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Food And Health For Thoughts

Updated on July 21, 2015

Food, Health and Healing

Our food is designed to be our medicine. Every mouthful of food either builds us up or breaks us down. It goes without saying that life most important treasure is good health. Food is a basic necessity and everyone needs a healthy food for the body to work at its perfect best. Food is the major raw material the body uses for growth and maintainance. It is the fuel that keeps us going or otherwise. However, it is not just a good habit or lifestyle to negligently eat whatever food that comes across your way, but to sensibly be choosy in the intake of food so as to be able to enjoy your life to the full.

I think that that will make a big difference to live a disease-free life. It was during the stone age era you could see people eat to no limit but not in this day and age anymore. Anyone that does that now is quite doing himself an unnecessary unremarkable disservice and the resultant effect portends running risks of ill-health both now and in the future as is often the case. A stitch in time they say saves nine.

To live long ill-free you've got to become your own personal adviser as regarding what is good for your system and what is not! There is no gainsaying the fact that without good health life is vehemently frustrating. Those who have enjoyed good health and somehow suddenly lost it will understand and clearly testify to what I am talking about.

To all intent and purposes, the standard set for yourself as regarding this incipient principle or discipline may not just be helping you alone healthwise but also others around you that may inventually follow suit or read between the lines that what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. You've got to wise up!

We all are what we eat...the product of our ingestion. Eating correctly means the right food at the right time. The right food is not necessarily the sophisticated or artificial food; but the common natural food we see around us. And the right time to eat is not the predetermined three times daily as programmed by custom or tradition; it is as demanded by our system as individuals particularlly the grown ups.

A balanced diet is a major factor in healthy living. Food is the most important factor for health and healing. You can live long and live strong and in tip-top shape all your life. But may I tell you something? It is by taking cognizance of the health-giving food that the body needs to function at its best that you can achieve this aim.

Essentially, the addition of fruits to your diet will without doubt have many positive effects upon your health. Their low fat content and high dietary fibre content helps control blood glucose levels, as well as reduces blood cholesterol. It is likely to reduce the risk of colon and other categorized ailments.

They do not only contain antioxidants but also have natural phyto-chemicals which may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Like vegetables, they contain essential vitamins such as A, B, C and E, also folic acid, and minerals like potassium, calcium, zinc and manganese which are vital for good health and disease prevention.

Balance your fruits intake between the orange, red and green variety. The more colourful your choice the healthier it normally is and as an easy rule the more vitamins, minerals and fibre they will usually contain. To get the maximum benefit from fruits, do ensure that wherever possible, if it is fresh and if the skins is edible do not hesitate to munch them altogether. You can eat healthy and stay healthy.


- Carbohydrates is a source of energy.

- Fibre keeps the gut healthy and helps prevent constipation.

- Vitamin C is needed for healthy skin and rejuvenates tissues

as well as aid the absorption of iron. It also helps boost your immune

system, which is your body's natural form of defence.

- Vitamin E is to reduce the risk of some types of cancers and heart disease.

- Phytochemicals may help protect against some diseases.

- Antioxidants is for diseases prevention.

- Beta-carotenes is required for growth and development.

For instance, one of the protective mechanisms is called immune system as you may know. The function is to defend the body by recognizing foreign invaders or harmful substances found in the system and what it quickly does is to deploy all its warring forces in its arsenal against such. The apparent reason for that is to protect the body efficiently.

However, when the "control tower" or system is not well-preserved, well-nourished with relevant and appropriate food as it were, then a defensive failure occurs. Control and repair mechanisms wear out when there is nutritional deficiency. The systems deteriorate until they finally pack up.

Further-still, many folks lead sedentary lives, spend most of their time in front of computer or TV and yet eat various kinds of high fat, calories-laden, high sugar foods and drinks. Somehow, while eating all the whatnots, you may at the time feel on top of the world or better still - feel like a little kid in a candy shop. Nevertheless, by the time all these regular bite begin to show up...funny thing is it does come gradually unannounced and then thereby become a big show.

Before it gets to that level, let's avoid eating fast foods which tend to make us pile up unnecessary excess weight. Remember, we do always pay for excess luggage while on a trip. Don't we? The keys to weight control is healthy eating and regular physical exercise. Actually, you've got to drill this point into yourselves and practise it for optimum health.

Conclusively, knowledge they say is power but I'll rather say that knowledge without application is meaingless. Now that you have read through this hub, you will grab one or two points that staying healthy is better than being ill and be running from pillar to post for solution. You will also discover that most of the illnesses that incapacitate folks are self-made and are often preventable.

It is my considered opinion that preventive measure often costs much less than the penalty for neglect and in the same vein the cost of ignorance and negligence is by far greater than the price of education.All that is required is wisdom, determination and committment to turning over a new leaf.


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