sub changed my life,sub helps so much, are the ones who actually wanted to live a normal life, not get high and not eat pain meds anymore. for the people who are just chasing the high are the ones who say it sucks because their trying to use it the same way they would an OC. sub is not for getting high, its for making you feel normal. the ones saying sub does nothing are the same ones who are out for the high, not to feel normal. IF YOU WANT TO JUST FEEL NORMAL AGAIN, TO NOT CHASE THAT HIGH, THEN SUB IS FOR YOU. if your not ready to give up getting high, then don't get subs!!!!!

    • profile image

      sicklovedone 6 years ago

      Worriedsick...i just thought that i would suggest applying for govt funded insurance such as medicaid for the state you live in. My boyfriend has only been on methadone for a month and we have been paying on our own...its $84 a week here. Hoping that this is gonna show him that theres more to life than drugs and that he wont experience horrible side effects coming off of it. Good luck and god bless to you and your son...

    • profile image

      jay 6 years ago

      I'm on methadone now and it sucks i want off, the suboxone i think would be a lot easier than going to the clinic everyday, i was on suboxone and then my subscription ran out after about a year and coming off that lead me to a clinic, and the clinics don't want to give you suboxone because the methadone is easier for them, they are no different than going to the city, they are selling all of us drugs legally, what a joke, for the ones that what off for real the clinics don't help they just want to raise your dose, and coming off that is a bitch, so what do we do, I've been doing this 30 years were does it end besides death, i guess cold turkey but that's 3 weeks of hell being sick and all of you know that sick feeling,

      happy new years, I'm glad i got a take home today

    • profile image

      charlie shavargo 6 years ago

      Idk if I'd consider suboxone the replacement of "one drug for another." suboxone contains buprenorphine which is a partial agonist in itself along with naloxone which prevfrom being abused, even if it's only intravenously. heroin, or diacetylmorphine, is a full opiod agonist and has a much higher potential for diversion. there's actually an article on that predicted how many people would be addicted if suboxone adn methadone were made illegal, and the number they got was over 10x the amount of addicts there are now.

    • profile image

      kathy 6 years ago

      i was on a stupid amount of methadone 150 mg a day, i can't believe a clinic got me up that high, then when i found out I was pregnate at 39 I told the clinic I wanted to come off methadone. They told me I would lose the baby from the with draw. So they split my methadone doses as yes increased it to 170 mg a day. After the birth of my son i breast fed as directed and he was not affected as far as the drs could see. but i was arrested and put in jail on june 9 2009 2 hours after i dosed at the clinic. I sat there for 18 days, and yes I do know what it is like to want to die.The with draw was so bad and they do not care when you are locked up even if it is perscribed to you through my inner strength i made it till i got out 18 days later and was still very sick so I found a suboxin Dr. and got put on that 3 X a day. now I am down to a half of a film a day and the other half at night. I have been clean and free of opiates and have not even wanted one. I am a productive member of society, i get up every day and go to work, I have 2 children that I raise by myself and i am happy. My Dr told me not to rush my self to come completely off suboxin, he said sometimes it takes years to heal, after all i was on the methadone for only two years, but I abused pain killers for the better part of 20 years. So suboxin workes for me, but I have learned that in order for it to work for you you need to be ready to stop getting high. Quit looking for the "feeling" that opiates give you.Just settle for not being sick, then take step two and get back to enjoying your life, with draw is not only a physical but a mental heal as well. I have forgivin myself, and I am working on coming off completely, some days I forget to take it and I wake up the next day and I think wow I went all night and did not need it, so then I hold off till i start to feel bad. I am not saying this was easy for me, believe me when I say it was the hardest thing I have ever done, and I still cry when I think of being shut up in that little room with full blown with draw symptoms. But I fought, I fought my way through. and I am still fighting, but when I look back to see where I was and then I see where I am. I know suboxin was a helping hand. It is a drug you don't need to increase, your body does not get used to the amount you take. You can go on with your life and heal. HEAL. take it from me. I have been there

    • profile image

      Dr.Rich 6 years ago

      All of these reasons are true. Other reasons: the doctor has been burned before by a patient; the doctor does not adequately monitor suboxone treatment, the doctor finds dealing with drug dependent issues as more of a problem than it's worth. Use a suboxone directory such as to find alternative suboxone doctors in your area.

