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Many of the Benefits of Living Alone

Updated on September 5, 2019
When you live alone, you have sole control of the remote
When you live alone, you have sole control of the remote | Source

All By Myself

I haven't lived by myself in years, but now that I am in the position of moving, I am reflecting on some of the benefits of living alone.

I have also provided a few of the cons of living alone, and a few videos and links that I hope you find helpful.

Feel free to participate in the polls, comment, and provide feedback. I enjoy input and interaction from my readers.

The Cons of Living Alone

Since there are always both pros and cons, here are some of the possible disadvantages of living alone, as well as some ways to rectify them:

  • It's your responsibility to keep the place as clean and organized as you would like it to be. But since it's just you, it's not so bad
  • Sometimes making meals for just one person can be a drag. But once you get used to making smaller meals, and maybe saving leftovers to eat later, it may not be so bad
  • If you're not careful, your perishable food may go bad. So be careful not to buy more than you can eat,or else have friends over to help you eat it
  • It may seem a little lonely at times, especially if you are used to having others around. That problem can often be solved by getting out to see others, talking to someone on the phone, or socializing online
  • I would imagine the biggest disadvantage of living alone is that you're responsible for the costs- rent, utilities, food, transportation. That can feel rough, especially if you've never lived alone, or are used to living with others. It is important to make a realistic budget, and try to stick to it as much as possible. It's also good to save money for the unexpected emergencies in life, and to have a cushion in your account or wallet

When you're alone, you can listen to music, sing loud, and dance crazy if you want ~ No one is there to object, or to think you're strange ;)
When you're alone, you can listen to music, sing loud, and dance crazy if you want ~ No one is there to object, or to think you're strange ;) | Source

It's All You

When you live alone, everything is your responsibility. That can be a little overwhelming if you aren't used to it. But it can also be liberating. When you live alone:

  • You call all of the shots, and make all of the rules in your home
  • You are not accountable to anyone, and can be as spontaneous as you want (at least to an extent)
  • You can have any schedule you want, without worrying about bothering someone
  • You can decorate the place the way you want
  • You don't have to clean up after anyone else
  • On the same note, there's usually not as much to clean, and sometimes not as much incentive to get too crazy with the cleanliness (although that could also be a bad thing...)
  • There's no one else to complain about or judge you
  • You don't need to compromise
  • You have the kind of privacy that is not even possible when you live with someone
  • You can wear, or not wear, whatever you want!
  • You can do whatever you want, without any disruptions or interruptions
  • You can listen to music, and sing and dance your heart out
  • When it comes to lighting and climate control, you have complete control. You don't have to worry about anyone else's comfort level!
  • Sometimes housemates make noise, whether they mean to or not. You no longer have to deal with loud snoring, unless your own is loud enough to wake you up

Living Alone

Have you ever lived by yourself?

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You won't have to share any of these if you live alone
You won't have to share any of these if you live alone | Source

No Sharing

  • When you cook, or prepare meals, you don't have to share- it's all yours!
  • With no one else to consider, you can buy whatever groceries your little heart desires (as long as you have the money)
  • You have the bathroom all to yourself. You can go in there whenever you want, take long bubble baths, and spend hours on your hair and makeup, if you really want to
  • If you have a tv, you no longer have to share the remote control! You can watch whatever you want, whenever. You can watch a complete season of your favorite show without anyone becoming antsy over your control of the television. You can watch things that your former roommate, relative, or relationship didn't like- even ones that they may have picked on you for watching!
  • No one ever messes with your stuff (unless you have visitors)
  • If you want, you can drink from a milk jug, or directly from an ice cream carton


Even when you live alone, there are ways you can keep from becoming lonely.

  • Pets are great companions, although you should consider this with care. They can be high-maintenance, and add many additional expenses.
  • Fish are a little less maintenance, although keep in mind they can't be taken out to pet or play with
  • Plants add an element of life to a home, and can satisfy an urge to care for something
  • You can invite friends over for a fun time, or get out to socialize
  • The phone is another great tool to help avoid loneliness, although you should be considerate about the timing. Not many people want to be called in the middle of the night!
  • The internet is another great way to socialize. Instant messaging, social sites, and even writing sites such as HubPages are great for satisfying the urge to interact with other human beings

Important Thing to Remember

These are general advantages, and may not apply to everyone. Even when you live alone, you may be in close proximity to another house or apartment unit, and it is common courtesy to avoid being too loud or disruptive.

What Is Your Favorite Part About Living Alone?

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Living on your own is not bad

Alone or En Masse

I have been weighing the pros and cons about living by myself, and I am still trying to determine whether I want to live alone, or find a roommate (or roommates) to live with. Cost is a big part of the equation.

Whether or not you live alone, make the most out of your life. There are benefits to both lifestyles, so it is good to figure out what is best for you at different points of your life, find ways to make it work for you, and enjoy yourself in whichever situation you are in.

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