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A Startling Way to Use A Guided Meditation Script

Updated on March 7, 2009

A Guided Meditation Script Will Take You Many Places

A Guided Meditation Script Will Take You Many Places
A Guided Meditation Script Will Take You Many Places

Reading aloud? You'd be surprised!

I always seem to run into a problem when I check out a book for a guided meditation script . They would have pages and pages for each meditation, but no way for me to access them while I'm meditating. Granted, there are some excellent recordings out there, but each one tends to be pricey. I am not speaking ill of the recordings; many of them are rather good if not excellent. However, I like to customize things, and I also like to save money when and where I can

So, I wanted to see if there was a way for me to read a guided meditation script to myself. It's actually not too hard at all. You'll want to make sure that you replace every instance of "you" with "I" and so on, but aside from that, you'll just want to read it aloud in much the same way that you would want someone to read it to you. Slowly, and with a soothing tone of voice. In our society we have a vivid, if untapped, visual imagination. Anyone who has gotten swept up in a story, be it around a campfire or in a book, should be able to keep their eyes open and keep reading.

At one level, you'll be reading the guided meditation aloud to yourself. On another level, you'll be experiencing it, taking in the imagery, and gaining the benefits.

Allow me to offer a few hints that will make this more effective:

  • Retype your script for the purpose. It'll be easier if you've already changed "you" to "I" and so on.
  • Get a blank sheet of paper and block out what's coming up. I find myself the kind of person who likes to see what's coming up. This can ruin the purpose of the guided meditation script, so cover up and stay in the moment.
  • Find and remember a comfortable reading position. Remember, this is a meditation, and your body will relax (this is a good thing, remember). You want your body to be comfortable and as stress-free as possible while you read. If you're paying attention to an aching body, you're not paying attention to the meditation.

Aside from these remember that as with any meditation, you'll want to be undisturbed, and in a peaceful environment. Let the people around you know that you're taking some time for yourself, and find a secluded room for just you and the meditation.

When you start reading, it's probably going to seem a little funny at first. Just remember to speak slowly, and focus on the images that the words represent. Don't force it, but instead allow your own voice to carry you into the experience.

The best book I've seen on this is Instant Self Hypnosis, although it's "self hypnosis" and not "meditation" the two are remarkably similar for most purposes, and they work much the same way. The book gives great instructions on how to read to yourself, and also includes many different scripts, each essentially its own guided meditation script, for different purposes. Later in the book, you are shown some tips on how to write your own, making the book an even better bargain.

Other Resources on Meditation to help with your Guided Meditation Script

  • The Higher Balance Institute. They have a comprehensive system of instruction starting with a guided meditation and going far, far beyond.
  • My site on energy healing in its various forms.
  • Technology for Living - Here I discuss my spiritual development as it happens.

A Recorded Guided Meditation Script for Accepting the Divine


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