      If you want to find a suboxone doc

    • profile image

      wedemay 6 years ago

      9. You are not motivated to quit

      Patients who do not express a real desire to stop using opiates are not thought to be suitable candidates for take home Suboxone therapy.

      Aint that the truth, man, of course i'm going to wana get high fuck ! LOOK around you. . . jesus people are stupid. . . YOur killing the planet and worrying about drugs? Fuck me e e ! You got your prioraties all backwards here kids. I dont' care what your taking but get your ass into the streat not holding and your walk out ok. . . but do something ! Shit.

    • profile image

      meche68 6 years ago

      just in case someone reads this and have pain please ask your doctor to prescribe you suboxone in many cases your doc will not i don't know why, but whoever they are "YOU SUCK!!" I have CIDP Which is neuropathy of the nerves, it affects your feet, legs, hands, arms. Its a stinging, burning, prickling, stabbing, numbing. I will be in a wheelchair and a walker for the rest of my life, i just woke up with this disease. I have tried norco it did not help. The only way i could get subuxone 2mg / 0.5mg was to see a pain specialist. But with the treatment the doc makes me see their psychologist and their physical therapist. Now iam worried about having to get off subuxone if i have too? By the way you all are talking. Anyways iam so grateful that it is helping me, i suffered soooo much before. good luck and god bless.

    • saif113sb profile image

      saif113sb 6 years ago

      very very nice hub. thanks

    • profile image

      tsciencehill71 6 years ago from Kentucky

      I was diagnosed with a chronic illness when i was 22 and have been on pain pills ever since. I will be 40 this year and just entered into a suboxone program on friday... by saturday 3 am i was crawlin out of my skin. I took the sub the way it was prescribed. I was on my fourth day of withdrawals from oxys before i took the sub strip 8mg... at first i was ok but then... BAM my thoughts were all over the place, anxiety level thru the roof, insomnia, legs shaking, sweats, muscle spasms, ect...i haven't taken any more suboxone ... it has been 24 hrs now and the bad thoughts and anxiety are better... but i don't knw what to do... i don't know if the suboxone made it worse or if it was just the way it is...all i know is that i need help staying off the oxy's... and i don't knw rather or not to continue the subs... i am all jittery inside and scared of relapse ... any advice would be great... i have been on this internet all week ... the dr hasn't called back and the counselor i talked with said i needed to talk to the doc... ugh... NOT a good start in my recovery process... i have already tried the no narcotic pain management thing twice before and relapsed and i REALLY don't want that to happen again... thanks and god bless

    • profile image

      Danny 6 years ago

      I know everybody says suboxone is a miracle drug and i thought it was to.It might be in some curcumstances and used only for a short time then stopped.Im on day 30 of stopping subs and the withdraws are the worst ever.I could barely even pick my feet up to walk.i had explosive diarhea sick to my stomach.the depression was terrible.sneezing and runny nose that all lasted about 15 days without even letting up a bit.i was on them for 2 years so i know i abused them but most people that are reading this sadly will probably do the same.But now even this long into it i don't feel normal yet and the insomnia is off the charts not even xanax or pot can make you sleep my body is exhausted but my mind runs a thousand miles a minute.I am so tired but can't sleep its the craziest thing i ever gone threw.My suggestion and i hope it helps somebody is if your on percs or lori's do not get on suboxone.With that stuff the withdraws are bad for 7 to 10 days.but with subs its going to last a long long time.And if you can't handle those withdraws just imagine those withdraws 5 times longer.I can't wait until the day i feel normal again and i hope everybody can do the same.just be carefull with this drug because i took a loratab problem and turned it into a long drawn out nightmare that just wont go away.

