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Misdiagnosed: Part 1: "A.D.D." is not A.D.D., but a Multi-Level Brain Wiring that Needs Training and Ordering

Updated on April 5, 2013
A Bubbling Brook. It has both Linear (Constant) and Spontaneous (Circular) Flow in it.
A Bubbling Brook. It has both Linear (Constant) and Spontaneous (Circular) Flow in it.

What's Diagnosed as A.D.D. is not an attention deficiency or disorder but a multilevel circular brain wiring that is a good gift

Destined. Originally destined. You, were originally destined, for greatness. Created, designed, and made for good purposes. You’ve known this since you were born, since you were young. There were dreams in your heart of being someone powerful and doing big things. What did you want to be and do when you grew up? What kind of games did you play? What kind of things and people did you pretend to be? And what remains of this in your heart now? Children are constantly dreaming and pretending to be powerful superheroes and good guys and people they look up to. As they think they can fly, they can, and they start acting it out by putting their arms out and tilting back and forth. They want to have influence and affect things for the good. There’s nothing good they can’t do as far as they are concerned. All things are possible. They are in tune with their hearts and express them freely. Oh what greatness they show that we have in us.

Choice from a free will however. Although, in this time here and now, in life on earth, we can experience the opposite, and are left with the choice to receive or reject our destiny. The choice whether we will live out that greatness or not. And no matter how old we are or what we have rejected previously, there is always greatness to choose now, right now. It all depends on how we think, or believe, in our hearts, the deepest part of our inner being. This is evidenced in one way by people who were given desolate ruins in their beginning but then finish in beautiful terrain at their end, because they made the choice for the better. Likewise there are people who are given a beautiful terrain to start their life but end it in utter ruins, because of their decisions. The bitter can become sweet, and the sweet can become bitter. There may be certain challenges that stand in our way, but they can be none other than the walls that we climb over that make us stronger and more confident and grateful.

“Diagnosis.” Certain people, in light of these challenges, have made judgments or evaluations called a “diagnosis.” The English word “diagnosis” comes from two Greek words, “dia” which means “through, or thorough,” and “gnosis” which means “knowledge.” So a “diagnosis” is literally a “thorough knowledge.” What they have diagnosed certain people as having is a disorder and a deficiency, particularly in attention, focus, etc. They say that there is something wrong, a malfunction in the brain, something that is that shouldn’t be and something that isn’t that should be. Specifically, they say that people that struggle with paying attention especially for an extended time, or that think and talk in circles, or go from one thing to the next rapidly and so forth have a brain disorder and deficiency. They call this “A.D.D.”, or “Attention Deficit Disorder.” Then they give these people medicines that are suppose to counter this and balance them so that they can think and act normally. Some of those treated are actually little kids, even four years old, while others are grown adults.

Questions. Very important questions arise from this now. Such as, is this a thorough knowledge of the people that are evaluated? Even further, are these “diagnoses” true? How do we know? What is the fruit, the results of treating it this way, good or bad? Is it really a disorder, or actually a good thing that’s been bent out of place that needs to be realigned? Now, I do give praise and honor that is due to medicine and doctors and counselors for all the good that they do, and I am very grateful for the wisdom and breakthroughs that have happened such as penicillin, vaccinations that can prevent life-threatening illnesses, emergency rooms and medicines that literally save people’s lives. But here I am addressing, in love that is both grace and truth, the things that are not true and good and pure, the things that have been missed and misdiagnosed in health and medicine. I’m also not saying to throw away your medicine necessarily, but I am saying to have wholistic treatment for your entire being, your spirit and soul and body, or, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, socially, etc. because that ultimately is a key that will give full yield of wholeness that is full and sustained. Also I don’t have all the answers, so this is not an absolute final word, but it is a sure word.

