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Knockout: Doctors Who Cure Cancer Today

Updated on January 12, 2010

Cancer is growing. More and more individuals are succumbing to the disease each year. Soon it will become number 1 in taking lives. What headway is traditional medicine making in stopping this progress: very little if any. How successful have alternative medicine treatments been in comparison? So much more effective.

What is going on? Unless you have been living under a rock (and I know some people have without knowing it), the pharmaceutical behemoth industry in this country has carefully positioned itself to be able to maintain questionable treatment for cancer at the cost of human lives. Natural alternative means of healing, though effective, have been dismissed as ludicrous.

That truth hits home in Suzanne Somer's Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer and How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place. If you are suffering from cancer or have a loved one or relative who is battling this disease, you need to read this book immediately. It is that important.

Introductory Comments

In the Foreward to Suzanne's book, the renowned physician, Dr. Julian Whitaker, comments best when he remarks,"All cancer cells, whether they're in the breast,prostate,pancreas,brain,or other organs, engage in undisciplined, rapid cell division. This is the basic defect, and this is where cancer treatment should be focused. You don't need to cut it out or otherwise purge it. All you need to do is to stop the cells from dividing, and the cancer will disappear....Cancer can be cured. I look forward to seeing the day when that is the norm and not the exception. This book,Knockout,is a step in that direction."

How It Started

The catalyst for Suzanne's book began with her own treatment. Upon receiving treatment for the illness "valley fever" and taken to a hospital, she was diagnosed by six doctors as having cancer spread throughout her body. It was only her staunch belief in her own green way of living and eating that told her that this could not be possible.

She was right. A prescription for an all-body chemotherapy (that later her own doctor said could have easily killed her) was averted. Soon she was back to normal. As some of you know, Suzanne is more of a health advocate than actress, and she interviewed the cutting edge doctors who treat cancer by alternative means. This group of doctors all had success rates of dealing with cancer far above conventional chemotherapy,radiation, or surgical means.

The Doctors

The heart of this book is the interviews with the doctors and the testimonials of their patients whose lives have been saved. Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski has discovered a means of battling cancer by placing peptides, that otherwise are absent, into the bloodstream of patients. He also employs nutritional supplements and diet. He has experienced a 50 percent success response against pancreatic cancer and 30 percent against melanoma, which is much higher than conventional medicine. His treatment of adding peptides has been very successful in patients with particular genes. Suzanne also provides testimonials from some of the patients Dr. Stanislaw has helped that are astonishing to read. For example, Jenny Gettino reports that her daughter with a brain tumor at ten would have not survived without Dr. Stanislaw's treatment (that was 13 years ago). Mary Jo Siegel who suffered from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, is now cancer-free for 17 years thanks to Dr. Burzynski. Several others report in the same detail how they overcome insurmountable cancer with this doctor's help.

One vivid impression I receive from this book is the constant return in the doctors' conversations about the vital role nutrition plays in preventing and overcoming cancer. Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, another recognized physician in his field, built upon the work of Dr. Donald Kelley, who understood the effectiveness of using pancreatic enzymes and nutritional approaches in treating cancer. Dr. Gonzalez also added detoxification routines and individualized diets to the approach. He comments,"Dr. Kelly said cancer and all diseases begin in the gut--poor nutrition,poor absorption, poor digestion--and I believe he's right (page 93)." He compares the human body to an engine that needs the right fuel (proper nutrition) in order to run properly. This makes common sense! But how often are we sold on what tastes "delicious" and filled with a lot of sugar and addictive additives.

Another fascinating doctor that Suzanne interviewed in her last book Breakthrough is Dr. Russell Blaylock, author of Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients. After 26 years of practicing neurosurgery, he has devoted his time to now supplying cancer patients and their families with the latest nutritional methods to build immunity and fight cancer. He states, "But I can give a cancer patient nutrients and a bunch of vitamins, and if I do the right ones, they can live a very long time (page 149)." You may sign up for his newsletter, Blaylock Wellness Report, at Dr. Blaylock stresses drinking purified water and avoiding sugar and "anything with MSG." This chapter alone could save one's health.

Of course, there are many other chapters of doctor interviews, and reading the discoveries and comments by the doctors,health specialists, researchers and patients is an eye-opening and mind-opening experience. The testimonials, in and of themselves, are so powerful and supportive that the reader becomes instantly inspired. No one suffering from cancer or knowing someone battling the disease should be without the vital knowledge contained in this book..

Added Resources

A most important section of this book is an abundant resource section on integrative health care practitioners providing support for optimal health,antiaging,and healing from various disease conditions. Here you will find websites to help find doctors as well as state-by-state listings of doctors including addresses, phone numbers and URL's. An additional listing of integrative health care practitioners providing support for cancer prevention during cancer treatment and/or remission are also accessible.

If you are still interested and want more knowledge, Suzanne has supplied a bibliography of the books written by or associated with the doctors she has interviewed. Another book review that is a bit more detailed can be found at I hope that this has only whetted your appetite, and that you will want to learn more to help both yourself and others in critical need.


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    • Susan Trump profile image

      Susan Trump 3 years ago from San Diego, California

      Please keep pushing truth. You are appreciated.

    • wildwade profile image

      wildwade 3 years ago from North Olmsted, Ohio

      thanks for the comment, Susan. Your article presents a crystal clear picture of danger drugs is and has imposed upon humanity.

    • Susan Trump profile image

      Susan Trump 3 years ago from San Diego, California

      Will you read "Is Your Health for Sale"? I'd like your opinion. Thanks for pushing awareness.

    • limaspeed profile image

      limaspeed 8 years ago nice in article to information cancers

    • wildwade profile image

      wildwade 8 years ago from North Olmsted, Ohio

      Please read my hub "Cancer Treatments and Bill Henderson." There you will find the URL to his site ( and more information. Contact him about "copd," and he will be glad to answer that question for you.

    • profile image 8 years ago

      If you can do things get rid of cancer or reverse the disease. Is there any way this can be done for a lung disease called copd?