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A brief guide on the preventive measures against diabetes

Updated on November 23, 2012

The world diabetes day is celebrated round the world on 14th of November. One main objective behind this is to raise an awareness among the general people of the world about diabetes through different mediums like radio, newspaper, televisions, meetings etc. This year the slogan for the same is “Protect our future.” It is generally believed that the disease got widespread very rapidly and most of the population is still unaware about the same. Different kinds of questions regarding diabetes come up in the mind of a person who is suffering from the same or if one of his/her family member is affected by it. Hence, an effort is taken here to jot down some of the important questions and information so that it would help to clear certain questions which mayrise in the mind of people who wants to find out about diabetes and its preventive measures. Some of the important information about diabetes is given below as questions for better understanding of the readers

How to understand if one is affected with diabetes?

Certain symptoms like the frequent passage of urine, increase of thirst, slimming down or loss in weight, weakness or fatigue, blurry vision, circling of head, excess time to heal wounds etc. indicate about diabetes. When one experiences such symptoms then he/she needs to go for a blood test. But one may also get affected with diabetes without experiencing any of its symptoms. A person who is living a normal life may also show up diabetes when he/she goes for a blood test for any other problems.

How many types of diabetesare there?

The two main types of diabetes are type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. In type 1 diabetes (formerly known as juvenile diabetes), the body fails to produce insulin. In type 2 diabetes, the blood has the high level of sugar or glucose. This is a very common diabetes which affects most of the people.

Could insulin be given at the beginning of diabetes?

In type 1 diabetes,insulin is the only treatment available. In type 2 diabetes, if thesugar or glucose level is higher in the beginning of diabetes then it is better to take insulin first. This helps in reducing the level of diabetes and then one may go for medications. This actually depends on the type of diabetes and the stage of diabetes one is going through.

How many times one has to take insulin on a day?

There are different types of insulin. Some work for three to four hours while others work for 24 hours on a given day. Normally, one has to take insulin one tofour times in a day.

Does one have to take insulin throughout the lifespan?

No, it is not so because one may stop taking insulin from time to time.

Is diabetes preventable?

If diabetes is detected in the preliminary stage it could be prevented for a long time with the help of certain medicines. One also needs to follow a proper lifestyle with it.

Does diabetes medicines have any side effects?

Yes, diabetes medicines have certain amount of side effects but then those are not major in nature.

Once affected, does one needs to depend on medicines throughout life?

Yes, there are certain medicines which are continued throughout. During diabetes, treatment is done keeping long term thoughts in mind.

When is insulin taken in type 2 diabetes?

If a person with type 2 diabetes has FBS or fasting blood glucose level constantly above 250mg/dl and the HbA1c (measure for blood glucose control) above 9 percent then insulin is recommended as an initial medical aid. Later when the blood sugar decreases then medicines are given. Besides, if anyone is suffering from this disease around 15 to 20 years then there is hardly any other alternative than insulin. Again if a woman who is under the treatment of diabetes 2 gets pregnant then insulin is given.

Preventive measures in the early detection of diabetes

If diabetes is detected early, certain preventive measures against the same does a whole lot of good to the patient. One needs to have a great control on oneself and only by following a healthy lifestyle one could curb the diabetes. One needs to remember that if diabetes is detected then one has to play a significant role to control the same. Let's check out some of the ways through which one could do that:

Avoid smoking: If you are into the habit of smoking say a big no it today. This would not only decrease the sugar and blood pressure but also the heart keeps well. It would also prevent the kidney from sustaining any damage

Blood sugar test: Once in a month one needs to do the FBS, 2 hr PPBS, HbAIC test.

Cholesterol: One needs to maintain the the level of cholesterol below 150.

Diet control: It would be more than good if one takes the help of a dietician for this. Normally, one could opt for rice for lunch and chapatis for dinner. One also needs to drink tea and milk with sugar free tablets. One should avoid oil, ghee, butter, fast food, cold drinks etc.

Exercise and eye checkup: One needs to walk regularly for one hour every day. One also needs to go for an eye check up annually. If an eye related problem is found then one must visit to an eye specialist in every three months.

Who needs to go for a blood sugar test?

Those who are suffering from the problems mentioned below needs to go for the blood sugar test. Some of the problems are as given below:

  1. Those who do not do any regular exercise or physically disabled.
  2. If parents or children have case history of diabetes.
  3. Those mother who have given birth to babies of more than four Kg or those who was detected with diabetes during pregnancy.
  4. If the blood pressure is above 120/80 or if one is under the treatment of blood pressure.
  5. Those women who are suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome.
  6. If one is suffering from the problems related to obesity.

If diabetes is detected after the blood test then one should consult the doctors. On contrary to this, if the report is normal one needs to go for the test at least once in a year. This would help to detect diabetes in the prediabetes stage and would also help to control it by following a measured lifestyle by having one or two medicines.

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