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At 8 Weeks Pregnant - What To Expect

Updated on August 21, 2011

8 weeks pregnant and wondering what happens next or what stage you and your growing baby have now reached - in terms of fetal development and how you should be feeling? Or maybe you've just discovered you're newly pregnant. Either way, it's nice to know what's happening to you and baby.

8 Weeks Gestation

Come on or around 8 weeks gestation, you should be feeling quite well - unless you continue to suffer from morning sickness. Or maybe you’ve just started to suffer from nausea. Providing you are still able to eat regularly, maintain or gain weight, you should absolutely fine. However, if you’re losing weight, vomiting excessively and generally feel unwell, consult your medical practitioner as there are ways of combating morning sickness.

You may be feeling a little anxious about your pregnancy and this is normal, whether it’s your first baby or not. Emotionally, you may still feel a little unbalanced but as with the 6 week stage, you are at the mercy of your hormone levels and again – this is typical of pregnancy.

8 Weeks Pregnant

If you feel quite blue, overanxious and recognize this, talk to your partner, a friend or your medical professional, as a means of making sure that you’re not suffering from depression.

If your breasts haven’t already begun to swell in size, they may start to do so around now. You may also notice a dark line appearing, which runs vertically from your navel to your pubic hairline. This is what’s known as a linea negra and many women discover that they develop this line. It’s perfectly safe and nothing to worry about. Just another part of being pregnant, which will recede after your baby is born.

Fetal Development

8 Weeks Gestation

At 8 weeks pregnant, you may now feel a little bigger around your midsection. This is because your baby will now be around 16mm in length – about the size of your thumbnail. His ears are beginning to form properly and small curves appear on his arms and legs, where the hands and feet will join and form.

His nerves and muscles begin to work and eyelids are formed – as are the sex organs. His organs are beginning to function and his brain has increased in size. Even better, your baby has now reached the stage whereby he’s officially recognized as a fetus.

8 Weeks Pregnant - In General

As with your pregnancy, your baby is unique and some develop a little faster, others a little slower. So saying that not all developmental signs will be present in ever single 8 week fetus. However – providing you are well and taking good care of yourself, just enjoy your pregnancy and remember to take good care of both of you.



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    • mojefballa profile image

      Ikeji Chinweuba 6 years ago from Nigeria

      Nice info,thanks for sharing.

    • frogdropping profile image

      Andria 8 years ago

      A.M. - hey :) And thankyou! Yes, they will keep coming. I didn't envision writing as I have but I fell into a blow-by-blow account. I wrote the original one, the signs of being pregnant - and it carried on.

      I guess I'm now committed to the whole nine months :)

    • profile image

      A.M. Gwynn 8 years ago

      These are such fabulous little nuggets! Great idea Frogdropping... keeping them coming I suppose? :0)