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With a water purifier system you can removes dangerous chemicals, bacteria and parasites from your drinking water

Updated on October 17, 2011

Water purification systems are becoming more and more of an essential as contamination is spreading throughout even the most natural of locations. It is reported by the EPA that approximately 90% of the water supply is contaminated in some form or fashion. This means that you have to be careful of the water you drink even in the most remote areas where you would believe the water to be fresh and pure.

One of the reasons for this contamination is the fact that pollution can be carried through the air. When it rains, contamination is washed from the air into the ground and into the water supplies contaminating them. In addition, there is the threat of contamination from the byproducts of animal and human waste.

Even if you are not in the wilderness or remote areas there are, still a number of concerns, which must be addressed when it comes to making sure that your drinking water is fresh and most importantly safe.

This is why it is important even with water from your own city that has been processed to use a water purification system. Water purifiers help to remove a number of contaminating elements from the water. These elements can reach the water supply through the ground and it is especially important for individuals who get their water from private wells to consider some sort of filtration or purification system in order to ensure the safety of their water as government regulations are not applied to the water, which is derived from private wells. The first thing to do is test your water and see what it exactly it contains you might be surprised at what comes back that you have been drinking with your regular tap water.

Once you have determined if you need a home water filter and water purifier, the next step is to look at the various types of systems that are available. Usually the best type of system is going to be one that is a reverse osmosis system. This is also one of the most economical systems. The next option to consider is gravity based. You will also want to look for a system that uses activated carbon as part of its filtration system. This will provide you with one of the best type of filter necessary to pull the most contaminants. It will also pull out the heavy minerals and discoloration from the water. The purification system will then pull out the variety bacteria and parasites, which can create a number of illnesses. The result of this is clean fresh water that is free from pollution, contamination, and 99.99% to 100% of disease causing bacteria like Salmonella and Cholera.

Water is designed to provide the body with the means to flush toxins and impurities so that the body can run at its best and remain healthy. Having fresh pure and clean water is the best way to make sure that you are not adding toxins and harmful substances to your body with the substance that is designed to help your body get rid of such things.

Fresh clean water is the best for the health of the body and the spirit. Even the smallest amount of bacteria and contaminants can cause the body to feel off, it can even affect your skin and hair. Not having clean and fresh water that is free of contaminants is one of the reasons why you may find it in possible to get rid of dry or brittle hair. Frequent gastrointestinal issues can also be caused by the quality of the water. Contaminants in water can also cause you to feel tired even when you are getting enough rest. Many people say that water is life and having clean fresh water is the beginning of having a healthy life.

Harmful disease causing bacteria, parasites and worms are present just about everywhere. This is why having a water filtration and water purifier is important to providing for the health of you and your family. A filtration system with activated carbon and a purification system that uses either chlorine, iodine or electrostatic to purify the water is the way to go, it covers all of the basics necessary functions to remove all of the impurities from the water that you drink every day. This is the best way to help yourself to a healthy lifestyle on the most basic level, as water is the foundation of life.


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    • profile image

      laurens health 9 years ago

      It's so true that having fresh water can affect how you look. When I've drunk the tap water at certain places, I'm sure it's had a bad effect on my skin.

      "Contaminants in water can also cause you to feel tired even when you are getting enough rest." I hadn't thought of that, but it makes sense. There's a lot of stuff that humans just shouldn't be drinking, you know?

      Those Berkey filters look like the best. It'd be so nice to be able to make sure my water was ok, even if I'm out camping or traveling around. Most home systems don't let you travel, but I think I saw a portable one on their site which you can use at home or away. That would make so much more sense.

      Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you've had such good results with your water filters. They're a real must have nowadays.