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A Recurring Dream I Had the Last Two Years Before Retiring, an Answer to Billybuc's Challenge to Write a Dream Sequence

Updated on May 5, 2020
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I am a writer of poetry and fiction. I especially love flash fiction. My name is Ruby, and I live in Southern Illinois. I am a retired R.N.


Some evenings I was the only R.N. on duty in the rehab. dept. at the hospital.

I was alone, driving my car in the middle of night, attempting to locate Healthsouth Hospital where I'd worked for years as a R.N. The road was unpaved, and it was pouring rain. My tires were drudging through deep, muddy ruts. I'd driven for hours when suddenly the hospital came into view in a forest-like sitting in the middle of nowhere.

I pushed on my car door handle to exit my car, it wouldn't budge. I grabbed the remote control, it was useless, just when I thought I was trapped inside my car, the door opened.

When I reached the hospital entrance, it was locked. I pushed the after-hour buzzer, no one came. I frantically started beating on the door, no one heard me. Suddenly the door swung wide open. When I entered, I couldn't find my nurses station. I noticed people milling about but didn't recognize anyone. With desperation mounting, I turned a corner and there it was!

I must have drawn blood from a patient because I was now walking to the lab with a bucket ( not a vial ) of swishing blood.

I guess my shift had ended, I was at the door attempting to leave, the door wouldn't open. After several attempts, the door swung open.

When I got to the parking lot, my car was gone. After running around like a crazed lunatic, there it was, and yes, the door wouldn't unlock.

That's when I woke up, perspiration dripping, my heart pounding like a drum. When I realized I'd been dreaming again, I was giddy with pent-up relief.

This dream was a recurring dream or night-mare I'd had the last two years I worked at Healthsouth.

I'm quite sure stress was a major factor. The hospital had recently initiated a new policy, only an R.N. could start an iv and only R.N.'s could do admissions. ( In the past if a licensed practical nurse was iv certified they could start and maintain their own iv's, and they were allowed to admit parients. )

Some evenings I was the only R.N. on duty in the rehab. dept. I remember well the last evening I worked. I had eight patients of my own, plus maintaining several iv for the LPN's, and I received two admissions. When the Dr. asked about the second admission, I blew!, Informing him that I had just finished the first admission. ( My tone was anything but pleasant. )

At that precise moment in time, I positivily knew it was time for me to retire. ( Phew! )

P.S. This dream slowly disappeared overtime.

I also want to thank Annart for daring me to write a dream sequence. Thank you Ann.


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