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ZEO : A device to analyze sleep data!! :)

Updated on March 20, 2012

What is ZEO?

Hubbers, I am going to share the great device with you that helps learn about your sleep and even offers means to improve it.

Doctors recommend 7-9 hours of sleep every night. However not everyone gets that amount. And even if you do, you wake up tried or blurry or low-energy or find yourself dragging for the day. Also there are number of sleep disorders out there, and we may not even know about it.

Those who care for sleep and have doubts about sleep apnea or insomnia or snoring complaints, may have visited expensive sleep-care facilities where you spend a night hooked to wires and a professional person is baby-sitting the device attached to you. Then based on the one nightdata on a strange place, your doctor recommends you some sleep aids and situation still remains the same. You have no choice other than either to keep going to the facility or give up and start living with it.

But not anymore!!


A company ZEO Inc., formerly known as AXON labs has created a device called ZEO, that lets you analyze your sleep pattern yourself day after day and helps you even track progress. You just have to sleep in night wearing a comfortable soft head band as per instructions of the device makers and in the morning you can find out if you got right quality of sleep or not.

Zeo is an amazing device and has two parts:

  • Head band (an array of soft sensors – a break-through comfortable revolutionary design)
  • A bedside display (the brain behind ZEO’s functionality that uses high-tech algorithms).

The soft head-band carries soft sensors that measure the electrical signals produced naturally by your brain while you are sleeping. The band transmits this data wirelessly to the bedside display device that uses hundreds of intelligent algorithms to help you analyze your sleep pattern.

The head-band is very comfortable and easy to wear. Just make sure it sits right in the center of your forehead. The ZEO’s website provides step by step instructions in a video demonstration.

The bedside display is a great educational device that provides you key data about your own sleeping behavior. In the morning it would show you:

  • The sleep pattern graph
  • The sleep score
  • The amount of time spent in deep or light
  • The number of times you wake up and how long for each awake

The great thing about this device is that it educates you about your own sleeping behavior and provides you a tool to analyze and improve your sleep daily.

The bedside display also has a SD memory card slot so that you can save your daily sleep data. You can upload this data on myzeo sleep coach application on ZEO’s website that would provide further insights and tips on how to find trends in your sleep linked to your everyday lifestyle, stress, eating, exercising and other such life choices. This would empower you with knowledge to separate the sleep-stealers from sleep-facilitators. You would get to know about 7 sleep stealers that can cause sleep problems. The good thing, by making natural doable changes, you can avoid unnecessary medicines that may affect your neural network.

The company is even offering personal sleep coaching program that is fully guided and is aimed at providing complete sleep fitness. This program offers goal oriented tasks that are realistic and achievable.

This is an amazing product.

Here is my own story:

Everyday I find myself dragging through the day. I had been thinking that it was my back pain that is slowing me down and I have to drag through the day by drinking ¾ cups of coffee and tea that further cause acidity and lack of lust to eat properly. The real answer lies in the good quality sleep, After I learnt about ZEO, I have started analyzing my problems and realized that every good and nice night ended up in cheerful happy day. I know now that I can change my daily life for just $250.

What are you waiting, go buy one, I even have posted link for you to quickly grab it tax free..

Live healthy and wealthy!!!



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    • networkrecruiting profile image

      networkrecruiting 8 years ago from Spicy Alabama

      This is truly new technology that can be used at home effectively. I know I have bad sleeping habits, I do get between 8 and10 hours sleep but at the wrong time and I wake up pretty often during that time.I need to reset my internal clock so I go to bed at 11pm and not 3am. Thanks for the info.REESA