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Narrative: A Tribute to my Dearest Grandma

Updated on January 10, 2015

Introduction & Background

Below is an essay I wrote as a tribute to my grandmother who passed on in 2000 when I was 11 years old. When I realized the story behind her adoption of my father and her selfless care for other children she adopted as well as her grandchildren like me, I realized that there was far too much I owed her that I can never return to her.

A few years back, I wrote a 300 word essay tribute for her to an essay contest and have decided to publish here as a reminder to both myself and to honor her memory.

The 300 Word Essay Submission

My grandmother is the person I hold in the highest esteem.

She doted on me, fed me amply, sheltered me from harm and was always there for me.

Despite the language differences, she instilled the correct values in me and honed my perceptiveness towards right and wrong.

As an elder with a traditional mindset and 'hokkien' vernacular as her lingua franca, I remember the days when she disciplined me with firm but fair rebuke, only resorting to the rod when words of discipline fell on insolent ears.

My welfare was always her top priority as my meals were lavish affairs, painstakingly created while hers paled and lacked in comparison.

Undeniably, attributing my values and beliefs to her is an understatement of the influence she had over my life.

I realized subconsciously that her selfless generosity and firm discipline manifested themselves in my disciplined behaviour and daily habits.

She taught me first hand that unconditional love can transcend any boundaries of genealogy and heredity.

It was something I realized only after her demise in 2000 that we were not related by blood. In fact, she had adopted my father when he was a child as his natural parents were too poor.

I recall blaming my father vainly for not divulging his background to us earlier until her passing.

All this while, I had taken her love and concern for granted, believing it was her duty to take care of me and my rightful privilege to receive it without reciprocation due to my 'status' as her grandson.

It was only in pensive thought in later years when I finally understood the bigger picture and the meaning behind her actions that love can be unrequited and misunderstood yet always fondly cherished.

By her footstool, I also learnt frugality and respect for all.


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