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A Spiritual Discussion With My Esoteric Self, Part 1

Updated on November 30, 2018
Sean Dragon profile image

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


There is a wonderful Esoteric Law in Nature, which states that we can obtain the three most valuable things in life - which are happiness, freedom, and inner peace - only after we first offer them to someone else.

— Sean Dragon

Inner Journey

One of the most fundamental pieces of knowledge that my experiences have taught me through this wondrous journey called life is that true happiness comes only through inner peace. Apparently, I did not discover America! All the great Masters have taught this truth since ancient times (my brother Tim Truzy has recently published an excellent article about Peace of Mind). I had heard about it for the first time when I was a teenager, but then I could not comprehend the magnitude of its significance for my happiness. It had to become my own experiential knowledge. Besides, we can never fully understand what we learn, if it does not become "ours" through experience.

My experience has, therefore, taught me that true inner peace can come through acts of unselfish offering and unconditional love that are strengthened and fed through constant prayer and meditation and vice versa. This at least is my way.

Prayer and meditation helped me to come into contact with my Inner Self, my Divine Core and to experience the presence of God who lives in me, as in all creatures, and to communicate with Him. So I managed to love Him again and through Him to love myself and all creation without any exception. At that time the inner serenity appeared.

I definitely have a long way to go before I can make this inner serenity an abiding situation in my life, but at least I know now, where to turn to calm down when the "storms" of life appear, and fear or selfishness try to overwhelm me.


Prayer and meditation appease the lower mind that always tends to deal with the external world and drift away by the circumstances. It is prone to actions of selfishness and fear, and if you do not take control of it, it will lead you to confusion and misery. Only when the lower mind rests and is peaceful can accept the enlightenment of the Spirit and can comprehend the spiritual truths, and then can evolve into the Supreme Mind that will create a thaumaturgic unity with Soul and Heart. And because each one of us is a temple of the Divine Spirit, the knowledge of the Truth will come from within, from the "Spirit of Christ," as Apostle Paul says, that is living in each of us.

In this inner peace and during my prayers and meditations, I have debated with my Inner Self; I think countless times. He, with his wisdom, has taught me well about many questions and doubts I had and has helped me to experience a state of happiness for which I praise God daily.


In this "series", I would like to share with you, in the form of reflections, some of the conclusions and the knowledge I have gained through these discussions. And I want to do it for two reasons:

First, because I think they can also answer your questions. After all, we all are alike, much more than we believe. This is one of the first things I found out through these discussions.

Second, because I hope to encourage some of you to turn to your Inner Self and to communicate with this inexhaustible source of knowledge within you. Remember that God dwells in each one of us and expects from us to "use" Him for our progress and prosperity.

I hope to help. Happiness gets more substantial when you share it!

Reflection 1: Love Is the Rule

The Love, the Good and the Beauty are the truth and the rule. Anything else is the exception.

— Sean Dragon

We live in a world that tries to convince us that selfishness, corruption, hatred, separation, fear, and vice is the norm. So if we want to survive, we have to harmonise our lives with this rule and not be those silly romantics who are trying to live by the exceptions, as kindness and altruism are considered.

Some theologians teach us that Jesus also was an exception in life. They say that He was the only son of God.

But Jesus was not an only child. He had and has many brothers and sisters, including you and me. We are also daughters and sons of God, Holy children of a perfect Godhead. Jesus was our eldest brother who found the way for our Home and showed it to us. He is not a deity to be worshipped but an ideal to imitate and to become worthy of Him.

He said, "You will do even greater things than these I did." (John 14:12-14)


He would not have uttered these words if we were inferior or different from Him. He would not have given his life if the rule is the one that this materialistic world tries to convince us. He shouted and showed in every way that Love is our nature and the law, and that only through Love we can find true happiness.

I have not really seen any person who has chosen to follow the world's commands to live truly happy. But I have seen many who decided to prove with their lives that Jesus was right, to live happily, despite the difficulties and the war they have to face from the world.

You choose how you live. Do not let the world deceive you. The Love, the Good and the Beauty are the truth and the rule. Anything else is the exception. Let's show it to the world.

I try to fill my every day with Love for His glory.

— Sean Dragon

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