Look again. Let’s see this from different angles, and go further. At first glance, these observations may seem true, and the treatments effective. But under the surface, we can see clearly and more fully, the truth. People who have been or could be diagnosed with “A.D.D.” generally are good at and often excel at numerous things such as multitask work, holding multiple or many thoughts at one time, creativity and art, seeing and understanding multifaceted concepts, starting projects, quickly responding to life, changes, and danger, media and technology, and much more. But, there also things that they generally struggle with in weakness such as math, accounting, book keeping, administration, data entry, working on one thing over an extended period of time, and more. And these are not things they just simply choose to be good at or choose to not be good at, it is their design, their automatic. This reveals that these people are made to work in things that are in a circular fashion verses a straight ordered line, and thus have circular brain wiring. If we could take a machine and hook it up to their brain to see its structure, what we would see is something like multiple levels or blocks that are stacked vertically on top of each other, and that each spin in circles separately. This is why they can think about and do so many things at once, because one thought or thing can be on one of the levels that moving and another on the next level and another on the next level and so on to their capacity. A challenge with this is not being too spread out and flipping back and forth from thing to thing without sound effectiveness.I call this brain wiring “B,” or “Circular.” There are strengths to B wiring, and weaknesses. (Note: people diagnosed with A.D.D. usually do have Circular but not always necessarily, and each type has it’s own characteristics and therefore problems and solutions)

Positives. Oh there is so much good in this. How? Well just as there other diversities in the world with each serving a different and/or similar good purpose (men and women, eagles and ducks, trees and bushes, cars and buses, etc.) so it with brain wirings. There is linear, circular and combination brain wiring, or A, B and C types. A/Linear wired people excel at things that are single task and in a straight order. Who else would you want to do the single and straightly ordered tasks in your business, house and life but such as accounting, book keeping, administration, etc. but linearly wired people? B/Circular wired people excel at things that are multitask and in a shuffled and shifting order. Who else better to do your simultaneous multi-task work such as answer phones, take orders, cash out customers, find products, label things, etc. all at the same time? C/Combination people excel at things that are both in a straight order and a shuffled order. Therefore, when you know your design, you can see your strengths and weaknesses and then sharpen, compensate and grow into a place of balance and maturity accordingly. These different types of wiring also contain other benefits as well, as said in Percy Jackson and the Olympians that people diagnosed with A.D.D. often go from thing to thing to thing and struggle with impulsiveness, but that is good because it gives them such quick battle and response reflexes, the very attributes that enable them to succeed in certain areas. This is another reason why they often move their hands or feet in a constant shaking motion back and forth, they are expressing their designated energy.

Examples. There are many things in the physical world that have these dual qualities. Cars have automatic transmissions that shift on their own in order, and manual transmissions that shift on your own doing in the order you need or want. Computers can be PC that have a start button with alphabetical listing of programs and files, or Mac with pictures on the bottom that you can scroll through from left to right. Shelves can be stationary holding your items in one position in rows, or spinning shelves that allow you to have more clothes in one space that rotates. A bubbling brook has both constant straightly flowing parts, and spontaneous turning & bending flowing parts. A thousand more examples could be given. Life is full of things that have both a constant, linear nature, as well a spontaneous circular nature. Both are good, both are needed, both are to be celebrated. So it is with humans’ brain wirings, and they are to be custom treated and custom celebrated.

Roots of the fruits. If there’s fruit, there’s root. When gardeners have crops that die before maturity or dry out, they don’t do anything with the fruit. They don’t treat the fruit with medicinal herbs or substances, or cut off the old bad fruit and tape on new good fruit. Gardeners dig the soil up around the crop to determine what the problem is. If there are rocks around the soil underneath, they pick out the rocks. If there isn’t enough depth in the soil, they plant where there is. If there are weeds choking out the crop and taking the sunlight, they pull them out. All of these things produce a fruitful yield, the desired results. Identifying the causes of something, and not just the symptoms, is indispensably powerful to having true, full and enduring results in anything. This is especially present in the area of health, wellness and functionality Again, I’m not saying that doctors and medicine should be taken out of the solution altogether or all the time necessarily, but I am saying what are the roots of the fruits of people’s struggle with attention and focus? And is the medicine treating the roots (causes), or merely the fruits (symptoms), and so the fruits will lay dormant and return when they are off medicine? And what are the results of the medicine, its direct effects and its side effects? Does it bear good fruit, or not? In this specific instance, brain wiring, there are multiple roots of the fruits in the positive and the negative:

