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ADDICT Character Descriptions

Updated on April 19, 2011

Looks can be deceiving...

Keith Blackwell, age 29, African American man, tall, athletic, and extremely handsome. Keith is a highly successful high school basketball coach and entrepreneur with addictions to drugs, alcohol, sex, power, money, and rage. He struggles to find redemption, and fulfill his destiny as a powerful man of God.

Tyrone “T” Johnson, age 30, African American man, average height, athletic, with average physical appearance. T is a man that has grown to be the epitome of evil. He is Keith’s lifelong adversary. However because of Keith, and T’s mutual lust of the almighty dollar, they form a business partnership that was destined for doom, death and destruction from its conception.

Michael John “M.J.” Scatterwood, age 29, White American man, tall, athletic, and extremely handsome. M.J. is Keith’s brother. they have been inseparable since their freshmen year at Northwest Prep. M.J.derives from old money, he is spoiled beyond repair. His temper tantrums are legendary, as well as his sexual exploits with multiple women, and drug, and alcohol binges. He is absolutely incorrigible.

Jacob “Jake the Snake” Weinstein, age 29, Jewish American man, medium height, slight, but athletic build, charismatic personality, well-tanned, exotic good looks. Jake is a brilliant criminal attorney, and the glue that has kept Keith, M.J. and his own kingdom from unraveling since their freshman year at Northwest Prep. Jake was and still is in spirit Keith, and M.J.’s steady, solid, and unassuming quarterback, point guard, and 3rd leg in their 4x100 relay. The man gets the job done.

Charles “Chucky” Graves, age 27, African American man, medium height, muscular build, with rugged good looks. Chucky is a fearless born leader. He is a product of the City of Philadelphia’s foster care system. He his two younger brothers, and three younger sisters were split up and raised in different households within the system.When Chucky was twelve years old Chuvcky’s mother died from a crack overdose, a few days later his father died from a heroin overdose. Chucky vowed as a child that he would never use drugs or alcohol, and one day he would reunite his family; for Chucky family means everything.

Pete Kowalski, age 26, Polish American man, medium height, slight built, with Average Joe looks. Kowalskiis a young, up and coming sports reporter at the PHILADELPHIA JOURNAL newspaper. Kowalski’s investigative obsession of Keith’s, M.J.’s, Jake’s, and silent partner T Johnson’s business venture GAMETIME BASKETBALL GEAR would prove to be a fatal mistake for young Pete and his pregnant with twins wife, Darcy.

Monique “Ecstasy” Johnson, age 25 African American woman, petite with an extremely shapely figure, she is a fearless, sensual, sexy, exotic, hypnotic, and gorgeous woman. Monique/Ecstasy is an undercover DEA agent. Her assignment is to mate, and then “bring to justice” the City of Brotherly Love’s most notorious drug king pins. She is quite effective at her job; she is a black widow spider.



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