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A Figure to Diet For

Updated on March 18, 2013

By Harold Markham

What does the Biggest Looser, the Atkins Diet, and Banana Binges all have in common? They are proof that current culture is in the midst of a diet revolution. They are rebelling against obesity. One billion people worldwide are obese. There is a revolution and it is time to pick a side. It is time to get mean to be lean.Unfortunately in this war against fat, key battles are being lost all because they are waged with a lack of ammunition. In much the same way bullets require gunpowder, lead projectiles, and brass casings with primers, healthy weight loss requires certain elements. There is a healthy weight loss recipe that if followed makes for a successful weight loss program. Follow this healthy recipe for weight loss and win the war!

Ingredient 1

Avoid fad diets. The list of fad diets is a long one. There’s the Hallelujah Diet, the Cabbage Soup Diet, and even the Tapeworm Diet. Most fad diets only produce short term weight loss and worse yet, some are even dangerous. Fad diets can trigger dehydration and electrolyte imbalances and in some cases, according to a Harvard Medical school report, metabolic acidosis which is a condition that can lead to coma or even death. On the lighter side, imagine the disaster of a home smelling like rotten cabbage, leeks or the horror of expelling tapeworm like a bad alien movie! No thank you! Short term weight loss is not worth the poor health, irritable bowel and embarrassment that awaits. It is certainly not worth death. Healthy weight loss recipes avoid fad diets.

Ingredient 2

Caloric counting. A second ingredient in healthy weight loss recipes is caloric counting. According to a UK study, women need a daily calorie intake of 1940 calories per day and men need 2550. Some people get more than this in a single meal. Avoid large amounts of empty calories. Most people have no idea how many calories are taken in by average Americans each day. They also are unaware of what types of food contain over abundant amounts of calories. Sugared drinks like sodas, saturated animal fats and trans fatty fried food all contribute to unhealthy body mass. Wage war on the foods in the kitchen that have needless high calorie levels. Watching calories is part of a healthy weight loss recipe.

Never supersize or get seconds at the “all one can eat buffet!”

Ingredient 3

Portion Control. By far the easiest ingredient in a healthy weight loss recipe is portion control. Most people eat two or three times as much as they should. Eat less. By paying attention to serving size caloric intake is already minimized and so is fat build up. When dining out, order from the child’s menu or split the meal with a date. Meat should be no bigger than the size of three fingers and starches should be the size of a palm.

These ingredients in a healthy weight loss recipe may seem simple, but they are tried, true, and proven.

  • Avoid Fad Diets
  • Count Calories
  • Control Food Portions

Follow this simple recipe and you will win the war against obesity!

About The Author

Harold Markham is the host of the ER Podcast. He studied to be a pastor and holds degrees in Bible, pulpit speech as well as a Masters in Biblical studies. Click here for more articles by Harold Markham.


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    • HD Markham profile image

      Harold Markham 5 years ago from Notheast, Wisconsin

      Thanks Amy. Most of us feed on things that do not produce health. Unfortunately the same is true in our spiritual life as well. This is why the truth of the Gospel is vital.

    • profile image

      Amy 5 years ago

      Get off the fast, processed, fake food. Stick to whole foods. If it came from the ground or had a mother it's ok to eat it. Otherwise, STAY AWAY! :)