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ADDICT Scene-5

Updated on December 22, 2011

The wages of sin is death...

The wages of sin is death...

Romans 6:23

v23:For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.


A CLOSE UP reveals Keith still smiling, not quite asleep yet, as he continues to reflect on the past week with all of his conquest’s’ both on and off the basketball court. Last night was one Hell of a New Years Eve. DISSOLVE out of Keith’s smile that has evolved into a grin into……

NEW YEARS EVE AT T’S PLACE-EXT: PARKING LOT DISSOLVE into Keith, M.J. and the invited eight GAMETIME affiliated head coaches from the tournament. The ten men exit very expensive late model vehicles. The cars are among many “perks” that have been provided to them for their loyalty to GAMETIME BASKETBALL GEAR. TRACKING reveals the ten coaches walking through the parking lot in SLOW MOTION as if they own the world.


Continue TRACKING as coaches enter T’s ten-story warehouse/residence/strip club. COACHES ENTER CLUB: PARTY TIME! MUSIC FADES INTO L.L. COOL J’S “I AM GONNA KNOCK YOU OUT!”

Keith, M.J. and T meet in T’s office while the other GAMETIME coaches acquaint themselves with the international female talent, and enjoy the multiple exotic dance showsthat are being presented on multiple stages throughout the ten-story building. T is in a jovial mood; after all he is the silent partner of GAMETIME BASKETBALL GEAR. MUSIC FADES TO BACKGROUND SOUND MIXED WITH LAUGHTER OF GUEST AND DANCERS.


My brothers, congratulations once more on keeping our

Tournament Championship Trophy right here with the

founding fathers!

With a nod of his head, T dismisses his four bodyguards from his office. T, Keith and M.J need to discuss business before pleasure.


So where is my counselor Jake tonight?


You know that little punk had to run home to wifey.


I don’t blame him; the ADA is fine!


Yeah she’s not bad for a “pain” in the butt. (beat)

So what up T? What’s on that corrupt mind of yours?


O.K. preacher boy I’ll get right to the point so

you can go get your freak on! You permanent backsliding,

sex addict, drug addict, drunken bastard!


Go to Hell Satan, just get to the point!


Damn fella’s can’t we all just get along, at least

for the sake of the almighty dollar?


The klansman is right. Lets handle our business so

we can all go enjoy the New Year!




So what’s the deal with this rookie reporter

sniffing around in our endeavors, does this fool

need to take a permanent leave of absence from

Uncle Billy’s paper? (beat) Just say the word my

niggas’, and that boy is history.


The bottom line is I got mouths to feed, and this poor white trash loser is trying to take food out of my babies mouths, and I ain’t feeling that mess.


Screw that cracker, I don’t give two craps about him.

Pollock trailer scum!


Enough said. Happy New Year my brothers.

We CRANE to see that Keith, T and M.J. have joined the New Years Eve celebration just in time to countdown to the New Year! There are several of the most beautiful female exotic dancers imported from all over the world. Also available are multiple open bars stocked with only top shelf liquor, beer and wines. There are also multiple buffet tables filled with exotic foods from all over the world. All provided for T’s fifty hand picked male guest.


(Staring at huge TV screen-Time Square-NYC)

10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


As the clock strikes midnight the dancers begin hugging, kissing, and providing sex for the guest. Men are being escorted upstairs by the female entertainment. Men are snorting cocaine, smoking crack and marijuana openly; they also eagerly provide the drug ecstasy for their female companions. Keith and M.J. are in their corner partying with eight gorgeous exotic dancers, which includes Keith’s personal favorites, Nikki and Denise. For Keith, and M.J., tonight would be all about eating, drinking, drugging and being merry. TRACK to reveal that T and his closest business associate, Mr. Lee Wong; the owner of the Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant and T’s partner in the importing and distribution of heroin, among various other international criminal/terrorist activities; return to T’s office to discuss how to deal with a delicate situation in regards to an up and coming young reporter at the PHILADELPHIA JOURNAL.



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