    • profile image

      Danny 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Davia 6 years ago

      My husband has been on opioids for three years for a bad shoulder. He just had a second surgery. Now at eight weeks post-op he is going to start suboxone to help him get off the percocets. Supposedly MDs who get "waivers" to prescribe attest to having access for the patients to social services (counseling and recovery support). How many of you found this to be true? Helpful? Are any of you going to NA or other 12-step programs too? Thanks for any experiences you are willing to share.

    • profile image

      Andrew 6 years ago

      I've been on suboxone for about 3 years now. Put me in the "it's a miracle drug" group, because, for me at least, it was. I had gotten to the point where I was selling my music instruments(which was heartbreaking) to pay for my addiction...and eventually stealing from my family(which hurt even more). I needed help bad...and suboxone allowed me to wake up in the morning and not think "how will I score today?" That routine got soooo old. Eventually the high doesn't even feel good...the euphoria just reminds you how you're chasing a fake bandaid to cover up the pain the drug use itself is causing. Suboxone allowed me to, for the first time in years, focus on OTHER THINGS. That's a miracle to me. But....withdrawals from long term sub use are bad indeed. I tried jumping at around 2mg a day(after weening down from 8mg/day) and by day 5 I was ready to kill myself. I tried again, this time using a much longer weening time and weening down much much lower. By the end I was taking like 1/8th of 1mg! Barely a speck. I would dilute it in water and put it under my tongue. Even that amount was enough to hold me all day believe it or not. Then, when I jumped off...barely any withdrawals. I mean, I had cravings and felt overall just...bad...but nothing like before. I could get through this. Now, I'm back on them. I've come to realize that I simply cannot stay away from opiates without it. It's almost like once an opiate addict...always an opiate addict. Your brain will never forget what that high is like...and will chase after it all your life till it kills you, as it often does. Suboxone is a fucking godsend. It's expensive, yes...which is why I use way less than what I'm prescribed. This way, it lasts me much longer and I pay less in the long run. I'm now doing fine on a mere 2mg a day. 1/4 a pill. Some people probably do need more...but, after a while, you don't need that one does. Once you use subs to get over whatever your other addiction was, ween down to 2 or 4mg and stay there as long as you like. You'll be fine, it's easier to get off at that level, and you'll save a lot of money in the long run...and have plenty of pills stockpiled incase something happens.

      Good luck to anyone suffering in any way with addiction! It's funny...I almost feel like I got addicted as a form of karma. I never looked down on addicts before I was one...never...BUT, I did flippantly think "Why don't they just suck it up and get off it? Can't they see what it's doing to their life?" naïve of me. Well, now I get it. It's not so easy. Opiates are pow-er-ful. They control the human mind in ways that would shock someone who's opiate naïve. It's nothing you can simply walk away from on your own. You need HELP! In the form of suboxone and loved ones who understand. Don't give up! I was so so close to killing myself. Hell, I even tried it...and was sent to a 72 hour suicide watch at a mental clinic afterwards. And on top of that, I didn't have my pills in there so I began withdrawing bad...which only made me wish I had successfully killed myself. I couldn't even get that right. :P But, looking back...Im so so thankful I didn't accomplish that. I was ready to die. I had put myself and my family through SO much pain...I knew I was a burden to everyone and that my death would alleviate so much. If only I had known then about suboxone. It hurts my heart to hear about people who's lives are ruined or destroyed by addiction...and those who end their lives because of it. It doesn't need to be that way. :/ Sad stuff...

    • profile image

      heyyou. 6 years ago

      been on suboxone for over 2 years now & it works great. i have not used any opiates since starting on it. i am a nursing student & will graduate as a Registered Nurse next may..i hope i can taper down & wean myself off before that time comes. i have heard withdrawals are hell..especially after being on them for 2+ years.i only take one 8mg tab per day but ive been told that it still will not be good since being on them so long. i wish everyone luck in their recovery!!

