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A Broken Spirit: A Melancholic poem.

Updated on December 19, 2018
Dana Tate profile image

I have a passion for life, and a zeal for understanding the depths of human nature.

Have You Ever Felt like Your Spirit Was Broken?

I'm a butterfly without its wings.

Like a lone honeycomb, without the activity of bees.

Like a turtle, that lost his protective shell.

Like the wife, whose mourning the husband

She cherished so well.

Like the sun, that no longer brightens the sky.

Like the star, that no longer sparkles at night.

Like the poet, that dies with words unspoken.

That's how my heart feels when my spirit is broken.

I'm broken like a twig that snapped off a tree!

Broken like the prisoner, whose soul longs to be free!

Broken like a clock that no longer tells time!

But you can't blame me because this heartache is mine!

I'm broken over people who sleep on the streets!

Broken because there's kids with out enough food to eat!

Broken for the prostitute's, who lost their self-worth!

Broken over yokes that oppresses the poor!

Yes I'm broken like a clock that no longer tells time!

But you can't blame me because this heartache is mine!

I can't be blamed for the things I see with my eyes!

I can't be blamed by those who choose to stay blind!

Yes I'm broken like a bird that can no longer fly.

For its wings are clipped, and it sits waiting to die.

I can't be blamed, for it's a curse that I have been given!

For these things my eyes see, and only grieves my broken spirit.

4 Simple ways to help fight depression and the feeling of hopelessness

Pray: Prayer is one of the most soothing was I relax and fight off depression. Some people may feel too depressed to pray, in that case, find a prayer partner or ask someone who is strong in prayer to pray for you. I found it very effective to attend prayer class. Being around other people and hearing their testimonies encouraged me as I realized I was not alone.

Write: Keep a journal and write down your thoughts and how you feel day to day. Writing things down is a way of releasing the things from your mind. Seeing your thoughts on paper can also help you analyze your feelings and help you find solutions.

Don't be idle: Don't sit around feeling sorry for yourself, allowing your thoughts to consume you. Take a walk on the beach, the sound of water is very soothing and relaxing. Exercise or take an arobic class. keeping yourself busy will keep your mind off of your problems "at least temporarily"

Find a hobby: Helping other's is one way to take your problems off of your circumstances. Use the things you love to do such as: cooking, sewing, or other talents that you may possess to bless others. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or, help fundraise for a charity. A lot of depression comes from feeling unproductive. So if you are feeling blue making the use of idle time is a good way to help fight the feeling hopelessness.

How to channel anger in a more positive direction.

Most people wonder why there is so much suffering in the world, but suffering is only bad if you allow it to be. Changes are made because of suffering. Laws are created and then re-created because of suffering. People have learned to do things correctly, because doing them incorrectly has caused them to suffer. Two things come from suffering:

  1. Either you turn angry and bitter
  2. You get angry enough to do something about it.

This poem was born from a contrite spirit. Although God never promised us the road would be easy, we sometimes become sad over things that overwhelm us.

I would become sad over injustice. Cry over suffering, and couldn't stomach things such as:

  1. Racism
  2. Greed
  3. Homelessness

I just never understood how these things could exist when it seemed simple to just love each other, after all, we are only promised 70+ years on this beautiful earth. I learned to channel my energy in a more positive direction. Although I can never change the world by myself, I can always strive to make a difference.

Fear is the seed that produces- rotten fruit.

My decision to join the ministry started out with a desire. A desire to understand myself, and others and this led me to God. I always had a thirst for knowledge so I knew in order to satisfy this thirst I needed to go to the source. What I learned is that "fear" is the seed that produces rotten-fruit.

Fear is the seed that produces all these fruits:

  • anger
  • bitterness
  • trust-issues
  • greed
  • low-self worth
  • neediness

These are the fruits from the seed planted from fear and as the bible says we will eat the fruit of our own way. What this means is these issues becomes a ruling factor in our lives and all of our motives are usually driven by these insecurities.

The issue that ruled me was anger; as you can see in my poem I was very angry by the plights of the world. My heart was full of sorrow because the pain of others effects me deeply. I became very angry towards God. I imagined an angry God, sitting in heaven not caring what happens to us. Logically I knew God wasn't the cause, but emotionally I couldn't accept it; and the anger put these words in my heart.

Why do you believe there is so much suffering in the world ?

Do you believe it is everyone's responsibility to make the world a better place for the next generation.

See results

Feelings of hopelessness.

Do you feel most people are not being truthful when they say they never get angry with God?

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A calling into the ministry.

Being called into the ministry gave my life new meaning. God's response to me made me examine my own heart. It was so easy for me to blame God and not accept any responsibility in the role I played for not making this world a better place. Although I know my efforts alone cannot changed the world, I allow God to use me to help make a difference.


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