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A Closer Look at Riser Recliners

Updated on July 11, 2009

There are a number of diseases that are more likely to occur in seniors, with arthritis being one of the most common. These types of disorders often make it very difficult for an elderly person to safely stand, which is why many rely upon lift chairs to help increase accessibility.

What do Riser Recliners Look Like?

Riser Recliners, or Lift Chairs, often not only look very similar to a recliner, but also offer similar features, such as a reclining backrest, footrest, and sometimes even hidden storage compartments in the armrests. While on the outside a lift chair often resembles a recliner, they are actually a great deal different. This is because the lift chair is designed to make it easier for the senior to stand and sit, including a strong lifting system that can raise the chair and its occupant safely to their feet.

Finding the Right Fit

Riser recliners come in all different shapes and sizes, so it is never a problem to find one that will fit with your homes furnishings or body type. However, for safety reasons, it is imperative that the lift recliner is rated to support the bodyweight of the user, as well as their height. The height and weight ratings are typically posted on the website and can vary by model.

Bodyweight is important because the electric motor is only rated to lift a certain weight. Exceeding this limit can put extra wear and tear on the motor and will eventually cause it to fail. The users height is important because the height that the lift chair rises off of the ground is based off of the height of its user. Therefore, a lift chair that is made for someone how is six feet tall will rise a great deal higher than one made for someone who is under five feet tall.

The height and weight rating are not the only important lift chair measurements. Instead, it is also important to consider the actual dimensions of the seat. This includes the seats depth and width, as well as the height of the back. All of these dimensions help ensure that the lift chair will safely and comfortably fit its user. To get an idea of how these measurements feel and what they mean, you can use a tape measure to measure the dimensions of an existing recliner. Then, simply compare these measurements to some of the available lift chairs.

A Word About Medicare

Since many of the diseases and conditions that make using a lift chair imperative are so often found among seniors, many wish to learn about how these lift chairs are covered by Medicare.

Medicare, which is a federally funded insurance program primarily for those over 65, does cover many types of Durable Medical Equipment. This includes things like wheelchairs and eyeglasses, for which Medicare will usually cover 80% of the cost. However, lift chairs Medicare are not fully covered and have a number of requirements that must be met.


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