      --by the way..ive never had any bad side effects like jstkel was saying! i actually have lost weight & quit taking my antidepressant that i was on for 4 years because i felt normal again.

    • profile image

      jstkel 6 years ago

      I'm new to this forum. Hello everyone. I am one of the "sub" patients that has not done very well at all on Suboxone and am actually in the process of getting off of it. I just got a new doc and will see him again on Monday. I've given this a good 6 month try and for whatever reasons I have just not adapted. The side effects are just not worth it. My opinion is that my hat is off to all that it works for and it works for a lot of folks. There are the pitfalls though. Nausea, Headaches, depression, no energy, personality and mood changes, weight gain. That's been my story. I did try though. I wish it would have been better because now I am back to square one, however it is better than how I've been feeling I suppose. Anyway that is the short version and I will wait to see how this all flows. Good Luck wherever you all are in recovery

    • lambservant profile image

      Lori Colbo 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      This was a very informative hub. Am sponsoring a suboxone user and didn't know much about it. Thank you.

    • profile image

      worriedsick 7 years ago

      I have heard that suboxone is the mirical cure also but im finding out only for the people that have insurance or have a lot of money. everywhere ive called for my son is minimum 750.00 a month no including the suboxone that is sold seprate.What is a 19 year old or 20 year old to do they can't pay for it so they go right back the the drugs that they are begging to get off of. makes me so sick to think that there ar so many people that have been doing oxycontin f just a few year that want help can't get it because of money.

    • reefpass profile image

      reefpass 7 years ago from Boston

      To Taylor:

      I apologize for my exaggeration of Suboxone being 100X as potent as Morphine but Buprenorphine is approximately twenty-five to forty times as potent as morphine. Not apples and oranges. I.V via ampules is much cleaner and requires much lower doses. My 1st Bup. prescription was for 0.3 Ampules. Didn't mean to suggest everybody should be shooting up. But for some this ROA works best

    • profile image

      Rachel 7 years ago

      Ive been taking opiate pain meds for years. I too found myself feeling like I was in a hopeless situation I didn't know how to get out of. One morning I woke up and thought to myself something has to change!! I just couldn't do it anymore. The drs wanted to put me on methadone and that scared me. I got on Suboxone and the dr classified me as a heavy user and prescribed me 3 8mg pills a day. I started to realize immediately that the withdrawl from the opiates was more in my head then anything. I waited for 12hrs after I woke up to take my first dose of Suboxone. The withdrawls weren't coming and I wasn't really sure why. Im seriously not lying to you when I tell you that just having the suboxone in my presence helps me A lot! MIND OVER MATTER! Weird I know. I never took the Suboxone like I was suppose to. For some reason I can take one pill and cut it into 6 pieces. I take one piece of it a day if that. I have absolutely NO WILLPOWER!! But just this little piece of suboxone a day helps me. When I say I was a heavy user of opiates I mean, 40mgs of Norco at a time 3-4 times a day, so basically 16 or more 10mg Vicoden a day. This medication truly works. And Im starting to get the belief that if a doctor can give you pain meds to get thru a trama they should HAVE to be able to prescribe Suboxone! Good Luck to every! =))

    • profile image

      drea 7 years ago

      I've been taking pain meds for over3 years. I was in a very bad car accident and narcotics are the only thing that help I wanted off the narcotics and went on Suboxome. It was a miracle. I had little pain, as with the narcotics, but I had no craving for more Suboxome, unlike narcotics, where I want to take more and more. I was on Suboxome, dosing down on the third month, feeling great and hopeful, when the Dr, couldn't see me anymore due to my disability coming through. The Doc. gave m a months supply and told me to find another Dic. He also gave me some names. Well I decided to dose off of the Suboxome, since I was doing so great.Didn't make an appointment with another Dr. and weaned myself off suboxme, by the months end with no withdrawl at all. Of course, craving kicked back in and within a month I was on Narcotics again. I'm finding a new Suboxome Dr. today and will go back on Suboxome. It's a miracle to me. I never once abused that pill, never wanted to. Actually easy to use less and less and worked on my pain. I hate pain meds. I also slept like a baby and stopped having panic attacks. For me, Suboxome is the answer. To think I used to hate to take a pain pill, just shows how highly addictive pain meds are.

