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ADHD Treatments: Vyvanse Reviews

Updated on March 12, 2011

Vyvanse is one of the newest prescription medications on the market for treating attention deficit disorders in both children and adults. Vyvanse is still a stimulant, but it offers extended-release dosages that are more effective at treating ADHD symptoms around-the-clock. Vyvanse is the brand name for lisdexafetamine, but there is currently no generic form of the drug available. The medication stimulates the nervous system and helps control impulsivity and hyperactivity. The medication can also help improve concentration, which leads to decreased frustration levels in ADHD patients.

Vyvanse is recommended for treatment of ADHD in children ages 6-17, and can also be used to treat adults. Smaller dosages are prescribed for children and adolescents. Vyvanse is manufactures and distributed by Shire Pharmaceuticals. Vyvanse coupons and rebate forms may also be available on the official company website. Prescription assistance programs are offered by the company in order to help those who cannot afford their medications. The company also provides patient information by mail about managing symptoms of ADHD and other attention deficit disorders.

Among patients who have tried the medication, Vyvanse reviews look very promising for those who have been frustrated with previous treatment methods. Parents of children with ADHD and adults with the disorder have stated that the medication allows them to focus better on tasks at hand, improve impulse behavior, and increase concentration levels. On one popular medication review site, Vyvanse had an average rating of 8.1 out of ten points among people with ADHD that had been prescribed the drug. Out of 172 reviews, nearly all of the reviews were positive. 

Vyvanse will not work for everybody, and treatment methods vary for everyone diagnosed with ADHD. There are several other prescription drugs available that can aid in treatment of both adults and children with this condition. A medical professional is better able to assess what medications are best for each person. Vyvanse was introduced to the market in late 2008. Comparative drugs include Strattera, Adderall, Ritalin, and Intuniv.

Vyvanse, like many other prescription medications for ADHD, can be habit-forming. It is important for people diagnosed with attention deficit disorders to keep their appointments with health care providers so that their dosage can be monitored. Fruit juices and vitamin C supplements should be avoided while taking Vyvanse. Vitamin C can affect how much of the medication is absorbed and interfere with treatment. Therapy is often recommended in conjunction with prescription medications and dietary precautions for people with ADHD.


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