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A Poem for April- Child Abuse Prevention Month

Updated on May 10, 2012

Child Abuse Prevention


April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

She sits in her room and cries herself to sleep

Her father yells-she better not make a peep

All too often this is the story that is never told

It needs to stop so history doesn’t repeat itself when she gets old

Whether it is physical, verbal, or sexual, the statistics are there

We can all make a positive difference if we truly care

Take a deep breath, a step back, a break

Before you harm a child and make an enormous mistake

The wounds may heal over time but the scars remain

Children don’t easily forget all of the agony and pain

They become anxious, nervous, and depressed

They will have trouble calming down and being able to rest

Parents will wonder why their child is out of control

They’ll put even more pressure on and begin to scold

That child will begin to resent and even hate

Abuse is something we truly need to eliminate

If you have a child, or you’re in a relationship with someone who does

Show that child love, compassion, and what it means to hope and dream…..because

If you don’t

Your child won’t

Abuse is a vicious cycle that’s hard to break

Be the one to make the change and don’t make the same mistake

© 2012 FreezeFrame34


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