    • profile image

      peregrinefalcon 7 years ago

      The problem with Suboxone is what I have always said. It is very difficult to come off of this drug and I proposed this years ago before the medical community did. As with Methadone, Suboxone has a long half life and the withdrawals last weeks. With both these drugs, to successfully come off of them, one would need to be in a hospital setting and go back on the short term opiates (oxy,hydro,morphine,diluadid,heroin,etc...) while making the tre transition of coming off suboxone. Then when the w/d from these drugs hit, they are only 3-4 days, then they can give you Ativan until you stabilize, then release you. I proposed this when I was on methadone before I went on suboxone and I was laughed at, but it makes perfect sense. i recently fractured my elbow and had to have plates, and screws, etc. so for in order for the oxy they were going to hive me to work, I had to go off off sub for 7 days, I think I made it 5. Suboxone has a long tailed or protracted post acute withdrawal symptoms just like methadone. Just a thought.

    • profile image

      Lovinlife 7 years ago

      There are so many different storys about drug use, who takes more, who slamms it, ect.... Bottom line is we are all drug addicts. If you can't go thru the day without depending on something to get you high your a drug addict. Everyone has an opinion about suboxone and everyone is right. It works for some and doesn't work for others. I thank my lucky stars everyday that it had worked for me. Without it I would be dead. I lied, decieved family and friends. Betrayed myself and my husband. I didn't care if I lost everything.......besides my husband and that's why I made the change. I feel better than I have in years, but that's just me. I can work, go to school, even go to the grocery store now. I'm so busy but yet my days have so much more time in then cuz I'm not looking and wondering where I'm goona get my next high. I feel blessed by suboxone, it worked for me but I know it doesn't for all. I wish for the best for everyone who is batteling this horific disease.

    • profile image

      Jamie 7 years ago

      I have never used any drug in an I.v besides in the hospital. I take around 10 Hyrdocone 10 mg a day.. and its realy hard for me to get off of them. Im realy wanting to try suboxone because this erotic behavior is ruining my life. I havr tried many times to get off the meds, But I relapse everytime because I get so sick it hurt so bad. I feel worthless, Pathetic, and trashy because of how many pills ive taken and can't stop on my own... I have had 4 brain surgies trying to cure the anyerism that i have. I will have atleast to more surgies in the next years.. The anyerism is located underneath my brain, so going through the skull is out of the question. They have to go through the main attery in my groin area, run a scope through my body and enter metal coils into the anyerism.. Im kinda scared to go to a suboxone treatment center, because Of the fact that I will be needing pain medicine down the line, and I wont be able to get it because of my dependency. Dear lord, what shall i do? I am ever so confused.. I need help, that's the only thing Im sure of....

      -- Jamie H.

    • profile image

      casey113 7 years ago

      ten perks is not a fair amount of opiates for some opiate addicts to really compare too. actually ten perks yes ten perks yeah i said ten is pretty low that's probably why you never got sick after ten years ya ten. after using heroin i.v. daily for four years i have found that suboxone has given me an alternative to be able to live a joyful life.

    • profile image

      phila guy 7 years ago

      I took perks for over 10 years yes over 10 years ten a day that is right ten a day I got tired of this bull shit depending on these stupid things I called a suboxone doctor and went to see him now I have been off for over seven months and have no cravings this is the best to get you off PERKS the best go get help trust me you will be so happy that you did I heard horror stories about if I stopped taking them I would be so sick I do not think so never got sick or never withdrew I have three kids and a wife and woke up one day and said to my self I am going to stop these things and I went so see a doctor and I was done the best thing I ever did in my life I had a lot of mood changes when I was taking Perks not any more thanks to all the people that wrote stories I read them and changed my life.

