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A Poem in Rhyme - Fun and Sublime

Updated on April 26, 2013

Poetry writing for me is a way to see things deeply with an unobstructed eye and a curiosity that leads into broader areas of conscious awareness onto a path of unfolding recognition.

Poetry carries the music which harmonizes individuality with universality. It is the language which doesn't fade with time, the golden footprint on the sands of human existence.

Poetry turns words into water that quenches the thirst of a human soul and then gives the words wings to fly.

In my personal experience, I wrote 'The Universe is You' as a high school senior. After my close younger brother died and I moved into a relationship that was not fully me, my poetic pen went dry. That is, something dried up inside me.

Thirty years later, I moved to the Hawaiian islands. In the warmth and ease of nature, rhyming poems began to flow. It was a joy, and writing rhymes was my mode of personal and spiritual development.

We were having such magical adventures on the islands, I had ample stories to tell in rhyme. Also, we gave a wind chime with a rose-colored butterfly as a wedding gift and I wrote a poem to go with it. On the occasion of my dad's 83rd birthday, I wrote him a poem. On the islands I tried my hands at the darbuka, and wrote a drumming poem. The poem I Am was written while I sat overlooking the blue Pacific from the cliffs outside the remote rainforest village of Hana on Maui.

There is an epic poem of the islands still waiting in the wings to be hubbed as a video with music. Here is a poem presented in this way: Reflections on the Extraordinary in Ordinary Life.

My younger brother wrote a song before he made his transition. It is now presented in the hub: Death Transformed - the Song of the Star-Gazing Wanderer

Thank you, Poetic Ink, for asking the question which inspired this hub.

Rose in the Sun

(Poem with the wedding gift of a wind chime)

When the air moves, the chime sweetly sings,

and the butterfly rises on its soft rosy wings.

The sun bends its ray to dance with the rose

and celebrate with you the path that you chose.

For you chose to join as partner and friend,

to follow the path over hill, around bend.

As the song of the chime plays on your heartstrings,

and lifts your heart up on its own rosy wings,

let your love carry you to the place it will go.

Your heart you can trust, it always will know

what brings out the best of the gifts that you bear,

what opens your heart so you fully can share.

Your life will unfold as the rose in the sun

as you walk on together not as two but as one.

Dad's 83rd Birthday

In sun and rain,

a harvest grown

from fertile soil,

and seeds well-sown.

And now the peak,

white with fresh snow,

at peace in moonlight's

silver glow.

I Am

Who am I?

Am I a fish walking from the sea?

Am I a leaf on the family tree?

Am I conceived of egg and sperm?

Am I H2O, a chemist's term?

Am I the works behind clockface?

Am I a sinner saved by grace?

I am the ocean, that is me,

I am the clouds above the sea.

I am the sun and falling rain,

grass and grazer on the plain.

I am the island you can see.

The mountain also, it is me.

I am just what is to show.

Oops! Where did the borders go?

I am white spray against the shore,

sandy beach and ocean floor,

quiet depths 'neath wind and wave,

rising cliffs and darkened cave.

I am the tree with gnarled root,

and branches bearing seed and fruit.

My roots reach down through clay and sand,

bridging heaven to the land.

I am the night and the day

I am the hunter and the prey

The desert sun in mid-day heat,

the silver moon so cool and sweet.

I am a sinner saved by grace,

I am what saves the human race.

I am what seeks the golden shore,

I am the one I am waiting for.

I am the potter and the clay.

I am for earth another way.

I am a human made to be,

a creator living free.

I am the void, unformed and still,

I am dynamic, active will.

I am the Now in endless space,

I am the All with human face.


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