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8 Secrets to Ignite Your Motivation for Writing - Part 1

Updated on July 20, 2020
Arnaba Saha profile image

Arnaba is a self- motivated person who likes to seek, find and share various ways to stay motivated, optimistic, and pragmatic.


It is more common than often for freelance writers or writers in general to feel a lack of motivation for writing. Usually, you proficiently complete your work for clients or companies you work for. However, you fail to finish off your work on time. Be it writing a blog, article, book, or an e-book; you feel demotivated to work for your own projects after all-day work.

The most frustrating aspect of writing is not being able to write at all. You sit in front of your computer/laptop, stare at the blank screen until you finally give up. You keep waiting for the inspiration to strike you meanwhile losing your motivation to write at all.

To fix this problem you can start by focusing on gathering motivation and inspiration will follow. Once you are in the flow of writing, your muse will follow you in the writing journey. One the contrary, if you keep wasting time on the quest for your muse, you will be left demotivated and creatively bankrupt.

So, let us discuss some important habits and tricks that will help you find and retain your motivation for writing:

1. Set Strict Writing Goals

Goal setting is the most powerful way to focus on writing. You might feel intimidated to write a 200-page book of around 65000 words. The thought of reaching such a milestone is overwhelming. But setting small, reasonable goals will help you achieve them effectively. These reasonable goals are easier to manage and lesser are the chances of you missing them.

Some days, even after achieving your daily goal, you might feel you can write more. Then don’t stop! Continue till you have it in you. Be it just 100 more words, don’t stop, and keep writing. Remember anything is better than nothing. Moreover, you will be ahead of your target.

2. Set and Respect Deadlines

Deadlines are the best motivators in the world. Remember the night before your exams or assignment submission? That was the night when you would push your limits like never before. At times, you would finish off the entire assignment the night before and manage to avoid your teachers’ wrath. You would read all the crucial chapters for your examination in one night and manage to secure decent grades.

Deadlines activate our mind's hidden potential and compel us to complete our work within a limited time frame. Use that hidden power in you and try to redirect it in your writing practices.

3. Avoid Editing While Writing

Focus on one thing at a time. While writing your blog post or story, focus on penning it down. Don’t stop to edit each paragraph, line, or word. Concentrate on giving words to your ideas and thoughts. Once you find the momentum to write, don’t lose it on editing. Editing is a separate process, which requires your complete attention later.

4. Find the Perfect Writing Space

Human beings are creatures of habit. You repeat the practice of doing one thing regularly and it becomes a habit. Creating a perfect workspace dedicated to writing and working there every day will make it a habit for you.

Once you are habituated with writing and writing alone in your workspace, you will find your brain automatically thinking about writing, once you are in your seat. You will automatically feel motivated to write because your brain will start nudging you to do that.

5. Enjoy the Journey, Destination is Just the End

The thought of completing an entire book or creating a blog can be overwhelming. Therefore, try to focus on your present-day target. Enjoy the process of writing every part of your book and don’t just wait to get done the last page of it. Remember once the book is complete, you will never be able to come back and enjoy writing it.

You can enjoy reading your own book only if you enjoyed the writing process. All the ideas that drove you to your story will become part of your memory about the book. And this theory can be associated with every form of writing; essay, blogs, articles, poem, short story, or your research paper.

Thus, focus on the journey and you will realize your journey is after all the destination.

6. Set a Time Routine for Writing

Again, focus on reinforcing writing as your habit. Therefore, schedule time for writing every day. Try to schedule your writing at a specific time of the day. This will help you to groove into the mood of writing. Think of it as an important appointment, which you cannot miss in any circumstance.

Write every day at the same time and make it a habit. Even if you are not working on a book or long-form writing, write a short story, short blog, or an anecdote every day to stick to your habit.

7. Change Your Thought Process

No one can motivate you unless you are ready to get motivated. No matter how many books you read or videos you watch on motivation it will go in a waste bin until you decide to act upon the advice. You have to strengthen your will power. You have to change your thought process, attitude, and lifestyle to be able to write a bestseller.

Remember, to be able to write a bestseller or viral content you have to be the best of you first. Motivation comes from within, therefore, you have to change your thought process to find your self- motivation to change your life.

8. Stop Procrastination

If you live in tomorrow, then remember, tomorrow never comes. Your tomorrow is nothing but the reflection of your today. Your actions today will shape your tomorrow. So if you procrastinate your writing for tomorrow then you will never be able to complete your book, blog, or anything as a matter of fact.

Start fulfilling your commitments today to enjoy its benefit tomorrow. Stick to your deadline, reach your daily targets, and respect your commitments. If you will not value your words or promise then who will?


Your book won't get written by itself unless you take the action to write it.

Your blog would not grow unless you start writing and publishing blogs regularly.

Your articles won't get approved and published in magazines, newspapers, or online portal unless you write and compose your articles.

Therefore, take the action to today. You have to consciously make the decision and execute your plans for writing today. And don’t wait for tomorrow. Start writing today.

Create a schedule for writing and stick to it for at least a month. Make it a habit to write daily without a miss and you will realize that your work is progressing.

Within a month, you will see you are halfway to the completion of your book.

Within a month, you will have at least 30 blogs on your website.

Within a month, you will be close to your goals.

And that is what matters at the end- your conviction to bring change in your life. Seek motivation from others, create plans, execute them, and notice the change seeping into your life.

What are you waiting for? Go, start writing today!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Arnaba Saha


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