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8 Simple Hacks to Speed Up Weight Loss

Updated on December 6, 2016

Are you trying your level best to lose weight but can barely do a kilo each week? The best way to lose weight is to increase your physical activity level. If you can't lose this minimal amount of weight per week, take a look at the suggestions here:

1. Control your portions: If you're determined to lose weight, you should stress on the amount you eat in each serving. Portion control is the way to go, if you want to use weight quickly and in a healthy way! Find out what a healthy portion for you weight is and stick to that. Also, eat a few small meals every day, rather than three large ones. An apple or a small tub of yogurt are good examples.


2. Cut out fatty foods from your diet: Sugary and fatty foods are the enemies of your weight loss plan. So, no cookies or donuts and gourmet coffee. If you like to snack on something, reach out of popcorn or a couple of cups of grapes or one large tomato.


3. Don't skip breakfast:A good breakfast is a good start to the day. Not only does it keep you mentally active but it keeps you going for the rest of the day. As tempted as you may be, you should never skip breakfast in an attempt to lose weight. A good wholesome breakfast will in fact helpenhance your performance. It also prevents you from binging post-lunch. Besides, you needn't eat a huge breakfast--just an energy bar and a glass of milk are enough to get you going.


4. Go out with positive people and those with self-control: Negative people can have a negative influence on your thinking and your waistline, particularly if they criticize your appearance. According to a study, women who heard positive words about their bodies lost more weight.

People who accept the way you look now are the ones you should hang on to, particularly if they have self-control with food. You may be influenced by your peers' eating habits, so if your friends have control over their eating, go out for a meal with them.


5. Don't eat out of a bag, but a plate: And while you're getting a plate out of the cupboard, make it a small one. A small plate will show up your portion as a big one, tricking you into believing you're eating a lot. It's also believed that eating out of a blue plate means you end up eating less. The formula is that the color of your plate shouldn't match that of your food, if your aim is weight loss.


6. Give up drinking soda: Give up drinking soda completely because they come with a slew of problems, such as diabetes and obesity. Instead, drink as much water as you want and be healthy.


7. Exercise on your doctor's advice: Before you launch into any form of exercise, speak to your doctor. Exercise is the best way to speed up your weight loss, but if you're between 45 and 55 years, sedentary or with health complications, you need to ask for your doctor's advice before you hit the gym.

Once you decide on exercise, choose to go with cardiovascular exercise that can get your heart pumping and break into a sweat. About 30 minutes of exercise five days a week would be good for you. Walking, jogging, rowing, dancing and cycling are all good ways of doing cardio exercise. You can also learn Surya Namaskara- one of the most touted forms of yoga that will not just help you lose belly fat, but also improve your general health and boost your moods greatly!


8. Sit and eat, don't stand: Take your food in a plate and sit down at the dining table to eat. Don't eat while standing near the kitchen counter. This will get rid of your mindless eating habit because you will be eating consciously and at a much slower pace.


Once you make these steps part of your daily life, you can't but lose all the weight you need to.


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