    • profile image

      A jrsygirl 7 years ago

      Been on it for 4yrs haven't touched another opiate!

    • profile image

      Liv52 7 years ago

      Thank you for the very informative post.What is your opinion on liver treament with alternative medicines.I found some case studies on himalaya liv52. Liv52 – A Blend of proven herbs with antioxidant properties ensures optimum liver function through the protection of the hepatic parenchyma. Liv-52 neutralizes all kind of toxins and poisons from food, water, air and medications, the detoxification process cleans and protect the liver.

    • profile image

      anymouse 7 years ago

      perhaps it's best to talk about dosage and how long on the stuff when talking about withdrawals...

      People that take it for a week at minimum dosaged tend not to have withdrawals. These are the one's touting miracle drug and to them I'm sure it is.

      enough failed attempts at that and it can build in your system and you may have lost that option.

      the ones with severe from hell withdrawals tend to be the ones taking 3 8mg's a day for months

      these are the ones that get caught up in the lies, doctors won't believe you cuz no one will admit to this little bit of information.

      Suboxone is a mega strong opiate WITH a not quite as strong opiate blocker... this is why people say it's like oxy 100x.

      without the blocker, I'm sure MUCH smaller doses could be useful, but with the blocker you're taking on extremely high doses that you're body does not just doesn't feel them. When withdrawal time comes around you feel them then.

      If you feel the need to take suboxone, take a MINIMAL dose and get off it as soon as possible. This is not the kind of thing you want to let drag on. Save your dollars, save your ass.

    • profile image

      anymouse 7 years ago

      yeah- I find most fail to mention the intense and drawnout withdrawals from suboxone. There's the whole 'methadone is worse' that I say, Vicodin is better. Suboxones withdrawals take so long is their real problem and a lot of people end up using other opiates just to make it through the process. It's risky. It can buy you time, but it's risky.

      It just sucks cuz it seems doctors aren't too keen on affording many options. But from what I hear, Suboxone is being phased out. Los Angeles, I know it's like ancient history and hardly any of the pharmacies even carry it anymore.

      I loved it too, thought it was a miracle drug and all- -until it was time to go off it-

      talk to anyone that's done it...if it wasn't hell, take THEIR advice.

    • profile image

      JohnnieK 8 years ago

      I went on Suboxone in a rehab to get off of Methadone.

      It gave me flexibility to travel. I thought it was best thing since sliced bread came out. Uhh miracle drug yeah

      I mixed it with alcohol and other drugs.

      Then my Dr. gave me the axe from a hot urine.

      Withdrawl was bad

      I got reckless with iv drug use and now

      I have hepatitis c with cirrohsis.

    • profile image

      addictgirl 8 years ago

      I am also on Suboxone, guys , guys , guys,, omg, a lot of people say this is a horrible drug, that's such bullshit, this is a myrical drug, who cares if it takes a month to get to feel back to normal on regular opiotes or heroin how long does it take to feel back to normal?? YEARS it takes YEARS for some people! And also if you ween off of suboxone like a normal person is suppose to, you are not gnna be experiencing much withdrawl symptoms at all. I strongly recommend SUBOXONE, for anyone who is trying to get off of opiotes and have a great lyfe. Suboxone if it altered your mind, I don't think that a person such as myself would be able to study on the right things that a person is suppose to do in lyfe such as a 12 step program, I hold a job, I take care of my two beautiful children, I don't crave any drugs, I don't wanna go out and do stupid shit to get drugs , GUYS I LOVE IT , I actually think that God sent this drug to all of us addicts that are on it to help us out!!! And people if you are looking for help this is the perfect drug to help you , and then layter on down the road if you wanna quit it , taper yourself off and you will be fine, DO NOT LET PEOPLE SCARE YOU OFF FROM SUBOXONE, GOD BLESS EVERYONE

    • profile image

      kelly 8 years ago

      suboxone has helped many of our clients stay around long enough to build a clean and sober network.

