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Updated on December 16, 2009

We sometimes experienced a panicky feeling to a certain situation of uncontrollable fear. A fear believing something will happen if no immediate action be done. This intense fear can result to shortness of breath. The adrenaline went up, a pounding and racing heart beats as if the feeling is out of control. Then there is a sensation of choking, dizziness, trembling and shaking of the body.

It will last less than 15 minutes or even longer depending on the degree of that irrational fear. It is scary thinking of dying. The body has natural way of responding when in danger. His breath faster. There is a burst of energy either to response or run away from the threat. He become touchy. Every single movement of inconvenience surge the feeling of being afraid. He has fear of everything what his mind dictates. It is an indication of weaknesses that cannot be controlled in a short time. Any stressful situation can trigger panic. It is an indication that we cannot handle it free from worry and anxiety. This urgency calls for unjustified response by making the necessary action even it it is not yet time to act.

But it is not only fear of something is the cause. The use of nicotine and caffeine can affect the brain to remain calm. Even taking medicine in treating heart condition can also change the mood and increase alertness. There are others who are afraid of height. Just by looking below from a tall building can bring a feeling of upset stomach. There will be tightness in the chest, sweats visible in the face and numbness in some part of the body. This is how intense such a fear where the mind unable to control. Each one of us has different kind of fear. It depend on a situation where the courage is in question and cannot stand the challenge and become mentally incapacitated. A repeated attack hamper whatever work routine is to be done during the day. The victim don't want to perform any activity because of the fear that it will attack again. He feel no peace in his mind, always thinking the inevitable even if it is not. Some of them don't want to leave where he live, thinking that no one can help him outside if this situation become worse.

A man having panic disorder also has depression. Once depressed something changes in the body, feeling and belief. It strike without warning. It came suddenly anytime, anywhere, anyplace. When he is in panic episode he responded immediately out of proportion even if it is not yet threatening to his life.

There are many instances that panic is present and worsen because of the following: Due to some abnormality of the brain, hereditary in nature that runs in the family and substance abuse related to drugs and alcohol.

Panic attack can be felt day and night even during sleep. This is how serious this condition to some of us due to mental incapacity. Calming down the nerve will take much longer to some people. Any attack can be unpredictable and devastating when such feeling become terrifying and overwhelming believing of losing his mind.

Tense muscles and stressful mind can temporarily be given relief by doing the following:

-Learn to relax not only the mind but also the body. Exhale and inhale deeply. It may help.

-Exercising the body regularly is an opportunity to divert the mind and focus away from anxiety and stress and redirect to other things most helpfu.

-A sound sleep can work wonder to rest the mind from bad thoughts. This is to give time for the mind to unwind the stress felt during the day.

-To control the mind of too much worrying not to aggravate this condition.

-Find peace in your heart at all times. It can prevent the uncontrollable urge to response. Keep away the thoughts of intense fear.

-If the attack is worsen, use the standard medication under the direction of your physician, an anti-depressants that can help the feeling to relax. Use this medicines occasionally. Maintaining is not advisable to avoid tolerance, dependence and side effect of long use.

Bear in mind that panic disorder is not a life-threatening disease.  It is just that the mind are playing games for you to be frightened. Stop worrying. There's nothing to be scared of. Deal with the situation with openness. Avoid thinking about what might happen. Stay always in your present. When that fear became a hindrance to you, try to accept it. Let it pass. Your fear is only a reaction to stress that can be manage if you give time to control it. Let that feeling out of your mind. Face them rather than running away. It can only worsen your distress. Approach your problem positively. You can win this war of nerves if you are willing to fight against it.

Our mind was always wandering in different direction. It maybe good or bad. If the situation like this hampered your normal activities, maybe it is now time for you to make the necessary step so that the impact of negative feeling be given a chance to rest. It can only be done if the endless struggle to manage panic attack be put on hold or completely eliminated in the core of the mind and enjoy life to its fullest.


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