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A Disease Called Fear

Updated on March 15, 2020
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Shining in The Glory of God.The earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof. We have no made ourselves but are the image of something greater

Fear the Disease
Fear the Disease

As the world panics over the Virus called Corona, many people are in lock down and their panic mode is set to always on. The media, governments and of course social media continue to pound fear in the hearts of minds of the fragile human who clings to their dear life. Yes, they claim that the world is now battling a pandemic called covid-19 and that thousands of people have died from this disease so far. But why be afraid when this is just one of the many pandemics that constantly bombarded the human life every day. We constantly face pandemics each day we rise. We face drunk driving, the common cold, diabetes, cancer, suicide and homicide each and every day. People smoke their way to death constantly while sipping on alcohol which crucifies their kidneys. The number of death from our accepted diseases are far more than that of the Governments Covid-19.

But the fear comes because of lack of knowledge. People are so busy dressing themselves in the mirrors than trying to find out the truth about existence. We dance, we party and we delve into our internet lives while we water down reality and demolish the blueprint of God. Then as the Government unleashes their three headed beast we panic and become filled with stinking contagious fear which is even more real than their diseases. So why do human fear? We fear because we don’t know. We fear because of love and we fear because of greed. When we fear because of lack of knowledge, we basically fear the unknown. We fear death as we do not know how death feels and what death may take us to as there has never been a massive witness of the dead who has risen and have explained death to its fullest.

We fear because of love. We fear the worst happening to us because we do not want to depart from our loved ones. No one wants to depart the earth knowing that they have people depending on him/her for support. Whether that support be financial, mental, emotional or physical. We don’t want to leave our loved ones lacking on Earth while we entertain a new home called coffin.

We fear because of greed. A lot of people have accumulated physical items on earth. These items include money, house, cars, boats, land etc. We become consumed with our material things that we bath even our very souls in these physical luxury forgetting the importance of the realm which the soul actually belongs to. Once fear becomes contagious. It spreads like wildfire, whether that fear be real or fake. The human mind simply kicks in the main goal of the body. Self-preservation.

How To Overcome Fear

  • There is a saying that goes, "Knowing is half the battle." This is so true. The more you know or understand something is the less you fear it. Remember now, fear and respect are two different things. You do not need to fear a lion because you know what a lion does, you know the power of a lion and you may even know how to defeat it. You become understanding of the lion and now no matter how aggressive the lion may seem, you have no fear of lions but you do respect the lion. What ever it is which causes you to fear, gather information about it, study it and understand it and grow to respect it instead of fearing it
  • Accept the fact that human life is temporary. We are born to die. Yes, it may seem harsh but that is basically the reality of life. No human is permanent on this plane of land. We all are ordained to pass through the physical realm to move to the spiritual or energy realm.
  • Gain more confidence in your own strength, Believe in your self and exercise confidence in optimism.
  • Don't be bombarded by social media hype over any kind of man made or natural disasters.

The Take Away

Don't fear mankind and their wicked intentions and deeds. Continue living your life to the fullest while helping and loving others around you. There are still good people left on Earth no matter what the mainstream media falsely educate you on. Eat right, exercise, avoid vaccines. Take care of your mind and body and then fear will leave you and you will transcend into something spiritually beautiful.

© 2020 Clive Williams


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