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A Beginners' Guide To Get Pregnant

Updated on August 21, 2011

Though there are many couples who postpone their idea of having a child, there are a few who want to have a child immediately. If you have begun a relationship and also want to have a child immediately, you can bear in mind the following few points. They may help you to get pregnant soon.

- As the first step, you should mainly focus on having a good health. This will help you to get pregnant more quickly. Another major benefit is that you can have a healthy pregnancy also. By "good health", it is meant that you should neither be overweight nor be underweight. For maintaining the right weight, you should switch to a healthy diet regimen that consists more of fresh fruits and vegetables, wholesome grains, nuts, beans and other fiber foods. You should also ensure to have sufficient quantities of proteins, good carbohydrates and fats and other essential minerals. You must reduce or cut caffeine and alcohol completely from your daily routine. It is also a strict "no" to smoking and tobacco. Last but not the least, your daily routine should consist of a good and judicious exercises regimen.

- A point that is being stressed here is that it is not you alone who should have a healthy body. Your male partner should also follow the above suggestions and maintain a good health. Apart from improving the chances of getting pregnant, you will get motivated to adopt a healthy lifestyle if your male partner also participates in this program of acquiring a good health.

- If you feel that you are experiencing a few symptoms of infertility, you should discuss with your doctor about them. You should also tell the doctor medications, if any, you and your partner may be regularly using because certain medications have been proved to interfere with the process of conception.

- You should also know what ovulation is and how it can be detected. This is necessary because you should know the right time for conception. It has been found that the best period for conception are two or three days before ovulation. A few experts say that during ovulation, your desire for sex may increase and your breasts may become tender. But, these can not be taken as highly authentic symptoms. There are other methods also but you can not use all of them. If you are not able to detect the symptoms correctly or if your periods are not regular, it is better to consult your doctor.

- A few experts suggest that worrying constantly about getting pregnant is not good. It will cause unnecessary stress that will hamper the process of conception.

- You should be patient and have a positive mental attitude. Though things may not happen immediately, you should be optimistic that you will conceive very soon. Medical help can be sought if you do not conceive for a year. The doctor may give some valuable advice and may also consider giving appropriate treatment if necessary.


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    • yogaexpertsonline profile image

      yogaexpertsonline 6 years ago from California, USA

      Great Post... :)

    • venki_indiain profile image

      Venkat 6 years ago from Chennai

      Hi.. nice post. Your tips will give awareness to many people. Keep writing more about this.