- Diet: What you do and don’t eat plays a part in affecting your body’s function and chemicals

- Exercise: Physical workout or lack thereof can have a big influence on your body and well being

- Sleep: Getting the right amount rest, relaxing and sleep is necessary for body’s maintenance & repair

- Brain chemistry: There may be chemical insufficiencies in the brain due to these and/or more roots

- Mind muscles: The brain works like a muscle that gets stronger when exercised, and weaker if not

- Lack of structure: Insufficient life planning/pattern weakens our focus, habits & strength

- Believing/speaking lies: A main life director is what/how we think/speak, like a car’s steering wheel

- Mishandled negative emotions: avoiding or welcoming fear, sadness, anger, & shame willfully or not

- Wounds in the heart: Everyone has hurts & pain in their souls from living as a human on planet earth

- Spiritual war with sin: Humans used to be perfect and sinless, in the Garden of Eden, with no brain wiring dysfunctions or struggles. But, we chose to sin by disobeying God’s commands, missing the mark of glory, righteousness and perfection, and we continue to do so today. With sin, came the fall and curse of not only humans but the physical creation, the earth, ground, minerals, wildlife, biology, and so on. In all of this, our physical bodies have fallen, or, have had their quality lowered/fallen as well. So, our brain wiring has been affected through this, leaving most people only utilizing about six percent of their brain for intelligence and experiencing struggle with functionality.Therefore this can be the source of the fear, anxiety, anger, distraction, etc. that people are experiencing, and need to be dealt with accordingly. I personally have experienced much breakthrough solving this root problem. The way to do this first and foremost is to believe on the work Jesus Christ, God in human flesh that was born of the virgin Mary in Bethlehem, Israel in the first century A.D. Believe on His living of a perfect sinless life, then dying on a cross for your sins and sicknesses, and three days later raising from the dead to raise you to new life. And then He also ascended into Heaven and is seat at the right hand of God the Father in authority over all. Everything we need is found in the death, resurrection and ascension of our great God and savior Jesus Christ. The Bible/God’s Word says, “Christ died for our sins (lying, stealing, unrighteous anger, etc. breaking God's Law) and rose from the dead three days later,” (1Corinthians 15). “By His (Jesus Christ’s) stripes, we are healed,” “This is My [Jesus Christ’s] body, broken for you [for your body to be whole],” (Isaiah 53/1Peter 2; Matthew 26). So, in Him we have the victory of righteousness over sin, the victory of health & healing over sickness, and the ongoing transformation of forgiveness & purification from sin unto glory. Practically we walk in/experience the victory over sin, by letting God’s Holy Spirit fill our minds & hearts and by believing truth and so choosing to live righteously by God’s grace (2Thessalonians 2). Practically we walk in/experience the victory over sickness, by believing that by Jesus Christ’s stripes/death we are healed as Isaiah 53/1Peter 2 says and speaking that truth over our bodies, souls and lives.

Answers, solutions and applications. Where do we go from here? What do we do now? There are solutions that come from the above root problems and also from beyond them. This of course is not a complete list either, but a sure list, to be sure. This is the access to walking through the door now to the other side, of freedom, power and success. While I don’t have all the answers, as I said above, I do know the One who does, and you can too, God Jesus Christ. He can supernaturally take care of everything that we don’t know or don’t have any natural means of doing.

