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A Gem Launched into Eternity-Owais Bin Laiq

Updated on August 23, 2010

Life is a plain canvas, to fill it with colours and memories, is every man's job, however very few men get to colour their lives.Those who do manage to colour their lives, end up in heaven, way way sooner than expected.

I write this article from my fathers account,on hub pages, i am only 15 years of age. I write this article to show the world a gem who is no more. A gem who had high hopes,dreams,ideas. A gem who had the courage to stand up in a crowd of millions and shout to the world,that "Yes I can and I will." A gem I am proud to call my brother,Owais Bin Laiq.

To live and make others happy, always enthusiastic to do something , to bring a change , to make life better for others, that was all he wanted to do always.

He entered the jaws of death at age 22,on 28th July through an unfortunate air crash, at margalla hills which killed all the 152 people on board, including my loved brother. The news came as a shock to all of us, his parents, siblings, relatives and friends.

At the funeral no-one had but sweet words about him , still do. He passed his GCE O and A Levels with flying colours, and joined the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) for a bachelor's degree in business administration.

"Thus star by star declines
Till all are passed away,
As morning high and higher shines
To pure and perfect day:
Nor sink those stars in empty night;
They hide themselves in heaven's pure light. "

"Owais was admirable, being a sophomore and being respected so well by both his peers and senoirs, was an achievement in itself,as our culture demands seniority above all to be respected.It was never him who demanded respect, but his actions did.He was not a man of words, but a man of actions, he made things happen. When everyone was busy criticzing the media for its poor job, he was there organinzing I-MARC, one of the finest events in the history of IBA,designed to improve the media.Everyone passes comments on the government , but he was a member of the Youth Parliament ,and was set to be one of the future leaders of the country.With a degree from one the finest schools of the country, and a stellar extra-curricular record,the sky was the limit!"  words of one of his friend's.

I am not a very good writer, only 15 years old ,I do not know what to write about him, having lived my life mostly abroad , I do not know him much, however,I can surely say he was one of the future leaders of pakistan .

"When a loved one dies, we try to remember the good side of those who have departed. In this case, it is no exaggeration, to say that Owais was an inspiration, and one of the finest young men in the country. While we all were busy blaming our country's leaders and media, he was there defending it. It was not in his nature to mindlessly criticize or complain, rather he chose to find the possitive side and be sympathetic to those who erred."

Last time I saw him was on 27th May when he came to see my family and I off, wearing a black shirt and cargo pants he looked as handsome as ever, and his energetic smile will always remain in my mind.

We love you brother. You will be soarly missed.All we can do now ,is just pray for him.So let's pray that wherever he is, he is in a better place.

"Owais bin Laiq is now immortal, and no kryptonite can dull the brilliance of his life anymore."

Rest in peace brother.


I will not forget to mention the other 151 people who lost their lives, our prayers go out to them and their families.Over 150 families have been affected by this tragic incident, and thousands of lives have been affected by this. It may not be me, or you but someone is related to them. May God bless them all, and place them in heaven.

Trust me you guys, your memory will live on forever!


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    • profile image

      Yaseen Ahmed Meenai 6 years ago

      I was his teacher in IBA. We lost that gem, he worked a lot for raising funds for SAWAT IDP's back in March 2009. He was a daring personality and loved by many people.... May Allah bless his soul with peace and maghfirat, ameen... :-(

      "Kese Kese gul murjhaay, kese kese baagh jalay.........

      Sadiyon me bhi keh na saken gy, lamhon k afsane log..."

    • profile image

      Athar Ahmed 7 years ago

      Youth of Pakistan has missed an angle and dynamic marketier named Owaiz Bin Laiq.

    • profile image

      kaleem ali 7 years ago

      @ saniya...i miss him too apa,inshallah he is in a better place,a much better place, we love you...

      @ maheen and aak, thank you very much for reading...

    • profile image

      AAK 7 years ago

      Hey u 15 years old... what you wrote is from the depth of your heart n its the real feelings of yours n all other family members n friends... n YES GEM has departed from this world and he is in much much .. much better place than this world. n we all are proud of him.

    • profile image

      Maheen 7 years ago

      very nicely written Kaleem :) Though i dnt knw him AT ALL but seems like I know him now! He has left a "path of dignity" behind for many others to follow...which is what should be the aim of one's life...

    • profile image

      Saniya Ali 7 years ago

      I grew up with him! laughted n cried with him! fought with him, loved him, cared for him!! n now my true blood my brother is so far away that i cant reach out to him cant hold him n say plz come back!! but he for sure is in a better place n i wont be selfish to call him back!! I miss u ovi!!

    • profile image

      kaleem ali 7 years ago

      you knew him? god bless his soul ....

    • profile image

      yamna hassan 7 years ago

      very nicely written, the part that he could stand up in the middle of the crowd "i can and i will!!" is so true :)