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A Good Beard Trimmer

Updated on February 10, 2011

A good beard trimmer could come at a cost. There are cheaper beard trimmers, but they are not likely to last or be of good quality.There are so many brands to choose from. They come in a very large variety of sizes and types.The right beard trimmer does not have to become some sort of unending adventure that leaves you pulling your hair out in dismay.Reading the product description on the beard trimmer package is a great way to begin exploring the options that you have available in determining the right beard trimmer for you.We will explore some options and how they can benefit you.

What does it take to find the beard trimmer that is right for you? The answer is simple. What are you looking for in a beard trimmer? Do you need simply to keep your beard trimmed? If that is so, then a simple beard trimmer with minimal attachments or adapters is all you would need. These are readily available and come in a variety of choices. Now you need to determine if you need a wireless trimmer, or if you can use one that is corded. Wireless trimmers are battery operated and most are rechargeable. You might want to use one that is rechargeable to avoid the expense of replacement batteries. Rechargeable beard trimmers are not always as powerful as a regular battery operated trimmer.

This guy need a beard trimmer!
This guy need a beard trimmer!

Beard Trimmer Attachments

Let’s now go over some of the available attachments for a beard trimmer. First, let’s look at nose and ear hair trimmers. These are small attachments that fit into the ear or nostril. They use a small concealed blade to cut the hair in these places. A good trimmer will not yank these hairs out and will cause no pain. A cheap trimmer could likely pull the hair out of your nostril and this is painful and uncomfortable. Next is a graduated guard. This guard will help you to cut your hair with the trimmer at an even level without taking the hair down to the skin. There are various levels available cutting to provide different lengths.

There are also attachments that provide a close shave. These attachments prevent razor burn and also bring the cut right down to the skin level. There are also lotions that help to raise facial hair to make the shave even closer. These close shave attachments can rip the hair out if they are cheaply made. If you need this kind of tool it is advisable to avoid cheap and inefficient models. Then there are tools for trimming tight spots, like eyebrows or bikini lines. These attachments can also be used to turn your beard trimmer into a mustache trimmer. These small devices can be so very handy.

Final Thoughts for the Beard Trimmer Quest

A good beard trimmer is not going to be hard to find. It is best to know what it is that you are looking for before making a decision. Like any other purchase, you will want to have a plan in mind before going out and buying one. Beard trimmers are a dime a dozen, but quality takes a little research. You can’t always count on someone’s advertising strategy or marketing as a means of decision making. Find customer feedback if at all possible. This should be easy with a little research. A small investment could come back to haunt you. Sometimes a little more will make a huge difference. With that I say happy trimming. 


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