- Discern and find out your type of wiring (A-Linear, B-Circular, or C-Combination): How do you think? How do you act? What does it look like for you to complete your tasks at work, home, school, etc? What comes easy to you? How do you think? How do you act? What does it look like for you to complete your tasks at work, home, school, etc? Is it easy to multi-task, or do you prefer one thing at a time? When you have multiple things to complete over time, do you do them one by one in order not going to the next until the first is done, or do you lean toward doing a little here a little there while alternating between tasks? Look at your life and you operate and see if you are more linear (A), more circular (B) or both (C). Whatever spectrum you have, with its strengths and weaknesses, it’s okay and good, so give yourself room and grace for how you are made.

- Discern and find out your specific strengths and weaknesses: Along with knowing your specific brain wiring type, is knowing your specific strengths and weaknesses within that framework. What is the give and take to your setup? What are the things that are easy, hard and in between in difficulty for you? And what can you do to grow through this?

- Develop a solution pattern to follow: A vine needs a challis in order to grow full and rightly. The challis keeps the vine from growing too low or too high, with room enough in between. What is your challis that will enable you to grow fully and rightly and avoid the extremes? What structure do you need to have in place, and what do you not? Find the balance for yourself. It is a balance of structure and openness, constancy and spontaneity, consistency and randomness. Both are good and both are needed, for the whole, and to keep the other going. Do you need to use an alarm to time your work? Do you need a calendar, on the wall or in your pocket or on your phone? Do you need a lot at once, or to spread your tasks out? Do you need to write out a schedule every day, with the times and tasks listed? Do you sometimes need to discipline yourself to only focus and think about one thing? Or do you need to discipline yourself to have more freedom to do multiple things at once? Find out what your pattern is and then follow it.

- Have adequate diet, exercise and sleep individualized to you: Learn what the average person needs in these areas and then assess what you will need from your lifestyle and also from experience. Follow the food pyramid in general, but specific diet if needed in your situation. Exercising three days a week can be average to minimal depending on your state. Find out if you need to maintain where you are at, or need to go to a higher place in things such as blood pressure, heart rate, endurance, strength, oxygen, etc. Eight hours of sleep per night has been stated as average, all the way to seven to nine hours during the week and more on weekends. Some people need naps during the day, while others don’t, while still others need not too long a nap or it will throw their energy and sleep off. Make a sleep schedule that works for you.

- Peace. Learn to calm and focus your mind & heart: Peace is of utmost importance and power for life. The absence of peace wreaks havoc in our hearts & minds and therefore our lives, bringing anxiety (being pulled in many different directions, rooted in fear. Versus peace that guides you in one direction, forward, rooted in rest and calm), fear, confusion, dis-order, dis-ease, bad burdens, weakness, insecurity and more. The presence of peace enables vitality, flexibility, fluidity, strength, endurance, and so much more. This can be had through multiple means. First and foremost is that of faith, having thoughts, feelings, and actions that are rooted in faith instead of fear. Another way is meditation, taking moments, minutes, or hours in the day to stop and be still and purposefully think on truth, good, dreams, goals, success, and so forth. Another pathway is having emotional intelligence and personal mastery, basically to be aware of and manage your emotions throughout life, and to govern yourself righteously by being able to tell yourself to do the right thing and then doing it.

- Believe that your wiring was meant to be good: Do you really believe that someone’s ability to multi-task, remember multiple things at once, flip back and forth from different subjects, and so on is bad? Even if there’s challenges and weaknesses to it? Whatever the problems you are facing with how you function doesn’t make it bad. If you hold a hundred dollar bill in your hand that’s perfectly pressed, it’s worth a hundred dollars. If you crumple it up into a ball in your hands, it’s still worth a hundred dollars. If you drop it on the ground and step on it leaving a shoe print, it’s still worth a hundred dollars. People need to stop crumpling up and stepping on their talents, and start unfolding them and taking good care of them, while celebrating them as well.

