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ADHD Medications - The Most Effective Homeopathic Remedies for Attention Deficit Disorder

Updated on April 19, 2014

Why Homeopathy is a Good Alternative Treatment for Attention Deficit Disorders

Considered to be a physiological brain disorder with genetic causes (although some experts believe that there is no disorder here), children with ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorders get easily distracted and are often disruptive and aggressive. The disorder is usually treated with stimulant drugs such as Ritalin and antidepressants. However, the side-effects of these drugs are forcing more and more parents to turn to homeopathic treatments.

Homeopathic ADHD Treatment

The homeopathic approach to treatment is that each individual is unique and to treat attention deficit disorders it is important to understand each child holistically. Two children with the same diagnosis may have very different presentations of the disease and may also have a different level of general health. This is why when you visit a homeopathic practitioner, you will be asked a lot of questions.

Once the practitioner has got a good idea of your child's temperament and behavior as well as the hereditary aspects, a remedy is prescribed. By choosing a homeopathic remedy for your ADHD child, you will be providing a treatment that brings about positive changes in behavioral, emotional, and physical levels by treating the core issues and healing the child as a whole rather than just treating the specific symptoms.

Now let's have a look at some of the most common homeopathic medicines for ADHD.


This alternative remedy helps ease a violent and fearful child. It is particularly effective in controlling severe hyperactivity and also helps in making the child's speech coherent and easier to understand. Fears of the dark, dogs, evil, and even fears of abandonment can be eased with this remedy. Stramonium also helps to alleviate symptoms of night terrors. Excessive aggression, that may involve biting, kicking, striking, or using threatening language, can also be controlled with this alternative remedy. 


Another very effective natural treatment for ADHD is hyoscyamus. Symptoms such as impulsiveness, excessive talking, and episodes of mania and rage can be alleviated with this remedy. Delusions such as of being pursued by animals or enemies, inappropriate smiling or laughing, and acting out in bizarre ways (often sexual in nature) can also be controlled. 


Another effective remedy is cina. Restless sleeping on the abdomen or on the hands and knees is one of the symptoms that may be found in ADHD. Cina works to help the child sleep calmly throughout the night. Restlessness, which can also take the form of picking noses, itchy ears, and twitching of the eye muscles and eyelids, can be greatly controlled with this homeopathic medication. Cina also helps to control the excessive eating (particularly sweets), found in children with this disorder. 

Other Homeopathic Remedies for Attention Deficit Disorders

Stramonium, cina, and hyoscamus are three of the most beneficial homeopathic remedies for attention deficit disorders. However, these are not the only ones that you can try. There are hundreds of other remedies that have been found to be effective for the treatment of the different symptoms of ADHD.

These include sulphur, which is used for egoistical children who hate being scared and try to control feeling with mind. Tuberculinum is used for children who cannot handle any kind of restrictions and are always looking for change and new experiences. Fidgety and restless children with twitching, jerking, and seizures can benefit from zincum metallicum.

In short, homeopathy can really help your ADHD child. However, make sure to consult a good homeopathic practitioner, who can make a proper assessment of the characteristics of your child and prescribe the right remedy and the correct dosage.

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    • Kathryn L Hill profile image

      Kathryn L Hill 6 years ago from LA

      Sorry about all the typos. I got so carried away I forgot to edit :(

    • Kathryn L Hill profile image

      Kathryn L Hill 6 years ago from LA

      Thank you for this valuable information! I say with conviction: Stop putting the youth of America on Ritialin or Adderall! These DRUGS disrupt the sleep cycle of the brain. The children on these speed type drugs cannot get the REM (Rapid Eye Movement)durring sleep required for deep sleep. The effect of coming off these DRUGS is bad. The Kid who threw himself off the building at CV high scool, plunging to heis death in front of all his peers durring lunch time in the quad, had PROBABLY been on one of these dangerous substances. UGHHH it makes me so mad to think that parents believe these is a magig DRUg to make the kids get good grades!INSTEAD LETS PUT THE DOCTORS, School Administrators,and teachers who prescribe or advocate these drugs ON RITALIN WAKE UP PARENTS OR ELSE!