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9 Simple Methods to Deal with Insomnia Naturally Without Medication

Updated on March 16, 2019
flavia mukyala profile image

Flavia is a passionate freelance writer, blogger and copywriter obsessed with personal health and self-help.

Is it possible to deal with insomnia naturally?

Many people struggle with insomnia today. Sadly, only a few know that it is possible to deal with it naturally without any single dose of medication.

Most of them confess to actually being sick and tired of:

a) Taking endless medication to heal insomnia

b) Spending a lot of bucks on these medications

If you are among this category of people, please read on and find out the many simple methods you can use to get rid of insomnia for good without medication.

All these methods just need simple lifestyle adjustments.

Here they are:

1. Creating a conducive atmosphere for sleep

Let your bedroom be as quiet as possible. A quiet environment helps your body and mind to relax making it very easy to fall asleep. Turn off any distraction like loud music or television.

2. Sleeping in a comfortable bed

A comfortable bed offers great peace of mind for the body. And once the body is at peace with the mind, sleep will come naturally. Remember, a comfortable bed does not only consist of a comfy mattress but also of clean bedding.

3. Staying away from caffeine-drinks especially before bed-time

Caffeine or caffeine drinks contain a substance that directly affects sleep. Therefore, it is not a great idea to consume them before bedtime because they will affect your sleep hormones. Substitute them with caffeine-free drinks like green tea or milk.

4. Creating a list of all the things to do the following day

This helps in keeping bedtime strictly bedtime. Creating a list before bedtime saves you from falling into the trap of lying awake in bed for hours trying to figure out all the errands supposed to be done tomorrow.

5. Not eating or drinking too much before bed-time

Overeating can lead to serious indigestion problems that can affect sleep severely. Too much drinking equally disturbs sleep even though it does not seem so at first.

6. Quitting smoking if you are an active smoker

Most active smokers inhale nicotine. Nicotine affects sleep hormones greatly making it either very hard to sleep or having disrupted sleep. No wonder, many active smokers suffer from severe insomnia.

7. Doing some simple exercises often

Doing simple exercises like swimming helps your body to relax and wind-off any tension built up during the course of the day. This makes it very easy for sleep to come naturally at night.

8. Trying your best to keep calm even in the face of adversity

Adversities are part of life. Everyone goes and must go through them in one way or another. It is up to you to develop a thick skin and not let them affect other aspects of your life. Do not drown your self in unreasonable misery and immense self-pity over things you cannot control. Be strong! Do not lose sleep over things that are way beyond your capacity. Keep consoling yourself that tomorrow will be better. Remember, no situation is permanent. Worrying or stressing will not change a single thing. Try to relax!

9. Keeping bedtime strictly bedtime

There is plenty of time for you during the day. Therefore, bedtime is not the time to return missed calls or read Facebook messages. Many people have confessed about going to bed sleepy but then ending up sleepless because they were chatting and scrolling through social media feed.


The feeling of being awake and restless when it is time for sleeping is surely petrifying. Everyone should enjoy a good night sleep every single day of the week and that includes you. Assess the cause of your insomnia and apply one or all the above-mentioned methods. Cheers to future good nights!


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