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Marijuana's variety: understanding what they are

Updated on January 17, 2016

What exactly is marijuana

First off before we begin talking about what different kinds of marijuana are out there lets talk about marijuana as a whole. This substance is very controversial right now as some states are beginning to legalize it either for medical or recreational use. Marijuana as a whole is a plant that is grown from the ground that contains several different chemicals in its makeup these chemicals include

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

Cannabidiol (CBD)

Cannabichromene (CBC)

Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCU)

Cannabinol (CBN)

Cannabigerol (CBG)

Each of these chemicals have effects on our body that is astounding and h\as we study it and learn more it blows our scientists away. Now different strains which are specific offsprings of one form of cannabis be it indica, sativa, or ruderalis contain different trace amounts of these chemicals. This is what produces different highs when you consume different kinds of marijuana.

Cannabis sativa

The appearance of this plant is tall, lanky, and has serrated and narrow leaves. The buds tend to be spread far apart with a high resin content on them. The grow time of this plant is pretty long, about 8-14 weeks for flowering, and marijuana plants start to produce buds towards the end of their flowering time. Some will bud faster than others. The smell of sativa tents to be more fruity, or spicy.

The smoke produced from sativa tends to be smooth and easy on your throat. The taste is typically fruity, smooth, tangy, etc. These strains tend to be higher in TCH than CBD and CBN. This high is a very uplifting and stimulating high and great for daytime use. Often times it greatly increases peoples creativity and ability to focus which makes it a great study help.

Medically speaking this kind of marijuana is often used to treat mental disabilities and illnesses. One of the most common diseases this is used to treat is depression because of how uplifting it is and because it seems to directly influence the receiver in your brain that effect serotonin production. Another disability it is commonly used to treat is ADHD because it helps aid in being able to focus and retain attention.

Cannabis indica

This plant tends to be short and bush like with the leaves appearing close together and buds being tightly packed. Their leaves are very thick and highly serrated, and the color of this plant tends to be very dark green. The grow time of this plant is very short, a mere 6-10 weeks making this plant one of the most common found on the street because of its small size and short flowering time.

The smell tends to be on the skunky side and the smoke is thick and often causes coughing. This high is very body orientated and can cause the 'couch lock' that people often associate with marijuana use. Because of this it is best to smoke at night before bed as it causes you to calm down and relax. The different strains of indica have higher levels of CBD and CBN and less THC.

Medically this kind of marijuana is often used to help with physical ailments. This is the marijuana often given to cancer patients because it stimulates appetite, lowers nausea, and reduces pain associated with chemotherapies. It also helps relieve chronic back pains and pains associated with many forms of arthritis. It is also commonly prescribed to help with sleep disorders such as insomnia.

Cannabis ruderalis

This strain is a strain that is somewhere in between sativa and indica. Many ruderalis strains are strains that have been created by breeding an indica with a sativa plant. The way these plants look varies largely because if its more indica it looks more on the side of indica but if its more sativa it looks more on the side of sativa. The leaves vary greatly though often times they are not quite as skinny as sativa but almost there and lightly serrated. The color is much lighter than the color of most indicas but not nearly as light as sativa.

The smell of these plants varies greatly with whatever strain of ruderalis you are talking about, same with the kind of smoke that is produced. The effects often are some sort of middle point, where it's uplifting but doesn't make you hyper. This kind is good for people who like the feeling of sativa but the sativa makes them anxious. You get the uplifting feeling but the indica in it calms you down.

Medically speaking this kind of cannabis is used to treat anxiety disorders because it gives them the energy to do things but also calms down anxiety. It's also used for pain treatments and can be consumed during the day much easier than indica.

There is so much more

This is barely touching the surface of the varieties of marijuana. Each of these kinds have hundreds maybe thousands of different strains underneath them. If you go looking for marijuana and you say you want sativa there's going to be many choices to choose from. Some strains of marijuana are better for medical uses, and some strains are rarely used medically.

For people interested in marijuana make sure you view the laws in place in the area you live in.Some states are now legal for recreational use where others only allow medical use.

What is your favorite kind of marijuana

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