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8 Secrets to Ignite Motivation for Writing - Part 2

Updated on July 24, 2020
Arnaba Saha profile image

Arnaba is a self- motivated person who likes to seek, find and share various ways to stay motivated, optimistic, and pragmatic.


Motivation is the desire that drives you to do something that will change your life.

If you are reading this article then it is pretty clear you are seeking some motivation to write again or for the first time.

As you can see this is the second installment of the same series- finding motivation for the freelance writers.

Here you will learn ways that will help you find your writing motivation that will last as long as you want.

Without any adieu, let us hop into the 8 secrets to ignite motivation for writing- part 2.

1. Tweak Direction of Your Thoughts

Sometimes working on the same project for a long time can make your writing experience dull and boring. This leads to a stagnation-period that is harmful for your creativity and motivation. Try switching some other projects for a while. Take a small writing project that will help your mind digress from your current one.

If you are stuck with your novel then write a short story. If you are stall with your blog then collaborate with others and work on a guest post. You can try writing creative anecdotes on social media to allow your brain a short break.

At times, your mind needs these small breaks to turn its focus something else to be able to perform better.

2. Join a Writing Group

Sometimes, writing for yourself or alone is not enough to evoke motivation. Join a writing group where you will meet with other writers or even better collaborate with them on some projects. Environment and company are two factors that can make or break a person. Choose the writing groups wisely or you will end up in a negative or demotivating group of bitter people.

You can join NaNoWriMo- National November Writing Month; where people around the globe commit to writing 50,000 words in the month of November.

3. Join a Writing Course

You can join an online writing course. Being a professional or just a beginner, learning is a constant process and with the right coach, you will find your motivation to write again in no time. Make sure your coach offers live assistance and not just PDF’s and video course materials. After all, you are not just learning how to write, you are searching for motivation to write for yourself.

Rajinder Soni is one such coach from India who has created many courses on writing online and generates income through it ( His motivational words are hard to ignore. The best part is he is always just a call away or text away when you need his assistance. Wherever in doubt about any aspect of writing, he is there to drag you out of your pity of negativity, de-motivation, and self-doubt with a positive approach towards writing and life.

4. Try Writing Prompts

One of the most interesting and fun ways to find motivation is to seek writing prompts that grab your attention. Or just randomly pick one writing prompts and start writing a short story, poem, or a blog post.

Inspiration lies everywhere, it is in every aspect of your life. All you have to do is see and pounce on them.

Your writing prompts might be hiding somewhere in a casual incident that happened to you or in front of you earlier that day. It might be present in a book, newspaper or magazine you read.

5. Change Your Workspace

Just the way repetition can help you form a habit, repetitive habits can turn into a rut. When you find yourself in a writing rut then its high time you seek some change. You don’t have to change your habits just sprinkle some newness.

Bring some modifications to your workspace. Or change your workspace for a while. Go to your nearest library, coffee shop, or park to write. you never know, watching passing by, observing there behaviors and gestures, or some incident can trigger the motivation you are searching for.

6. Read

Reading is the most cliche suggestion you will find in any motivation related article but the fact is, it is the best resort while seeking motivation. You can pick something to read related to your writing. It will help you expand your knowledge might help get out of your rut.

On the contrary, you can pick something absolutely different. Sometimes keeping your head off of your project and engaging with something very different helps you relax. It also helps you find perspective on certain things that you were unaware of until the moment.

7. Reward Yourself

The rewards system reinforces habits and motivates us to work harder when used effectively. If you reward yourself with a 15-minute video game break after writing for 1 hr straight or after completion of 800 words, then your brain will redirect you to stay focused on your writing to help you enjoy the reward.

This reward system will help you stay motivated (through a little bribe) on your writing. It will make your writing session more pleasurable in the hope of being rewarded at the end of it.

8. Remember Why You Started Writing

Always redirect your thoughts in the reason why you started writing in the first place. If you are writing a book, then try to remember the one idea that ignited your soul and compelled you to start writing it. If you are a blogger, then try to refocus your mind on the thought that gave birth to your blog.

The reason that got you started must be strong enough to push you to start. Why not seek motivation from that idea or thought again? Treat that idea as your guiding star. Till the time you can find your guiding star, you will never be able to get lost even if you want to. Though, the most fact remains to be your belief in the idea. If you still believe it then you still have it.


Sometimes monotony and lack of focus are enough to make you feel lost and demotivated. You need to find ways that will help you break the monotony and help you focus on things that matter most.

Meeting new people and collaborating with them will inspire you to write again. A good company is always good for your mood and motivation. They will drag you out of your monotony and ignite the flame of ideas that had been buried deep in your mind.

Remember, these tips and tricks will only help you to find motivation. However, if you don’t act upon this advice regularly then you will lose it again. Motivation comes from within. You have to keep working to stay motivated. You have to change your outlook. Others can spoon-feed you but you are the one who has to gulp it down. No matter, how much others help you find motivation, you have to be the last person that will make you do the required things.

So don’t wait for others to help you. Help yourself and you will find others helping you as well.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Arnaba Saha


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