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A Pillow that Gives Your Neck A Stretch and Support

Updated on November 13, 2015

Notice the Traction and Support Sides of the arc4life traction pillow

here you can see the two sides of the arc4life traction pillow: neck roll on top, traction V Side on the bottom.
here you can see the two sides of the arc4life traction pillow: neck roll on top, traction V Side on the bottom. | Source

Introducing the Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow

What a mouthful eh? The Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow - I always have to laugh when I talk about this pillow with someone.

Arc4life sells many neck pillows on their website. Almost 18 different varieties actually. All the pillows have a purpose. They are not just your regular garden variety of pillows. This is one of the pillows that can help many patients with neck pain and discomfort.

What makes this pillow a standout?

The pillow is contoured made especially for the contours of your neck. If you do not have a proper curve in your neck, then it will help you get on.

The pillow has two specific sides (see below) and each side has a purpose.

So you could say this is is definitely a pillow with a real purpose...

The Two Sides of the Traction Pillow

Side 1: The V

The V Side of the pillow gently stretches your neck. Great for someone with a military neck, herniated disc, or bulging disc. Also great for arthritis patients.

Side 2: The Roll

The neck roll side of the pillow supports your neck in the most natural position possible. This neck roll side is actually softer to sleep on.

check out the video below showing the two sides of this pillow:

Dr. Matthew Bellinger is a Chiropractor in the quaint town of Glastonbury CT. He recommends the traction pillow for his patients at his office because it helps them with many different conditions. In this video he is explaining and showing you the two sides of the traction pillow.Check it out:

A Pillow that Does Two Important Things to Help Your Neck

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For What conditions does this pillow work for specifically?

  • herniated disc
  • bulging disc
  • military spine
  • no curve in the neck
  • degeneration in the c spine
  • arthritis in the neck
  • after neck surgery
  • forward head posture
  • neck pain, stiff neck and achiness

Another Positive Point for this Pillow

You can sleep on your side or on your back.

Sleeping On Your Back with the Arc4life Pillow

Sleeping specifically on your back with the arc4life traction pillow is very comfortable.
Sleeping specifically on your back with the arc4life traction pillow is very comfortable. | Source

More Details about the Arc4life Traction V Pillow

Finished Size of Medium
Finished Size of Large
Composed of
Polyester fiber fill
Made in
Specifications of the Arc4life Pillow

My Rating for this Pillow:

5 stars for Comfort of the Cltraction Pillow

What Else Can you use with this pillow to help your neck pain condition more?

I get this question quite a bit.

A customer will call us first to help them choose the best pillow for them. Depending on what they have going on we will recommend the arc4life traction pillow. Most times it works out for them. A few weeks or months later, we will get a phone call for more advice. What else can i do for my pain specifically during the day? "The numbness and tingling is much better at night and i am able to sleep."

My next step is usually to recommend neck traction during the day. Stretching their neck using a traction unit such as the posture pump or trac collar for 15 minutes a day, 3-4 times per week is very beneficial. This traction used in conjunction with the pillow really helps neck pain from a herniated or bulging disc condition in the c spine.

Here is a great hub detailing how to choose a neck traction system:

How to pick the right cervical traction unit for your pain

Other great items that will help:

- a hot and cold pack for the neck and shoulder area

- a natural pain relief gel. This will help with muscle spasm pain

- a tens unit- another great item for muscle spasm and tightness

Finally, don't forget to do neck stretches regularly to keep your muscles from tightening up. You can even do them in the shower as well each morning.

Have you tried this pillow before?

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