    • profile image

      Taylor 8 years ago

      Suboxone isn't approved for use in pregnant women, but Subutex is. Subutex is Suboxone w/o the nalaxone. I've read plenty of women reporting very good results from using Subutex, that their babies were born healthy and w/o withdrawals.

      By the way to say that Suboxone is 100X potent as morphine is misleading, they are different since Suboxone is a partial agonist. I don't know how to explain the scientific details, but really it's comparing apples and oranges, if it was 100X as strong as morphine, you would barely have to take a crumb of Suboxone, it's a misleading fallacy.

      I don't know why in the world reefpass says it would be better to prescribe it as an injectable. Part of the ease of use for Suboxone is that you can get a prescription and take it at home. A lot of us were never I.V. users and would not be able to inject medication. Nor would injecting it be good for I.V. drug users since it would reinforce addictive behaviors of injecting a substance.

      I had a very successful experience with Suboxone and tapered off at a slow rate with little, next to no withdraals. Really quite painless other then being scared b/c of some of the crazy stuff I read online.

    • reefpass profile image

      reefpass 8 years ago from Boston

      Subutex is Suboxone minus the nalaxone which is added into Suboxone supposedly to deter I.V use. However as anybody who has really studied up on this the nalaxone myth is a lie. Bupreneporphine(Suboxone) is 100X as potent as morphine the bupe. reaches your opiate receptors long before the nalaxone even gets out of the gate. Don't beleive everyhting you read or hear especially from Doctors. If they really cared they would only prescribe pure Bupreneporphine I.V. which many studies have proven the safest and most effective method

      Recovered and Thanking my nstars

    • profile image

      Phillip Hunter 8 years ago

      Soboxone has saved my life from high doses of opiates. I have hardware in my back and fusion from l-1 to T-12 and it works for my cronic pain and is the only med I don't take more than perscibed. After 7 months of treatment I only take it as needed for back pain . I can take 3 aday but if I fell I don't need it I don't take it . I also has kept me from relapseing back to other opiates. I hope this gets more doctors to prescibe it for pain. It works

    • profile image

      marker 8 years ago

      Subs are a wicked ride to jump off. We have been provided with another substitute for what ever opiate we were taking and not till you go to jump off this stuff do you find out just how bad this crap is. This should not be an option that is marketed as some sort of cure for opiate addiction. It is however a means to control addicts, therefore they push the heck out of this crap. We don't even know the long term effects of this crap and the longer you stay on it, the longer it takes to get off. In many cases it is a month or more to feel normal again after stopping, depending on the dosage taken. Look don't just take my word for it here is a website filled with horror stories about getting off suboxone.

      So, before you do make an informed decision and know this is no magic pill.

    • profile image

      Logan 8 years ago

      it blows my mind that methadone is approved for pregnant women and suboxone is not...that is CRAZY.

    • profile image

      david 8 years ago

      after 30 odd years of prisons,jails,treatment centers and other attempts at recovery at long last something that works.god bless all of you.

    • profile image

      allen 8 years ago

      suboxone saved my life. I was on methadone for 2years and wanted to die. I went 10 days cold turkey trying to quit and the withdraws were so bad i started back after 10 days. methadone is the devil. suboxone rules


    • profile image

      Wade 8 years ago

      Too bad theres not more doctors that can prescribe suboxone, I use it for off label use for pain and now cannot find a doctor too prescribe, so I am forced to buy it on the street. If doctors looked at things thru the patients eyes, rather than thru eyes of their education their would be less addiction. How can someone think they understand something they have never felt in their own body? It is like a man saying he knows how menstural cramps feel? ignorance sucks!!!

    • madellen profile image

      madellen 9 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      I've just linked to this page although I don't really know what that means. Hopefully someone can find this article from somewhere on my site. When I start my blog, can I add the URL for some of your articles?