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A Foolproof Plan for a Heartache

Updated on January 5, 2010

Love and relationships do not come without heartache. Couples disagree, argue, and encounter conflicting obstacles. This is normal, and if the bond of love is strong the challenges of longterm relationships will be overcome.

However, many women set themselves up for heartache. Of course, they don't seek painful relationships and this is not the result they look for. But, many women, young and not so young, allow their desires to be loved to discolor and cloud their judgments.

Society has come far, of that there is no doubt, but quite often women continue to digress and allow themselves to be used by others, in their search for love. Allowing oneself to give in to the burning desires of the flesh carves a destructive path, and bear children born into the maze of irresponsibility.

This is not to advocate a life of celibacy, or to propose that sex is not enjoyable. Sex between a man and a woman can, and should be the ultimate sharing and loving experience throughout life's journey. But, before the zippers open and the panties drop the thought of responsibility should be evident and instinctively adhered to.

Responsibility for individual actions seems to be an old-fashioned cliché. Babies are born every minute of every day. Many of these are doomed, from their first breath, to a life of hunger, abuse, loneliness, or degradation. Others evolve from the disorderly and unplanned life into teens and adults that believe they deserve a free ride. Now where do they get this assumption?

Having a baby, today, can be virtually painless. So, it's no wonder that teens and young women give birth one day and be up and about the next. Epidermal and other drugs readily available make the labor room take on a party-like atmosphere. For instance, today the birthing event can be per-programmed to take place on a particular day. The environment is controlled, sterile, and appears more like an intimate apartment. The surroundings throughout the labor and birth take on a fun-filled, leisurely vacation. No pain, no responsibility, and the medical tab will be picked up by local authorities; which of course, is you and me.

What happened to moral and responsibility? Having sex seems to be no more significant than grabbing lunch at a fast food joint. Often times, relationships have no more relevancy than pleasure-filled moments, and can even take place without knowing a partner's name. The heat of passion far outweighs any conscious thoughts of the consequences. The sexual act seems to have no more significance than a walk in the park. Someone catches another's eye, hormones light up, and it's off to the races.

So, now a sperm is swimming with lightning speed toward the female egg. And, more often than not, it finds it target and a new life begins. Whether this new life is planned or wanted, it is a reality.

So what happens now? The innocent child has become locked into a life that include no thoughts of how it will be fed, clothed or provided for. Will it be forced to endure the shame and irresponsible choices of the female and male? Will it be uncared for, go hungry, be tossed away like a piece of garbage, or cry itself to sleep on many fear-filled nights? Will the mother take her frustration out on it, or will she step up and fight for this child?

Unfortunately, many teens and young women have no clue about life before they create another life! They have no career, living arrangements, but easily transform into the world of welfare and other uncountable government sponsored assistance programs. And, it seems as if these children in adult clothing do this without any shame or remorse! It gets them by, and they are free to go on to reproduce again.

Many schools offer education programs about sex, pregnancy, safe-sex. Some even provide free condoms. Considering the rampant child abuse and neglect in today's society, perhaps courses about accepting responsibility for individual choices and actions should be mandatory.

The children of today have access to an unlimited wealth of information. Some are computer literate before entering into kindergarten! Childhood, of today, is brief and filled with the dangers of the world outside the home.  Promiscuity and lewd acts are routinely sensationalized in movies and television shows.  The children of today receive regular amounts of illegal and immoral information and acts within their own neighborhoods. 

Irresponsibility instills and suggests that immorality is acceptable.  Unfortunately, undesirable actions evolve into disrespect and pave the road to an unsuccessful way to a lifestyle.  

An innocent new life should be given an opportunity to learn about responsibility, morality, and direction. Every child deserves to feel pride, self-esteem, and parental love. Of course, in the end, they will choose which path to take, but being knowledgeable about healthy choices, ethics, and values might help to avert destructive life choices.


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    • DontWorryBeHappy profile image

      DontWorryBeHappy 6 years ago from Orange County Ca

      I'm glad someone out there agrees with me! I was abused as a child and I'm determined my kids will not know the pain of that. Well written:)

    • ivori profile image

      Barbara Eisenberg 8 years ago from Titusville

      Thank you for your comment, creativeone. Maybe it can shed a bit of light for someone.

    • creativeone59 profile image

      benny Faye Douglass 8 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

      Wow, what a great message hub, thank you for sharing it ivori. i hope someone smart heard you. Godspeed. creativeone59

    • ivori profile image

      Barbara Eisenberg 8 years ago from Titusville

      Thank you, Carolina Muscle!

    • carolina muscle profile image

      carolina muscle 8 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      Boy.. if only this message could get through to young people. Kudos