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ADHD In Women – What Signs And Symptoms Are Typical In Women Who Have This Condition?

Updated on January 12, 2012

Many people who are semi familiar with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are under the impression that ADHD in women is just the same as it is in men, but in truth, it isn't. Gender plays a significant role, as does a person's age. Researchers and medical professionals have long since known that more boys are diagnosed with ADHD than girls, but they have never yet managed to pinpoint the exact reason for this. Some experts however, believe much of it has to do with the fact that psychiatrists and other mental health professionals are virtually programmed to spot symptoms of ADHD in males, and as such, they lack experience when it comes to examining women.

A lot of women only end up discovering they have ADHD when they get married and have kids of their own that get diagnosed with the disorder. Even then, women often write off the idea that they might have the disorder, based on the fact that they're not hyperactive. What one needs to bear in mind though, is that not everyone with ADHD has hyperactivity issues. When there is no hyperactivity present, doctors will typically refer to the condition as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), and it's this form of the condition which usually affects adults. Even the vast majority of ADHD kids who have been hyperactive their entire lives almost always outgrow their hyperactivity. It's one of the few benefits we get from the aging process guess.

Most character traits are more subtle in women than they are in men, and ADHD behavioral traits are no exception to the rule. For example, a man with ADHD may start projects in or around the house, only to jump from one to the next without finishing any of them first. Women on the other hand, might be well aware of the fact that they are forgetful, and that they therefore need to make a list of the things they need before they go shopping, but quite often they'll end up misplacing the list, or else they simply forget to take it with them when they head off to the shops.

Another example of ADHD in women would be a woman dashing around the house in a panic looking for her handbag, only to realize later that she already has it slung over her shoulder. Many locksmiths will tell you that most of the calls they get from people who have locked themselves out of their homes, actually come from women, and if the truth be known, many of those women have ADHD, even though they may not be aware of it.

So, what can a woman expect if she goes for an examination and is then told she has ADHD or ADD? The first thing she needs to remind herself of, is the fact that she at least now knows why she behaves the way she does. She can now sleep in peace knowing that there's a very real reason behind her shortcomings, and that it's something which can be dealt with effectively. After all, there are an estimated five million women living with the disorder in the United States, so no, ADHD in women is certainly not a rare occurrence.

Contrary to popular belief, being diagnosed with ADHD doesn't mean a lifetime of powerful stimulant drugs. While most doctors continue to prescribe these drugs, there are nowadays safer alternatives, and even some very effective homeopathic remedies.


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