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A Fitness Article About How You Shouldn't Always Listen To Fitness Articles

Updated on April 23, 2015

I’m not saying you should cancel your subscription to Men’s Health, but you should use the information they provide more as a guideline than gospel.

We see fitness headlines about workouts that will help pack on the muscles or a diet that will get you a six pack in 6 minutes. Unfortunately many of us still have a keg in our midsection and arms the size of broomsticks. We think that if we follow the article to a tee, we should expect the results you see from the fitness models.

There is a 99.9% chance that the person featured in that article has never done what is about. The picture has been photoshopped; it may not look it, but it is.

Most fitness writers know what they are talking about. They have multiple fitness certifications and/or went to college, but some are just egotistical meatheads that think because they can bench press their weight, they have the right to tell you what works for your body.

Before you start reading look at the bottom of the article. The writer will usually list their credentials.

A problem when people read these articles, they take every word and apply it exactly how it is written, this will not work for everyone.

We’re all different. No two bodies are alike. Someone can spend an hour on a treadmill and not lose a pound, while others could sit on their couch and drop 10 pounds. Everyone will not have the same results.

It comes down to your body type. they are divided into 3 categories


Thin and find it very difficult to gain muscle


An athletic type that can easily gain muscles and lose fat


A larger person that can very easily gain muscle but has a a lot of trouble of losing

You must know what type of body you because it will dictate the type of training that is right for you.

If you want to train for a marathon, a ectomorph will get better results than a endomorph. The reverse goes for someone looking to enter the body building or power lifting competition. This will take the ability to gain muscle and strength, which is easy for endomorphs.

Your body type depends on what diet plan you need. Ectomorphs have faster metabolism so they require excess calories, higher protein and carbohydrates to achieve results. Endomorphs need a stricter diet, consuming the right amount of protein, but keeping their carbohydrate low so as not to turn it into fat.

You should obtain as much fitness information as possible, but you should adjust to how it best fits you. It takes trial and error, you’re going to have to setbacks, but it’s what you need to do in order to find the results that best fit you and bring you to your fitness goals.

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