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A Fatal Session Of Ob-

Updated on October 1, 2009

A fatal session of Ob!!

©-MFB III- Art-Whimsically Yours Studio

Hatred blurs,
all needs that
normally restrict his day.
In a now sexless marriage,
he dry-fires his
other weapon continously.

With a flailing appetite,
he is rail thin,
and dark hollows
line his cheeks,

He trails his one desire,
tirelessly from town to town.
Like a shadow uncast
he moves unseen,
but seeing all.
Plotting the next plot
for a man unaware he is to be
buried with full honors.

Brain screaming at him
"Get it done, GET IT DONE!!!"
till at long last
in the November sun,
he finds a depository
for his ob-session.

It is there he squats
g a r g o y l e like
high above the
avenues below.
The crowds cheering,
and kisses blown
drift up on the breezes to him
fueling his angst.

When the convoy
pulls into sight,
He manually loads the cure
to his greatest obsession.
With the click,
and slide of the
deadly bolt,
he takes aim at
his only reasons to live,
to die, to be..........

Some loud cracks
awake him
like ice water
splashed down his back
to the fact that it is done.

Below screams arise,
and panic sets the masses
fleeing as does he.

Brains splatter the road,
and a loving wife
soils her dress
in blood and gore,
as John F. Kennedy
is rushed to a Dallas hospital,
long after breathing his last.

Lee's obsession leaves him
several days later,
as a bullet
reconfigures his guts
and kills his need
to ever kill again.
Blood bursts like a ruby
as he bends in pain
his mouth gaping open
at the wonder of death.

Then his evil tumbles
into the scalding embers
of Hell's hottest fires,
where the obsession is consumed
and then rekindled
over and over again.


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