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How to Naturally Cure Your Migraine

Updated on March 24, 2013

Using Ayurveda to Cure Migraines

It is estimated that between 16-17% of the world’s population experience migraines at least once in their life. This means over 1 billion people worldwide experience migraines with the majority being women. There are various reasons for migraines, but the one that I have experienced as the major contributor is having an excess of the element air in the body. This air element dries out the tissue allowing the element of fire to build and go out of control. The combination of fire and air create a situation like a wildfire in the head with pain, sensitivity and sometimes nausea playing dominate roles. Migraines and especially reoccurring migraines are a sure sign that your body is out of balance, and has been for awhile.

Here are my tips for avoiding migraines.

  1. Make your health priority. We, especially women, take care of everyone else in the house except for ourselves. We avoid the early signs of imbalances in our bodies by taking care of others. In order to reverse the continuing headaches and/or migraines we need to stop and pay attention to what our bodies are telling us. You cannot fully take care of someone else if you are disconnected from your health and taking care of yourself.
  2. Get rest. If your sleep patterns are off and you tend to stay awake into the night and sleep into the morning then you are keeping yourself out of balance. Get on a healthy sleep routine and go to bed before 11pm and wake with the sun or just after it has risen. This will set you up for health success.
  3. Avoid dry foods. Dry foods will only dry your body out more increasing that air quality in your body. Dry foods would include: oat cakes, rice cakes, ryvita, dry fruits, crackers and potato chips. Anything that doesn’t have moisture in considered dry. Have a check in with yourself to see how many dried foods you are consuming and put them aside for at least 1 week to see if anything improves.
  4. Receive or give yourself an oil massage. Sunflower oil is a safe oil to put on your body for most people. Yes, this means the same oil you would buy for cooking. If you feel very heated and think the migraines could improve by cooling down then try coconut oil. It is the most cooling oil and will help you gain moisture in your tissue. In the very least try oiling your feet and the very top of your head right before bed. This will help calm down the heat and excessive air quality in the body.
  5. Stay hydrated. Dehydration is often a big contributor to migraines. Check in with yourself to see if you are drinking enough water. If you are drinking coffee or black tea then you are most likely dehydrating yourself. As a general rule, for every cup of coffee or tea you drink you should drink 2 cups of water. This will help you from becoming dehydrated.
  6. Aloe vera is a great all around balancer for cooling down the body and to help regulate hormones in the body. There is a word of caution here in that some of the aloe vera gels and juices you buy in health food stores have additives to help preserve it. These additives make the Aloe not good for you. You want to buy an aloe gel or juice that is organic and/or by looking at the label you can see that it doesn’t have a large amount of additives.
  7. Enemas (also known as basti's in Ayurveda) are great for balancing the body and getting rid of migraines forever. The health of your colon is directly related to the health of your body and specifically your nervous system. An oil enema is recommended to build your bodies strength. Use ½ cup warm water with ½ cup sesame oil and retain it for at least 10 minutes for best results. You can repeat the enema for best results.
  8. Stay out of the sun especially if you are of the fiery nature already. The heat of the sun will increase the fire element in you and will also increase the air element by drying you out. Again, you can dehydrate yourself by being out in the sun for too long. If you can’t avoid being outdoors in the heat then make sure you wear a hat and cover yourself up.
  9. Cut out or greatly limit salty, sour and pungent foods. Salt, sour and pungent are tastes that increase the fire element in the body and pungent also dries up the body increasing the element of air. Pungent foods include chilies, dry ginger, black pepper and cayenne pepper. Salty foods include seafood, seaweed, soy sauce and salt. Sour foods include lemons, limes, yogurt and hard cheese.

There are so many more ways of balancing the body to get rid of your migraines forever. My next article on migraines will feature home remedies. Always remember, your body is always telling you what it needs. You now need to learn how to listen to it. Empower yourself with your own knowledge and wisdom by listening.


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    • profile image

      haripriya chohan 5 years ago

      Thanx for the information I will deffinetly try all the points are making real sense to my current life style thanx.