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6 Tips For The Perfect Summer Body

Updated on May 27, 2015

6 Tips To Get Your Summer Body

It is important to remember that every body is different and every approach to how one should work out should be gone about differently as well. However, in terms of kick-starting your summer body and giving yourself some basic guidelines to follow to attain that perfect summer bod, you have to look no further!

1.) Workout at least 4 times a week. I go into detail about this later on, but swim workouts require the least amount of time for the best results so give that a try!

2.) DRINK WATER. Drink at least 8- 8 ounce glasses of water per day. This can help your metabolism, and also your skin which is essential to showing off your new summer bod! Try to start the day with a big glass of water; by doing this you are helping your digestive system each day to a good start.

3.) Smoothies. Drinking at least 1 smoothie a day will help control your cravings as well as give your body the nutrients it needs to be as healthy and as fit as possible!

4.) Take the stairs. This is such a simple, yet overlooked step that can really help you firm those glutes without having to even go to the gym.

5.) Do an ab workout while watching T.V. You can just do a bridge while watching television and won’t even notice that you are working out your core and glutes in the process because it is so simple.

6.) Try lifting some weights rather than focusing on just cardio. While cardio is great for your health, it does not completely help with toning in all the right places. Lifting weights helps build muscle which will help you burn more calories when you do cardio as well.

Quickest Way to Get Fit

I was a Division 1 athlete all four years of my college experience, so I never really thought twice about worrying about what I looked like because I was essentially being paid to work out and be in shape.

However, this is not an option that I was going to have for my entire life and I was very aware of that and had to quickly learn simple ways to keep my toned and healthy body.

An Important thing to remember when trying to obtain or maintain a healthy summer body is overall fitness.

The MOST important tip I can give to anyone trying to tone up or lose weight is to ditch the obsession with the stationary bike or treadmill at the gym and try something that you may have originally shied away from...swim work outs.

While that may scare many of you initially, swim workouts scientifically are just a more efficient and effective way to burn calories and have not only an amazing stomach, but your butt, legs, shoulders, and hips will be better than ever as well!

Women’s Health Magazine has even stated that by doing an easy swim workout for an hour you can burn around 500 calories, and a more intense swim workout on average can burn around 700 calories an hour! The fact of the matter is that swimming is 800 times denser than air, and because of such, every push, pull, or kick you do however tedious it may be is burning calories for you! You can see why swimmers are considered some of the fittest and most attractive athletes in the world!

Here is the link to the Women’s Health Magazine article about the benefits of swim workouts:

If you have previously avoided workouts due to medical issues, swim workouts are the perfect thing for you since it is so easy on your joints and other problematic areas of the body.

A simple swim workout to help get you started is below: (measurements are in yards)

8 x 50 Freestyle 10 seconds rest in between

4 x 100 Breaststroke 10 seconds rest in between

2 x 200 Freestyle 15 seconds rest

4 x 50 Choice Kick (Use either a kickboard or arms extended together out in front of you)

If you want to give yourself an extra leg workout try treading water for a while and if you feel advanced enough, put your arms out of the water for increments of 10 seconds at a time with minimal rest in between.


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