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A Warm and Pleasant Day

Updated on February 18, 2017

I hadn't remembered it
since it went away
but now it is here now
a warm and pleasant day.

I was away I guess
lost but now I'm found
I felt lonely
but now you are back around.

It was an escape
and I can not pretend
it wasn't a day by day
viscious cycle had to end.

I took a long walk
and found out who I am
I took some solid steps
and walked until I was a man.

Childhood memories
to linger there ain't bad
but you have to focus
that those aren't the only times you've had.

So now we move forward
step out into this day
and embrace each moment
hear the simple words I say.

Y'know I love you
and I always have
and you've been there for me
in the good times and the bad.

I hadn't remembered this
since it went away
but now it's here now
a warm and pleasant day.


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