- Give yourself grace: Life is a series of events and processes. Throughout these times, you will need to give grace, or, favor that’s not worked for and not deserved, to yourself if you don’t succeed in something. Room to grow, room to learn, room to try again. Not doing this, can lead to a downward spiral into frustration, anxiety, fear, shame, guilt, and condemnation and more. Doing this will allow you to move forward and get back up and move forward again so much easier, better and fuller.

- The foremost: believe on Jesus Christ for salvation for your whole being and walk in His power: As said above, this is the center that holds everything together. For without it all the above, and even beyond, will only go so far and may even run out and fall apart. God Jesus Christ holds everything together, Colossians 1 says. All these things, are included in that everything. Everything that humans and even all of creation needs is found in God Jesus Christ and His doing, mainly His death, resurrection and ascension. His perfect sinless sacrifice on the cross is what reconciles and makes peace between humans and God, Colossians 1 also says. Acts 16 says, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved.” This word “saved,” is the Greek word “sozo,” which means salvation, healing, deliverance, protection, wholeness and more. So as you believe on the Lord Jesus then you can specifically believe Him for saving, healing, delivering, and protection from the sin and sickness that are factors disrupting how your brain functions.

Testimony and invitation. Before I knew and believed the truth about these things I used to struggle immensely with focus, attention, tasks, time, thinking, and much more. I would squander so much of my time, going about like a ship without a rudder or destination, getting nothing done and being moved all over the place. There were seasons and times when I couldn’t hold a single subject or thought in my mind for very long at all, especially not something positive. I’ve had difficulty doing something in an hour that should only take five or fifteen minutes. I used to feel like there was a time warping black hole that followed me everywhere and sucked all my time away (in a sense this was true). I have come a long way since now, and the most influencing factor has been God Jesus Christ, believing Him following Him through all this. I repented (changed my intellect, will and emotions and turned them toward God and righteousness) from sin and believed the good news of Jesus Christ dying and rising for me, all of me. I have lived by His power, through His Holy Spirit living in me, and also renewing my mind to truth, just as God says we are sanctified/transformed by the Spirit of God and believing the truth (2Thessalonians 2). I have drastically altered the words I speak over myself, life, others, everything, just as God says “The power of life and death are in the tongue [words]” (Proverb 18), and “The tongue is like a rudder on a ship [or a steering wheel on a car] it’s a little thing that directs the whole of a big thing into where it’s going to go” (James 3). I have heard God speak to me through His Spirit and Word/the Bible and done what He has said, and have been radically changed forever and will continue to be. And you are invited to the same thing. You are invited by God Jesus Christ to believe on His death, resurrection, and ascension, His work, for salvation now and forever for your whole person spirit, soul and body, or, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually. God did this because He loves you with a perfect unconditional love, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son Jesus Christ, that whoever believes in Him, will not perish [into eternal death/fire prison now and in hell forever], but have eternal life/paradise [now and in Heaven forever]” (John 3). Will you receive, or reject? It is your free choice. But you are being encouraged and pursued by God to receive this free gift.

Benediction. So may you know this truth that brings freedom, and believe it, and so experience it. May you see that you were created for greatness, and that you have to choose to live that greatness out for it to happen. May you see that your brain wiring is good, and that it needs to be harnessed and controlled in order for it to be experienced as good, serving and helpful. Grace and peace to you and to your journey of life. Blessing to you to realized, overcome and strengthen your wiring, giftings and talents, and to be blessed and then be a blessing others and to the world.

More. Want more? For further resources read the Gospels/Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John in the Bible/God’s Word, A.D.D. on the Job by Lynn Weiss, 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice by Mark Virkler, Victory Over the Darkness by Neil T. Anderson, Waking the Dead by John Eldredge, The Bondage Breaker by Neil T. Anderson, Deliverance and Inner Healing by John and Mark Sandford, and A More Excellent Way by Henry Wright.

Thank you. Thank you for reading this. I appreciate your time and energy very much. Grace and Peace. Ian Ditsch.


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