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A Healthy Body

Updated on July 21, 2008
Natural Food
Natural Food

A healthy body has the ability to harness energy from the environment and ward off physical and physiological problems. Using natural products can help in building a strong immune system. Healthy daily and seasonal routine and diet helps the body in keeping in harmony with nature and keep imbalances at bay.

Healthy daily and seasonal routine and diet is not a new concept. It has been practiced since generations by Asians. I have included few home remedies practiced by Indians since a long time.

  • A teaspoon of honey with a dash of lemon in lukewarm water can bring relief to sore throat.
  • For cold & cough, honey with mashed ginger and pepper powder can help.
  • Drinking warm milk before bed with a teaspoon of turmeric powder relieves cough and cold.
  • Consuming water boiled with coriander seeds is considered good for stomach.
  • Drinking water boiled with cumin seeds is good for diarhoea and cold.
  • Consuming 1/2 ounce holy basil (tulsi) juice twice a day helps relieve from cold.
  • Grape/orange juice in water water is considered favourable liquid food during fever.
  • Drinking Ginger tea relieves cold and cough.
  • Placing crushed cabbage leaves tied on a cloth on the forehead is said to relieve migraine.
  • Consuming mango shake thrice a day for a limited period will help in gaining weight.
  • Onion juice with honey is considered good for flu.
  • Decoction of fresh holy basil leaves is considered to be best home remedy for flu.
  • Consuming cooked leaves of fenugreek and spinach, beetroot juice is also good for anemia.
  • Usage of honey is good for anemia as well as general immunity.
  • Tea prepared from sage leaves with a teaspoon honey reduces stress.
  • Sipping fresh lime squeezed in warm water with honey and common salt relieves tonsillitis.
  • Decoction of cardamom, dry ginger and garlic is considered to bring relief from indigestion, stomach pain caused due to indigestion, and vomiting.
  • Drinking milk with mashed garlic will keep worms at bay.
  • Flossing with fresh lime juice in plain water relieves mouth ulcers.
  • Gargling and massaging the gums with sesame oil is considered beneficial for the teeth, gums, skin and hair.
  • Taking fenugreek seeds soaked in water first in the morning relieves diabetes.
  • Drinking water boiled with fenugreek seeds helps in colic and dysentery.
  • Drinking water boiled with fresh holy basil leaves with honey and ginger juice added into it helps in cough, cold, fever, chest congestion and improves digestion.


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